Hi loves,

As we all know I’m going through it lately and am approximately this close to killing myself therefore can u pls accept my Kpop posts & not hate me for them because I know not everyone finds them interesting BUT I’m really sad right now and Kpop makes me happy so 💜 thank u for letting me talk about it. love u.

Anyway on a lighter note welcome to part 2 of my Kpop signed album haul!

Click here for Part 1 – BTS, GOT7, SHINee.

In this post I’m going to show you the GOT7 (yes, I bought another one), NCT and SEVENTEEN albums I bought because again, I need to scream about them. Enjoy!

NCT 127
Regulate 1st Repackaged Signed Promo Album




Could my bank account afford to buy this album? No. Did I still go ahead and buy it anyway? Maybe. I love my children and so when I saw this there was no way I was going to keep scrolling and pretend I hadn’t seen it because I needed it in my life. This is a signed promo version of NCT 127’s first album repackage, Regulate, and each version has a different member on the dust jacket so I chose the Taeil version because well, like I said, I love my children. It also came with a Taeil photocard which is a bonus and in general everything about the whole album is so beautiful – it’s about the same size as a vinyl record cover and everything about it is so well made, it really is a piece of art. NCT 127 are one of my favourite Kpop groups and so naturally I really wanted to own this. There are all different types of album packages out there but I really love the bigger ones with the huge photo booklets etc, and so NCT definitely didn’t disappoint – the photo booklet in this is so high quality and beautiful, not to mention the fact that the songs on the actual album itself are 10/10 and I’m obsessed with all of them, this really is an amazing album and I love everything about it – I’m so grateful I own this! It really is a masterpiece.

Identity Fan Signed Album





JB drew this and it’s cute so enjoy
Also I just wanted to include this here because BamBam drew love hearts on his cheeks and it needs to be appreciated

So this album is a little bit different because A). It’s not a promo version (just a regular retail version) and B). Its signatures are from a fan sign.

Identity was GOT7’s first full length (Korean) album and so I thought it would be a nice thing to own to start off the collection if I decided to buy anymore of their signed albums in the future which if you’re not already aware, I did (hello KPOP signed album haul part one). The signatures in this are from a fan sign event which is basically like a meet and greet for a specific album / EP / etc. – you buy the album and then go up to the members to get it individually signed – this has everyone’s signatures apart from Jackson’s but I don’t mind because this was such a steal- the second I saw this I knew I had to buy it. Each message is written to the person who was having their album signed but again, I don’t mind because it was a good price and I thought it was nice to own little messages they’d written rather than just their signatures on the front of the album. Also, the photos make me smile because they were so young. Literal babies !! The cutest.

You Made My Dawn Signed Album (Dawn ver.)


This again is just a regular retail version of the You Made My Dawn album (Dawn version) which was randomly signed by one member of Seventeen and I got Seungkwan! I bought this album through a promo Seventeen were doing hence why I didn’t know who I was getting until I opened the package – some people prefer to have their albums signed by all members but I honestly don’t mind when it’s a random member sign either since it’s always exciting to open because you don’t know who you’ll get. Of course, it came with the extras like the sticker, lenticular, poster, photo cards etc. so it was so nice to open – this was the first signed Kpop album I ever actually bought and so it was such a nice experience. Everything was so cute !!

I didn’t even know you could officially buy signed Kpop things online until my friend showed me the website and told me to check it out and I was like, how did I not know about this??  Any idols that have just released albums and / or are making a comeback will sell signed albums on the website and at the time there were currently 4 artists who were selling albums and Seventeen was one of them. (They also have a list of all the previous signed albums they’ve sold which are now sold out and I was freaking out a little bit due to all of the people I’d already missed out on but we won’t talk about that).

Korean albums are a little different to Western ones –  to us, an album is literally a CD in a plastic case with a 3 page booklet in the front if we’re lucky.

Not in Kpop.

Kpop albums are wild, you’re literally buying a whole masterpiece. A whole ass package. Like I said, this is the first Kpop album I actually bought but I’d seen them before online and there’s so much included it’s hard to figure out where to start – It’s all randomly selected so you don’t know which member/s you’re going to get so I was so happy when I got a photo card of my lil Minghao (honestly I would’ve bought the whole album just for that).

I ended up trading all of my things for my faves anyway so here’s what it now looks like –


And there we have it!

