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it’s the little things

Sometimes you just have to embrace and live for the little things. Life can really, really suck and so it’s important to find little bits of happiness that are going to make your day. People always say it’s the little things, and it really is true.

The reason for writing this was inspired by the fact I’ve been scrolling through Etsy for the past couple of hours looking for cute pins I can buy. I love pins and cute little things like that. I love buying little gifts for people and seeing things that remind me of them and thinking oh! So and so would love that – little trinket things that are special.

Last week was really rough for me, one of the worst I’ve had in a long time which you’ll know if you read this post (and thank you so much to everyone for your lovely messages because it really does mean the world, I love you all so much and you’re all angels). I was thinking of what would cheer me up because in these situations, nothing ever does, but I thought you know what? I’m going to buy myself some cute pins.

I also mentioned this in a post I made the other week, but it’s okay if you don’t have a dream. It’s okay if your dream is what you’re having for dinner later or what you’re doing at the weekend. It’s okay to be excited about the little things, and that’s what this was for me.

I’m kind of having a re-jig of my room lately in an attempt to freshen up my space and make myself feel better, really. Part of this involved ordering a new bookcase for myself so that I could display my books on the bottom half of it, and my signed kpop albums on the top of it – I wanted to make it a little kpop shrine almost, full of my favourite groups (I wanted to have a section / shelf dedicated to each), because I have so many different things I want to display and I just wanted to be able to have a space full of the things I love, basically. So I was excited about my bookcase arriving so I could start my little Kpop shrine and then I remembered that Kpop pins existed and they’re seriously beautiful and that I now had a space where I could display them properly if I was to buy some. Like I said, I love pins but right now they’re all in a Disney Chip mug that I got from Disneyland but having these new shelves meant I could finally display them somewhere! So basically I was getting really excited about these pins and trawling through the internet (mostly Etsy) to start off my Kpop pin collection and then getting excited with ideas of how I could display them all and yada yada and I just realised that something as simple as that really was able to make me happy and lift my mood – it really is the little things that matter.

Like really, the most exciting part of my weekend was the fact I was having a bookcase delivered but I knew I was going to listen to my Kpop playlist whilst I organised the shelves and did everything up to make it look pretty and display all my Kpop bits and pieces on it. I was excited to do that and it was going to make me happy, and that’s okay – it’s great !! It gave me something to look forward to because like I said, last week was horrendous for me and I was barely even able to get myself out of bed every morning because my mental health has plummeted so badly. But if something so small as a bookcase and buying pretty pins on the internet makes me want to get out of bed in the morning then so be it, I embrace that. I’m proud of that.

Did I mention I really love pins, by the way? I’m so obsessed. Whenever someone buys / gives me a pin I’m like !!!!!!!!!!! My heart does little flips because pins are so cute and I’m so grateful someone saw one and thought of me. IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS. MY HEART JUST MELTS. If someone wants to start up a pin fund for me so that I can proceed to buy every pin on the planet please do. I want them all.

Anyway, I’m probably going to do a pin collection at some point because who doesn’t want to embrace the beauty that is enamel pins – whoever created them, bless you. I’ll also do a little bookshelf tour at some point too because even though I know most of you aren’t really into Kpop I still need somewhere to get excited about it and show off my little project so unfortunately, that means you guys. Hope you don’t mind.

I feel like I probably went off on a tangent here and sorry this post was random but in conclusion – it’s the little things that matter the most, get excited about them. Also, Chloe loves Kpop and pins and her heart feels like it’s going to combust whenever she’s exposed to either. Especially when they’re combined and we’re talking about Kpop pins. Really, she’s probably not breathing at this point.

I’m off now to go and look at some more…

All my love,

Chloe .xx

(p.s. I wasn’t joking about the pin fund. if you have a million pounds going spare pls feel free to donate it to me so I can buy every pin in existence. thank u)

24 thoughts on “it’s the little things

  1. Oh I love this so much, like so much!!! For me I love flowers, Im a florist so I rarely get given them, people always assume i would be judgmental but when I get them i’m​ like ???? A flower, for me??? This post warms my heart and girl I wanna buy you all the freaking cutest pins in the world!!!!! xxxx

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    1. Thank you !! 💙 I don’t know why but I found that so cute hahaha, I hope you get to a point where someone buys you flowers EVERY day 💐 I totally would xxx


  2. Like Hannah, I am absolutely love that you love pins so much. When I have a bad mental health period, I usually stock up on a lot of books to get me through it (out of my head and into a new world). I believe that all of those little things combined together can actually bring you true happiness, even if it’s just for a day. I love your outlook on life so much because even if things get tough, you still have hope. I think that comes from you being extremely self-aware too because you can reflect on bad things in your life in such a way, that you always come out on top and say “hell no, I’m not giving up”. And then you buy pins. SO; here’s to being self-aware and knowing what you need or what will bring you a small dose of happiness in even the hardest of times. xx

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    1. Such a good idea – I always love getting lost in a book and escaping from the reality that is real life however, sometimes my mental health doesn’t allow me to do that since I can’t concentrate or focus on anything so it’s always a 50/50 for me whether it’ll work or not. I always love the fact you say I’m self aware because I really try to be so it’s always nice when someone else can notice that too, so thank you. Here’s to being self aware and knowing what you need to be happy indeed!! Thank you for reading and for your words as always xx

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  3. I find it so cute how excited you got about pins in this post! (not in a patronising way but in an adorable but adult way). I think it is so important to live for the little things because sometimes the bigger things are too far-between and you need a little something every day to keep you going, whether that is your morning coffee or getting to read a good book.
    When is your birthday? I would love to send you a pin! xx

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    1. Ahh I wouldn’t think you were being patronising hehe don’t worry, & yes it really is !! I completely agree – you have to look forward to the small things. My birthday was in January so I have juuust a little while until it rolls back around again!! 💙xx

