Music of the Month – July

Hi loves,

I feel like this month’s music is…endless. Like seriously. It’s really long and I can’t be bothered to edit it (it felt like it took me a million years pls). Let’s go.

indigo – chris brown

One of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time, like seriously, it’s so good it’s insane. I’m absolutely obsessed, I don’t even wanna think about how many times I’ve played this. 50+ at this point. INSANE.

troubled waters – chris brown

Also another huge bop, I really love this new album and the whole sound of it. This has also been on repeat all month. 10/10.

that’s life – 88-keys ft. mac miller & sia

Such a beautiful song and so nice to hear Mac again, it almost feels like he’s saying all of this in hindsight and it’s beautiful, I just really love it. It’s comforting, I’ve listened to it a lot.

sorry would go a long way – tori kelly

I’ve loved Tori Kelly since I was literally 14 and one of my favourite thing about her is how honest she is in everything she writes, this song is really beautiful. Another amazing job done by her.

oh, what a world – kacey musgraves

Lord please forgive me for sleeping on this song for so long, I absolutely adore Golden Hour (the album this song is from) yet I never…played this song? And then this month I did, and I was blown away. This song was making me teary eyed because of how beautiful and raw it is, it’s something beyond description. This song is an experience, like your whole life is playing in slow motion before your eyes. this whole album makes me teary eyed because of how beautiful it is, I could just cry at the beauty of it.

same wine – priya francis

My girl Priya is back at it again with the amazing songs so here’s another one !! I adore Priya’s voice and everything she puts out is simply a masterpiece. Lovelovelove.

water fountain – alec benjamin

Songs like these aren’t usually my style but I actually quite liked this one, it’s catchy and cute.

outta my head – khalid ft. john mayer

Such a gorgeous song !! Reminds me of something you’d play in Summer driving with the roof down as the sun sets, I really love it.

escape – kehlani

Was going through Kehlani’s discography this month and re-discovered this song again, it’s such a bop !!

i love you – billie eilish

I only enjoy this song when I’m in the right mood, but when I’m in the right mood it’s a really great song and I had one of those moments this month so, here it is.

game of love – santana ft. michelle branch

I heard this on the radio a couple weeks ago and was like ???? what is this. I like. It was this song. Enjoy,

doo wop (that thing) – lauryn hill

Again, heard this on the radio a couple weeks ago and was reminded of what a bop it was.


heartbeat – bts

My freaking angels. I don’t know why I’m even surprised at this point. This song makes me wanna throw myself off a cliff and cry for the next 10 years because it’s so beautiful. Also, Jimin’s high note? Don’t talk to me about it.

highway to heaven (eng ver.) – nct 127

I knew this song would be my (I wanna say bitch but it sounds too sharp) when they originally released the Korean version because it was the best thing I’d ever heard and then they announced they were gonna release an English version as well and I was just…in Heaven. No pun intended. The music video for this song is also the best thing I’ve ever seen, definitely my favourite one from them so far – they all look so beautiful and free and happy, I was smiling like an idiot the whole way through it. Where’s the Grammy.

fool – nct 127

I love the whoooole vibe of this, it’s very specific but I can’t describe it. If you listen to it you’ll get what I mean. This is pure NCT through and through and I just love it and them :(( they make me so happy. This song makes me smile.

jet lag – nct 127

This song is so beautiful – their harmonies ??? No thanks satan. Not today. They always do such a great job of EVERYTHING. Is there anything they can’t do at this point? Probably not.

fireflies – nct dream

Dreamies !! I’m a 127 kinda girl but the Dreamies have really been growing on me this month and I loved this so much, it was so cute, also reminded me a little bit of Christmas? Don’t ask why. But anything that reminds me of Christmas is an instant win in my book.

boom – nct dream

So !! Good !! Another great job by the Dreamies, I knew I was gonna love this the second I saw Jaemin & Jeno dancing to the preview and boooooy it’s a bop. I love it.

check in – seventeen

The fact that this still isn’t on Spotify is what keeps me up at night. I swear this gets stuck in my head 10x a day because the hook is just so catchy.

change up – seventeen

This song praise the Lord is on Spotify and I for one am very grateful. So catchy.

happy ending – seventeen

Was I on a Seventeen hype this month? Possibly. This randomly popped into my head and I forgot how good it was.

ko ko bop – exo

I know I’m late to the party okay, I know. I thought I didn’t like this song but it was actually a different EXO song I didn’t like HA so I’ve basically been clowning and depriving myself of this song the whole time. It’s a bop. No pun intended.

x1-ma – produce x 101 

If you’re on the Kpop scene you might’ve heard this song before, it’s basically the (original / debut / ?? what are we calling it) song of the TV show Produce X 101 which was also used as the soundtrack for the title sequence. It’s really good and I’m so sad the show is over 😦 someone give me an excuse to make a post on it. Pls.

