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taking responsibility

Does anyone else just love being productive? Like really, I swear that’s the best feeling ever. I always feel like I’m being unproductive when I sit at home doing nothing for hours but then the second I have to actually do something I suddenly have a lightbulb moment and realise I did actually have a million things to do that I could’ve done in the 2 hours I’ve just wasted not doing them. When I’m at home I’m not that productive but then as soon as I get to work a million jobs pop into my head that I need to do when I get home and I’m like…why couldn’t I have thought of that earlier??

Anyway, as common sense would tell you, I should probably start writing those things down because later that day when I do actually get home, I’ve forgotten all of the things I told myself I needed to do and alas, the cycle continues. Sometimes I’ll have spouts of being really productive and ticking everything off the list but it doesn’t last for very and before I know it I’m back in my unproductive state.

So I’ve become an avid daily list writer (who doesn’t love writing lists??) and throughout the day when these jobs pop into my head, I write them down, then, when I get home, I do them. Who would’ve thought it was as simple as that?? Not me, apparently. Last night I spent 4 hours replying to a bunch of letters, replying to emails and finishing up bits and pieces that I’ve needed to get done for ages but just haven’t gotten around to and it felt great. When I then eventually sat down at 9pm I felt like I’d earned it, you know? I swear one of the most satisfying things in life is being able to cross things off the list as you complete them, or maybe I’m just sad, who knows. Anyway, I completed that list, threw it away and then started a new one today with all of the new things I have to do (aka, the new ideas that pop into my head). I should probably start a bullet journal which is ironically something I’ve also been saying I need to do for the longest time but haven’t gotten around to yet – maybe I will. On today’s list I need to upgrade my phone (something I’ve been meaning to do for…literally 2 years) and start a lot of journal spreads I’ve been meaning to create for a really long time but just haven’t gotten around to because I’m lazy and procrastinate too much. It’s so great to be able to just clear everything up and out and send things off and tick things off and just feel satisfied knowing you’ve done them and they’re not just there hanging around your head as things you need to do but probably won’t. It clutters up your life mentally and physically so once you’ve done them it feels like you can breathe again. 10/10 would recommend.

I feel like Georgia from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging after she decides to become a better person and starts cleaning her room and listening to dolphins and stuff (were they dolphins, or whales?) if you’ve seen the film you’ll know what I mean. If you haven’t seen it then you should because I also 10/10 recommend, it’s like the epitome of being British.

So anyway, I have no idea what the point of this point was…I guess just to talk about how satisfying it is to take responsibility and actually…get stuff done? When I went and posted all of those letters this morning it felt so great and kind of set me up for a day of being productive – like I said, I’ve already started making a list for today so I’m excited to get home and start cracking on with that too. It’s so nice to feel like you’re actually doing something, I think it greatly benefits your mental health as well so again, 10/10 would recommend. Start writing lists and getting stuff done !! It’ll make you feel better once you’ve crossed everything off, I promise.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

p.s. I wrote this yesterday and since then I ordered my new phone which arrived today and fun fact, I hadn’t had a new phone for 6 years because anything bigger than the iPhone 5 is too big for my hands and I can’t hold it properly because my hands are like baby hands but the smallest model I could upgrade to was the iPhone 6s so now I have one of those and I know it’s going to be a disaster because it’s too big so stay tuned for that inevitable chaos

38 thoughts on “taking responsibility

  1. That happens to me!! Especially in my last job since i had time to sit there on a computer without doing much, i started foing things i should have been doing… not on the job lol 😁
    On the job i have now,i have no time to even think about things i have to do at home.
    Lol the phone…! So me. I went to the store asking for something wider than the galaxy s8 but shorter like an iphone…
    I ended up leaving with the s10 plus 🤧

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    1. Hahaha I’m glad you can relate, I always prefer to have too much to do rather than not enough because it keeps me busy & takes my mind off things! I feel like these days all of the smartphones are so big it’s like we’re going back in time to when people had those giant brick phones they could barely fit in their pockets 😭xx


  2. Felt like got whiplash remembering that scene from angus thongs loooool, that was so long ago *o*
    I’m glad you figured out a good routine for yourself! I need to crack on and do the same, watching anime during all my free time isn’t really productive ^^:
    I always thought you were a bujo kinda person, i’m surprised you don’t have one yet but you should defo try it out! It’s great!

