music of the month – april

Hello loves,

April is an important month for music this year because do you know what happened this month ??? I’ll tell you. I’LL TELL YOU.

BTS’ Map of The Soul: Persona was released and the whole world went into meltdown.

That’s what happened.
Allow me to scream.

(here are my 3 faves)

boy with luv – bts ft. halsey

So this broke the Youtube record for most viewed video in 24 hours with 78 million views which I think is all that needs to be said about that. Not only is this the best thing I’ve ever heard but the whole concept is happy, catchy, pink, fluffly, nostalgic, colourful, beautiful and just generally everything that BTS is about. I love it. Just when I think they can’t possibly outdo themselves and then…this happens. Also, this is Jimin’s era 100% and I’m so here for it. The king shall rise.

home – bts

The best thing to have graced my ears in the history of just about anything. Obsessed is a fat understatement because I’ve had this on repeat so many times I could probably sing it backwards (yes, with the Korean lyrics). Again, Jimin literally owns my ass and I’m not even sorry because this whole song was made for him. It’s so good it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever heard I’m telling you. I’m not kidding.

make it right – bts

Again, HELLO. What the hell. It just gets better, like, my brain ???????? She’s currently unavailable. She can’t comprehend it. That’s it that’s the tweet.

Considering I’ve started with BTS I’ll do the Korean section first this time!


love me – ikon

Kpop for me is the happiest place ever so when artists release these silly, happy songs I really love it. I live for it. This for me is just another one of those lighthearted, happy, silly songs. Makes me smile a lot a lot.

one love – monsta x

My favourite people ever who cannot make a bad song. You’re welcome.

beautiful – monsta x

Can anyone tell that I just…really love Monsta X. Like really. This music vid drives me insane. Also, Kihyun’s voice literally makes every MX song. King.

i.m x elhae – horizon

Honestly I don’t know what’s happening in some parts of this song but I like it. A lot.

lips – nct 127

Angels are back !! Can they make a bad song? No, no they can’t.

monopoly – ariana grande w victoria monet

Babieeeees. They did so good, I love the way they pronounce everything. This is such a catchy bop.

sometimes – the vamps

I’d be lying if I said that some of my favourite Vamps songs weren’t ones where it was just…Brad singing. His voice is so calm and beautiful and I really love this song, it literally just makes me close my eyes and really listen. Makes me feel like I’m flying a lil bit, or in a jazz bar in the sky.

bitch (takes one to know one) – lennon stella

Lennon Stella is basically everything I want to be in life. Also, the peach suit in this MV is everything.

listen before i go – billie eilish

You know when you hear something that’s so…relatable you can’t quite believe someone other than yourself is saying it. This was that song for me. I just sat there in complete awe. I couldn’t quite believe someone had put this into a song, but then again it’s Billie so maybe I could. This is beautiful and all too real.

all we know – alessia cara

Haven’t listened to Alessia Cara for a while but I like this one, the lyrics are interesting and the sound is really spacey and nice.

phases – prettymuch

Without sounding really cliche and stupid…did PM write a song about me? PM wrote a song about me. The lyrics are so relatable like wow, they really did that. Also, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, PRETTYMUCH cannot make a bad song. It’s impossible. This as always is so good. 

And there we have it loves – let me know if you like any of these!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

33 thoughts on “music of the month – april

  1. there was a video i saw recently of MX and i seriously need to find it!! they make really good bops and are underrated, obvs not that underrated but still..
    and that I.M horizon song?? wow! just added it to my playlists lol

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  2. Aaaah I always love these posts so much! I wanted to understand the hype of Kpop and wow I listen to Boy with luv and I love it 😍 It makes me really happy. I saw the video yesterday too on Dutch tv and thought of you. I can understand that music has no boundaries as in languages. I also love Monopoly and I like Alessia Cara ❤️

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  3. I really love ‘boy with luv’!! Once it got released I made sure to watch it in time— it felt special to me (maybe because halsey got featured in it)