All my love,

Chloe .xx


  1. i rlly want a kbop album but idk
    i was gonna buy nuest w khino (?) but ended up saving my coins
    then i was gonna get nuest
    but im glad i didn’t
    nu’ests albums are so mature that i prefer not to buy them usually. i think the next one i might hehe (who am i kidding, i dont buy them cuz of the price)
    anyways on twitter i tried winning album giveaways for nuests last album but i didn’t win any so far lol maybe next time

    taeil looks like a bb in that pic lol
    wow so where do u buy your albums?? next time i plan to buy merch i might go straight to group orders ppl do on twitter or that one site kpop4u i think…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the prices are always crazy high but I’m at a point in my life now where I’m like you know what, if I want it then I should get it (even though my bank account says otherwise). I literally never win giveaways either, my luck is so poor 😭 maybe one day we both will! I agree, Taeil is the cutest lil beeb my heart is soo full ✨ I buy my albums from Mwave or from people in the industry who have been given the albums from the groups themselves – mostly the latter. There’s literally a GO for everything these days so definitely join one !! xx


  2. Honey if k-pop makes you happy then we will happily read 10000 posts all about them, it is nice to see how passionate you are about them – I am sorry to hear you’ve been having such a hard time at the moment. PS. your signed album collection is INCREDIBLE!! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh I could never get sick of your Kpop posts or anything you write ever. I LOVE how happy Kpop makes you, I always end up with the biggest smile on my face because I can feel the enthusiasm from literal oceans away. You know that line in TFIOS when Hazel Grace sends an email to the author of An Imperial Affliction about how she’d read anything he wrote, even his grocery lists? Well I’m Hazel Grace and whilst I’m quite sure you’re not reclusive, your writing is pure magic so please keep ranting about Kpop if it makes you happy.

    I hate that you’re hurting, I’m a message away if you want to talk about anything. Sending hugs and love and cake, so, so so much cake❤

    PS: I cringed so hard thinking about how obsessed 11 year old me was with TFIOS, please tell me I’m not the only one🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know I always say this but you really are the biggest angel ever ever ever, my love for u is infinite – you’re honestly such a little dream my heart is just 💞💞 THANK YOU. angel angel angel girl. you make me smile so much. & yes I do know that line very well !! I used to really love TFIOS too so omg you’re definitely not the only one, I feel lucky in a way because I read the book before it first came out aka before it got hyped up and famous and therefore turned into a film, so I feel like I got to experience it in its original state of just…being a beautiful story and an amazing piece of writing rather than this hyped up cliched tumblr-esque tragic love story that everyone was constantly talking about. does that make sense ??? either way, the reference made me happy 💙 thank you. please come and eat cake with me and we can talk about anything and everything ✨ I have so much love for you !! xx


      1. Aww you’re so sweet💕💕I distinctly remember that I was really sneaky around the time and despite being told not to(I was super young), I read the whole thing. Twice. So yeah I totally agree, I loved it way more when it wasn’t over-hyped and nobody would’ve seen me as a cliche for repeatedly quoting lines from the book lol💙 Love you endlessly!!! xx

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  4. These albums looks amazing! 💗😍 I also love albums who come like a package because it’s different. I remember buying the album reputation of Taylor Swift. It was an amazing magazine with poster, quotes and pictures. I like when it’s that way. I’m so happy for you. You can always talk to me 💕 I’m here for you.

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  5. Girl you write AS MUCH about kpop as you want. I don’t listen to it myself but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying (plus, signed album HELL YES vibes are universal). anything that people are passionate about is enjoyable to read! xxx

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  6. Don’t let anyone stop you from screaming/writing about Kpop. Anyway, Kpop is a whole different world when it comes to marketing, which is why I was hesitant to dip into it at first, I knew it was a rabbit hole of fun and spending hahaha. But Seventeen got me into it, so here I am lol. Looks like a good haul! You got two versions of Minghao (cutie and cool), awesome :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is !! It scared me off at first because I had no idea how any of it worked and it was so different from anything I was used to but now it’s my favourite thing !! I definitely prefer the way everything is marketed there. Who’s your bias in Seventeen?! And aaah yes hehe, Minghao is the cutest ❤️x

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I absolutely love your Kpop posts! I have such a hard time finding other people who are interested in it! So I will always enjoy your posts!

    On a different note, if you need a friend to talk to, I’m here. Please keep that in mind. I don’t offer to listen to people unless I geniunely mean it.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh no, I hope things get better for you soon but I’m glad to hear Kpop is making you happy and keeping you going! Omg, you got such persionalized stuff this is so cool!!! Sometimes you just gotta do what makes you happy right! 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ooo Regulate is definitely my favorite 127 album! Photos?😍 Tracklist?😍😍. Kpop albums really are something special. If you ever need to just ramble about K-pop or anything, I’m always here.💚💚💚

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