k-pop stationery haul (who am i kidding it’s mostly BTS)

Hi loves,

First of all, I spent ages writing this post and then what did WordPress decide to do?

Delete it all.

So this is my second attempt and I’m annoyed because I can’t remember half of what I wrote in the first post so I feel like I’m gonna miss lots of things out now and I’m trying to stay calm but the Lord is testing me:))))))

Anyway, if you’ve seen my stationery haul from a few weeks ago you’ll know that I mentioned I had a fat load of Kpop stationery to haul and well, here it is. Even if you don’t like Kpop you can’t deny yourself the enjoyment of looking at this stationery and if you say you don’t like it then you’re lying.

Stop lying to yourself. Enjoy the stationery.

Cute stationery + Kpop = The best thing on Earth & Chlo’s happiness

Let’s go…


BTS Stickers

I can’t lie, when I saw these I died a little inside because I’ve honestly never seen anything cuter in my entire existence, what the hell


V Stickers

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Again, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life


Lomo Cards
The rest of these are lomo cards but I’m still classing them as stationery anyway because you know, sometimes you just need to live a little. Enjoy ♡

Jimin Lomo Cards

The reason it says regret is because I regret it every time I look at this man because how is it possible to have a face like that:))))))


V Lomo Cards

love of my life . that’s all there is to say about that


Jimin Cards 

Jimin isn’t even my bias but he’s so pretty I couldn’t help buying 340934093 pics of him, what can you do. an angel


Taehyung Cards

I was supposed to call these “V Cards” but thought better of it…also I didn’t know the lil Kim Taehyung graphics would be on the bottom of these but they’re so cute I’m not complaining


BTS Love Yourself Cards (& stickers)

The floral concept / photoshoot was my favourite thing ever and is superior to everything . Also not sure why we need to know their right ankle measurements but I’m not complaining


BTS Love Yourself Concept ‘Y’ Frosted Lomo Cards

These are the coolest things ever because they’re frosted and you can see through them


BTS Love Yourself Concept ‘Y’ Lomo Cards

And of course I had to get the regular version too


BTS Love Yourself ‘O’ Concept Lomo Cards

the prettiest ever


BTS Love Yourself Concept ‘U’ Lomo Cards

sleepy angels


BTS Love Yourself Concept ‘V’ Lomo Cards

literally my favourite concept ever, I’m obsessed with everything about it


BTS Love Yourself Concept ‘R’ Lomo Cards

This concept photoshoot didn’t even look like them but the photos are still 10/10 so what can you do


BTS Love Yourself Concept ‘O’ Lomo Cards



NCT 2018 Empathy Lomo Cards
Haechan & Doyoung

I’m a hardcore NCT stan but Haechan & Doyoung are my friends’ biases so I thought I’d get these for them ☺️


And there we have it! Will there be another Kpop stationery haul in the future I hear you ask? Of course there will, because I’m obsessed with both of those things therefore the two combined sends my brain into overdrive.

I hope you enjoyed looking at how pretty all of this ‘stationery’ is (no one ever get me into marketing) and remember, if you didn’t enjoy this haul…

Stop lying to yourself. Embrace the stationery. Allow your eyes to be blessed.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

33 thoughts on “k-pop stationery haul (who am i kidding it’s mostly BTS)

  1. OMG! these are really cute! Though, I must ask you, should I start getting stationery online? Don’t really have shops near me, heheh!


  2. So cute!!! I’m thinking of making my own lil shop for kpop merch because i have ideas and no kpop merch place sells it!!!
    I really love these I would love to get some myself in the future hehe
    and that sucks wordpress deleted ur post!! it scares me cause i have 200 saved drafts! if they delete any i will sue lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow so beautiful! 😍 I’m glad you could write the post again. Stationery is life and it all looks so pretty! I love the cute stickers and the frosted lomo cards are so awesome!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Stationeries is an addiction. The cart keep being filled with things that we don’t need. But we buy them anyway bec it makes us happy and bec it looks super cute. 💓

    Liked by 1 person

        1. OMG!! You’re an ARMY too? That’s great! Who is you bias and bias wreckers? Mine is Jimin and J-Hope, Jin! I love your blog so much!!

          Liked by 1 person

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