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  4. I am still not on the bts bandwagon, I so need to!! Billies album hit me in all of the feels, especially I love you – I cried a little at that one! Also monopoly, WHAT A BOP! I love this, its amazing, as always! xxx

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    1. Ohhh what a question 😭 😭 how long is a piece of string ?? It honestly depends on your personal taste because Kpop literally has every style of song out there (definitely not just happy people in bright clothes dancing around all the time) so it really depends on what you’re normally into. I feel like our tastes are quite similar but when it comes to Kpop I like a lot of stuff that isn’t my usual style so…try these (they’re less Kpop-ish)

      The Rose – Sorry / Baby / She’s In The Rain (these are a band, kind of like The Script)

      SHINee – Who Waits For Love / View / 1 of 1 (my favourite Kpop group ever, their songs are basically better than every pop song to exist)

      BTS – Epiphany / I Need U (Urban Mix) / The Truth Untold (more of their artistic, beautiful songs)

      JJ Project – Tomorrow, Today

      NCT – City 127 / No Longer / YESTODAY

      If you don’t like any of those let me know & I’ll try and recommend some other styles 💞xxx

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      1. Update: Ahhh I think I’m on my way to becoming an NCT stan! I haven’t listened to all of them yet( reason number #25649846920 to drop out of school lol) but I’m loving what I’ve heard so far. I’m saving SHINee for last, because your reviews of the group are all so stellar and I’M TRYING TO PREPARE!!I feel like I’m going to end up writing a post called ‘Chloe turned me into a Kpop stan’ by the end of this haha xx

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        1. Ahhh yes! NCT have different units so their music can get quite confusing but City 127 & No Longer are from NCT 127 and YESTODAY is NCT U. I really, really, really love SHINee so much with my whole entire heart, they’re just the best :(( the best people. I love them with everything. I PRAY you love them just as much as I do. If you write that post I think it’ll be the best one I’ve ever read hahaha! xxx


  5. Great post! I remember listening to the BTS/Halsey song on the radio for the first time a few weeks ago. They even played a clip of Halsey explaining how they came together to make the song. I thought the combination of both artists was amazing and the end result is a fun and catchy pop track.

    I listened to Billie Eilish’s debut album when it dropped last month. It’s been hard for me to listen to full albums, but for some reason I was able to get through this one. “Listen Before I Go” is such an emotional song, and like you said it’s such a relatable song that resonates with us.

    A friend of mine is a teacher in the States and she told me that her 11 year old students listen to Billie Eilish. She said she was amazed and a little horrified that kids can listen to her music, because Billie’s music and her videos especially are known for being dark and haunting.

    I explained to her that every generation needs artists they can relate to, and Billie Eilish is that artist for this new generation. Her music is so relatable and the fact that she is 17 gives young people a role model they can relate to in their dark times.

    Great post as always xx

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    1. Ahh yay, so glad you liked it !! I’m enjoying all the radio play it’s been getting (admittedly due to Halsey) since it’s so rare I get to hear them like that! It makes me so happy hehe, you’ll catch me quietly dancing around to myself.
      It is crazy that people so young listen to Billie considering the subject matter for most of her songs however, it makes a lot of sense – and we need that kind of honesty in the music industry these days.
      Thank you so much for reading as always! xx

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  6. i loved the whole persona album, i was blown away, my most loved tracks are Dionysus, boy with luv and make it right. They really are the best no wonder the fandom went crazy (& me included)
    I will check out the rest of the list looks interesting, i was all about BTS the whole of April i did not realise ikon released something ha ha ha… probably missed out

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    1. Ahh don’t worry, Love Me came out last year !! No new iKon stuff right now unfortunately :((
      BTS literally owned April and they’ll probably own every other month of 2019 too (and I’m definitely not complaining). Persona was insane !! xx


  7. the entire fandom went down when PERSONA was released!!! Also ‘make it right’ is such a chill hip hop song and it has such good energy and no one should get me started on ‘boy with luv’ that song has me whipped. The whole album is a freaking masterpiece ❤️❤️❤️

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