    Minae x

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    1. HAHAHA I can’t believe how long ago it was when I think about it sometimes, like where did all that time go?? It’s still a classic either way! The fact you think I’m a bujo kind of person makes me happy because at least ONE person doesn’t see me for the huge procrastinator that I actually am hahaha. I’ll let you know if I try it! X


  3. I also love to dedicate Sundays to being my productive (or GYST) day. The weekdays I work and Saturdays I go out with friends or have a date with my boyfriend but Sundays are a day for me to catch up from the week such as reading blog posts (as I am doing now), writing blog posts, cleaning the flat, tidying up and buying food for the week ahead. It always sets me in the best mood for Monday as I know I am ready for the week ahead. xx

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    1. Yes! I always like getting things ready the night before too so that you know you don’t have to worry and try rushing around to sort everything out in the morning. Life really does become easier when you stop procrastinating! xx

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  4. Hello! Are you me?! I totally go through the state of mostly being unproductive to having bursts of inspiration and working hard until I’m all fizzled out. I picked up a fancy productivity/motivational planner several months ago but I’ve avoided filling it out even though I think about it often. I’ll have to force myself to try the list and actually going through with following it!

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    1. Ahh it’s so nice to know I’m not the only one who feels this way sometimes !! I’m exactly the same – it’s either one extreme or another for me, there’s no in-between – it’s either all or nothing! Let me know how you get on with your planning !! xx


  5. Oh, this was a great read! Being productive and just smashing out everything on your to do list is an awesome feeling. It cannot be beaten. I honestly think it’s very good for mental health too.. in my experience at least. Whenever I have too much time or just nothing time (Netflix or whatever) I start to overthink and feel useless and bored. I think we can all agree that sucks and should be avoided!

    It’s great that you’ve got a new phone too! I’ve got the iPhone 8, previously had the 6s. I was debating getting the 8 plus but I didn’t want a huge phone! I think the medium sized phones are best personally. You’ll get used to it! Whenever I use a 5s now, because I had one of those for a year or so, I cannot believe how tiny it was!

    Lol, it’s funny but a few weeks ago I got acrylic nails and I thought I’d never get used to how long they are and now I don’t even notice or feel it! Goes to show it might take a little time but soon it’ll feel completely normal 😂💗

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    1. Thank you so much !! I really do think it’s great for mental health yes, it definitely clears your head and makes you feel like you’re making progress and actually doing something worthwhile! Would definitely recommend. I think it’s good to always try and keep yourself busy too because like you said, sitting around doing nothing always leads to overthinking and that’s the worst thing!

      I love my 5 too much to let go of it properly haha, the 6 is still way too big for me!! I don’t know how people have these huge iPhones I definitely wouldn’t be able to cope hahaha.

      I’ve had acrylics on for 4 years now and people always ask me how I cope with them but like, it’s so normal to me now nothing ever feels any different, so that’s like me but the opposite way round – if I was to ever take them off / lose a nail etc. I’d probably forget how to use my hands hahaha xxx

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  6. ” When I’m at home I’m not that productive but then as soon as I get to work a million jobs pop into my head that I need to do when I get home and I’m like…why couldn’t I have thought of that earlier?? ” THIS IS SO FREAKING RELATABLE. And you are just like GOSH I RATHER BE DOING THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS. Yesss, I do make lists but tbh my laziness can still get the better of me or unexpected plans. Share with me some of your daily lists! I’m curious! Omg, how do you resist not upgrading for 6 years, your resiliency is admired! Hope the 6s fits you!

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    1. HAHAHA glad I’m not the only one !! I swear it’s such a pain, I literally do it every day, like why brain why !! My lists consist of the most random things like “google this later” or “set this up later” just literally any little thing that pops in my head that I need to do, even if it’s as simple as searching the internet for something. I might do a post on them at one point 👀
      I loved my 5s too much to ever change it !! It didn’t have a single scratch or mark on it even after 6 years but the battery was just so dead it was time to let it go – I didn’t wanna get a new phone because all of the upgrades were bigger than the 5 and they’re too big for my dwarf hands to handle 😩 I’m still in-between phones at the minute, haven’t fully transitioned over to the 6 yet because I can’t let go of my little 5…I think I have attachment issues!! xx

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      1. Yes! I’d love to read it! Omg, you are freaking amazing, who needs a nokia when you’ve got your protective skills HAHAHA. I can barely believe your phone is still functional after 6 years that is seriously next level. YA I CAN IMAGINE HOW ATTACHED YOU MUST BE TO YOUR 5S, I GET ATTACHED EVEN TO MY WATER BOTTLE. HAHA. Its okay, I’m sure you’ll adapt to it, a bigger screen is so much better for viewing pleasure. 👍

