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I really loved my room tonight. I mean, I love it anyway but some nights it’s more beautiful than others. It’s a Thursday evening, transitioning into the night and I’m listening to Untouchable by Taylor Swift. If you’ve heard it you’ll understand. I’m sat here in my pyjamas with my hair tousled and falling over my shoulders, I’m very quiet and just sitting here by myself, thinking. I can see the silhouettes of the flowers on my windowsill and the night breeze is drifting through the atmosphere. My room is dark but a nice dark, the Summer dark, when the sun goes down but everything is still breezy and light. The kind of dark that you whisper secrets to your best friend in, or the kind of dark that you lay and dream about the boy in. The nice dark, the sweet dark, almost like it’s giving me a hug. The night breeze wrapping its arms around me, full of love and Summer warmth. I’m just sitting here and I feel like a 16 year old in a different era, like the girl next door. I feel soft, naive, nice. I feel very quiet and very calm, all whilst Untouchable plays in the background and I think about things and feel very timely, like I should always be somewhere else but for right now, I’m here. I’m in the right place, exactly where I need to be. Alone in my room as a young girl who is very soft with tousled hair listening to Taylor Swift in the pretty darkness, whispering secrets to the moon and detangling the stars from her waves. Thursday evenings have never felt so sweet.

21 thoughts on “untouchable

  1. Love this and you so so much!! “…whispering secrets to the moon and detangling the stars from her waves…” I actually cannot, I swear you have actual stardust running through your veins! xx

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  2. Aww i feel this feeling so very hard, and I’mm immediately taken back to the nights I felt that way in my room. So lovely!!! ❤

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