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  4. Beautiful post! It’s always the little things in life which means the most at the end. A smile from a loved one, seeing a rainbow, feeling the sunshine on your skin on a warm Summer day, eating an ice cream, or hearing the waves crashing on the shore is what means the most 💗 I’m happy to hear you are feeling better. I was just about to ask you if you could do a room tour as I’m looking forward to see your bookshelve and also pin collection! Sounds amazing as it’s so important to love things which makes us happy. At the end of the day that’s what matters in life, being happy 💕

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    1. Thank you angel !! Yes hehe those little things really do mean the most – it made me smile just reading them! I’d love to do a room tour at some point, I think because my room is so personal to me and I love it so much I’m a little hesitant to post it on the internet, but hopefully soon 💞 Thank you for reading as always!! xx

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  5. I think you are so right, sometimes when you are really down and out the little things matter! And I hope to see your kpop shrine/new bookshelf because although its just a small part of a person’s house, its really interesting and telling of a person isn’t it! And I’m sorry you were having such a rough time, hold on alright, do little things everyday to keep yourself going! I’ll be cheering for ya! ❤

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  6. Hey, friend… I went back and read your other post as well. I’m sorry I missed it when it first posted. I can relate to your mental health struggles. My depression comes out of nowhere. I just wake up one morning and it takes everything in me just to breathe. I’m sad, but I can’t say why. It will last a little while and then just fade away. I can’t find any sort of rhyme or reason. In my adult life, my kids are what keep me going. But when I was younger, finding little things to feel happy about, like your pin collection and your Kpop love, helped me keep moving forward. Hold onto those things and never consider them to be trivial. We all need something to bring light into our darkness.

    If you ever need to talk, go to my Twitter link and you can message me. I’ll gladly listen anytime you need an ear. I know how much a lifeline can help. I just want you to know there are people willing to listen, even if we are just a page on the internet. 💜


    1. I also meant to say that I think collecting pins is awesome! My grandma collected pins when she was a door greeter at Walmart. They would get new pins for whatever new movies were releasing in the store each week. She’d wear them on her blue Walmart vest. Her favorite customers noticed so they started bringing her pins as gifts when they traveled. I have a whole collection of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves pins she collected when the movie was re-released. I also have Harry Potter pins. I was grateful to inherit some of her collection when she passed away. Each pin has a special memory. So I think your pin collection is wonderful!

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    2. Ohh don’t be silly 💞 don’t be sorry for anything !! Even though it’s sad and I would never wish it on anyone, it’s still comforting to know that other people experience and go through similar things and that I’m therefore not alone in how I feel sometimes. I’m so glad your kids are the things that keep you going and I know if that I had any they’d be my exact same reason too.

      Your grandma collecting pins is the sweetest !! The fact that people would bring them to her because they knew she collected them 💞 my heart. How lovely that you got to inherit some, they sound beautiful. Things you’ll cherish forever!!

      Thank you so much for your support as always and likewise – if you ever need me, you know where I am .xx

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  7. Girl rejigging and reorganising your bedroom should honestly be it’s own category of therapy! I think there’s something so relaxing but also rewarding about having complete control over the space you’re in and how it looks – especially with what you choose to display! I think the K-Pop shrine and the pin displays are such cute ideas because they’ll give you a chance to see things you truly love on a daily basis! I literally have stacks and stacks of books around my room (like all over the floor, my bed, my dressers, it’s an issue) purely because I just love them all so much! It’s just a part of the design of my room but it gives you little things to focus on which always makes me feel better, so I’m glad you’re feeling a lil better too xxx

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    1. Right?! So therapeutic and EXCITING. There’s something so great about just being able to decorate your own space and own it, to know that everything is placed for an exact reason and that this is a display of who you are. I think just having that little area dedicated to my favourite things and therefore pieces of me – my happiness, really did just make all the difference. I’m seriously so in love with it. I’ve chose white furniture this time too so my room is now a lot brighter than it was before and I really think that’s also been a mood booster, I’ve never been so in love with my space before! My bookcase was literally overflowing before and like you I just had stacks of books EVERYWHERE, which I didn’t mind because it was part of the ‘aesthetic’ (you know what I mean) but now they’re all displayed on this giant bookcase I think I might love it even a little bit more! xx

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  8. Honestly I think it makes people SO MUCH HAPPIER to focus on the small positives instead of only having massive dreams for in 10 years time… I’m glad you’re spending some time and rejigging your room, I always find that having all your fave pretty things on display is a great mood booster. LOVE enamel pins too…aliexpress has so many cute ones for super cheap xx

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    1. Right?? This mindset has honestly changed my perspective on things massively – I think it just took some reassurance from other people that actually, it was okay to embrace these little things and now that I am, it’s changed my days around completely. You know I’m a sucker for Aliexpress so you can guess which website I’m hopping over to right now !! xx


  9. I’m very glad to hear you’re starting to feel better 😊

    You are absolutely right. I can get so caught up in everything that sometimes I forget the little things, but I have been working on that. Like last week being E3 and getting to see all the latest games. I have had a bad month but that week was able to make me forget all the bad things, even if it was for a short while.

    You have a lot of interests, and I believe you are the first person I know of that collects pins. I very much look forward to your post on your collection. Wishing you all the best xx

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    1. Thank you 💞 it really is the little things and I love to see people getting excited over them and feeling happy because of them. It could be the most insignificant, irrelevant thing to one person but to the next, it could mean the world – I’m so grateful for all of those little things. You have to make life exciting like that for yourself, you have to allow yourself to be excited over these tiny things because you deserve to let them make your day. I really hope you’re feeling better than you were and if you’re not, know that you will. Sending so much light your way ✨xx

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