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    1. why are you such an angel oh my goodness, so much love for you !! thank you gorgeous girl (I swear Robbie was everyone’s number one crush back in the day!) xxx


  7. I feel like this post was the universe indirectly telling me to get out of bed and actually do something😂🙈But then again watching season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy technically counts as something. Also Georgia is 100% my spirit animal!! xx

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  8. Okay first of all I LOVE Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Secondly, I totally feel you on the lists. I plan out my days using to-do lists, I use them from in my everyday life to in my work life. Checking things off that list, however small the task may be, does give one a huge sence of satisfaction. I think for me, even if it’s just putting my washed clothes in my wardrobe, it’s so rewarding to, as you say, get things done. Wonderful post, one I think a lot of people can relate to. There’s nothing worse than 100 tasks to do and not knowing where to start-who would have thought that just by simply writing these tasks down, it already makes them seem much more achievable? xx

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    1. I swear lists are just the answer to everything, feeling sad? make a list. feeling happy? make a list. stressed out? make a list. can’t remember what to do? make a list. Lists are going to single handedly save the world, I’m calling it. So rewarding right?? & yes I completely agree – seeing them written down on paper makes them feel so much more achievable !! xx

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  9. I absolutely love being productive because it makes me feel content that I used my time effectively. And don’t start me about making lists I’m a sucker for ticking everything off. Sleep is somehow sweeter when you’ve accomplished things! Good luck on many more lists to come!! ❤️

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    1. Yes !! So nice to sit down or get into bed at the end of the day knowing you’ve used your time wisely and that you’ve done everything you needed to do – definitely the most satisfying feeling! Thanks lovely girl 💛x

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  10. I love this post so much! 💗🙌 I so agree with you. I love making lists and it definitely feels so good when you are able to cross things off your to do list. It feels satisfying and makes you feel good about yourself. I remember how I also use that so much during college and it helped me to stay in track. I also have told myself how I want to begin a bullet journal but never got it done. Maybe one day we both will. We just have to take a first step. I also get bored easily so I’m afraid I will leave it just there after a few pages 😂 Great post as always 💗

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    1. yes !! agree 100%. let’s make a pact to start a bullet journal together and we’ll see who can keep it up the longest 👀 I feel like I have a very slim chance on that one haha! thanks so much as always angel girl 💞 love you x

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  11. I am really happy to see you are doing better. It is inspiring, it truly is. I am glad you are getting work done. I should learn from you.

    Funny you mentioned Angus, Thongs. I was genuinely thinking about this movie a week ago because I remember back in high school my friends really like it and we all tried watching it together, but we did not finish it. I was thinking of watching it by myself again because I know it is a cult film and loved by a lot of people.

    Congrats on your new phone! I am also surprised you only ordered just the phone and not a side of 50 KPopb albums as well. I have not had a new phone in 4 years and this iPhone5S is honestly still my true first smartphone as I do not count the blackberry. It would be cool if you do a post about your new phone.

    Sending you all my love xx

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    1. You make me SMILE Kojo, seriously. the Kpop part made me laugh out loud. How strange that you were thinking of watching Angus Thongs and then I go and mention it !! the universe is weird, right ?? this is fate, actually. you need to watch it asap and let me know what you think. this is the push you’ve been waiting for. this is the sign you needed. go, GO.

      The Kpop albums are still being bought, do not be fooled by my lack of posts…they’re coming. I’m sure you’ve missed them greatly as of course, Kpop is everyone’s favourite thing to read about. The phone thing really was an issue, I asked the lady if I could still have the 5 and she was like no, the 6 is the earliest iPhone we do now I’m afraid (as I silently cried on the inside). Still getting used to it and I can’t type on it to save my life, is hand enlargement surgery a thing ?? Can we do that ?? I need some help. I don’t want to let go of my little 5s, I think I’ve got attachment issues. We’ll see how it goes…so strange that you also have the 5s as well though, the universe is so great. she knows what she’s doing.

      As always, I hope you’re doing well 💙 sending you all my love right back xx

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  12. Omg! I love Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging! And I really loved that scene when she started to meditate, dye her hair and all. Haha you should start doing bujo and maybe post a flipthrough some time! ✨

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  13. Love this Chloe!! I’m a bit all over the place in that I’m a huge procrastinator, but I’m also an avid lover of lists and bullet journals, so it really takes me hours and hours to actually start but you’re right, once it’s done and you sit down after being busy and just on the go for a couple of hours, you feel so much more rewarded!!! And I reckon it’s whales 😉 xx

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