to my world – produce x 101

This is another song performed by one of the groups on Prod X and I reeeeeally love it, the “ooo” parts are my favourite but I feel like that’s a weird thing to say when I’m trying to sell you the song so, just listen and you’ll know what I mean.

super special girl – produce x 101 (mammam)

For some reason no one seemed to like this song when it was performed on the show and I was like ?????? ’cause it was my favourite, I feel like it’s probably quite cliche but honestly I don’t care because it’s so catchy and I love it. I wish it got the attention it deserved 😦

u got it – produce x 101 (got u)

This song was my second favourite and sounded like a real groups’ song which is why it did so well (and has…5 mil views on Youtube) rightfully so. The people writing the songs for this show were continuously outdoing themselves because they just kept producing bop after bop and the trainees kept delivering. They did such a good job.

gorilla – pentagon

I was watching Pentagon on a show the other day and they did a performance of their debut song and I was like ????? yes. Add that to my playlist.

movie star – cix

I was also watching CIX on a show the other day where they debuted their debut song (does that even make sense) called Movie Star and I thought it was soo catchy, also, I absolutely love the choreo, seriously such a good dance routine.

seoul town road – lil nas x ft. rm

Can I believe I’m writing this right now ?? Can I believe there’s a thing that now exists in the world called Seoul Town Road ??? Lil Nas ??? Joon ??? BTS ??? Seoul Town Road ??? I’m living in a simulation and I love it. Also, homies in the back but…Joon can’t even drive. A great lyric.

And there we have it! For some reason I felt like that was really long & took me ages but looking back on it there’s not as much there as I thought 👀 or is there. Who knows, my brain’s fried. Anyway I shall see you all in my next post!

All my love,

Chlo .xx


19 thoughts on “Music of the Month – July

  1. Ahhh thank you gal!! Love being featured up on that list with some incredible music from this music – currently listening to Indigo as I type this! I also really, really enjoy Juice!! He’s coming out with some absolute tunes haha xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heartbeat is simply beautiful! And I love Gorilla. Just so sad E-Dawn’s journey ended the way it did. And Yanan’s health seems to be on a roller coaster. Pentagon has been through so much. I feel kind of proud of how they push through and continue to make great music. I really loved Humph and Round Two that they just released.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! So beautiful.
      I love Kpop a lot but the way they do things over there really is something I have to take a step back from sometimes because a lot of things get ruined for no reason – there was no reason to remove E-Dawn from Pentagon just like there was no reason to remove Hanbin from iKON, but that’s just the way it works unfortunately. Do you have a fave? Mine’s Hui hehe, & yes! They’ve been putting out a lot of good stuff lately, they’re doing really well .xx

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  3. Great list as always! The 88 Keys/Mac/Sia song still makes me feel warm, you know? Thank you again so much for recommending it. There has been so much music out that I just have not had the time to even chill and listen. My earphones broke a month ago and I think it is long past due to get new ones. I think this is the main reason why I have not been listening to music.

    I need to revisit Billie’s album, but I am afraid of how I will feel once I start experiencing it again, you know? I was listening to Ocean Eyes in the car yesterday on the way to work, and I truly believe that song is a masterpiece. Her voice, the bass, the production, everything about it is perfect. I am happy seeing the musician and person she is becoming.

    I always love how you have a separate section for K-Pop in these lists, and I swear they are literally more than the other music on the list which spans multiple artists, countries and genres. I honestly feel like I am missing out on all this K-Pop goodness. I need to catch up.

    Wishing you all the best xx

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    1. Thank you so much! The second I heard it I instantly thought of you, I was like…I need to ask Kojo if he’s heard this hahaha. I also think you’d really like Outta My Head by Khalid! Earphones are an essential to life, I always have my music on really loud in the car but you know when you see people wearing headphones and driving instead, I always thought that’d be way better (but I haven’t tried it yet because I’d probably get so into the music I’d crash)…

      I get what you mean, music is so immersive that it really does suck you in and make you feel everything. If you’re listening to a sad song and you weren’t sad before…you definitely are now. Sometimes I have to wait until I’m in the right mindset to listen to certain songs / albums otherwise I know they’ll just drag me under, which is sad (no pun intended) but, that’s just the power of music for you I guess. Also, Ocean Eyes is actually my favourite Billie song! How weird.

      Kpop just makes me feel…so happy, you know? And I think that when you find those things that make you the happiest, no matter what they are, you have to hold onto them and embrace them in full force. I’m a person who very much needs something like that to cling onto which is why I latch on so fast, it’s been a recurring motif throughout my life – there’s always something I love very very deeply, and when that goes away (for whatever reason), something else will come along that catches my attention and the cycle continues, but I don’t believe that’s a bad thing. That’s why I talk about Kpop so much and share it with people, because if it can make them half as happy as it makes me, we’re on the right track.

      I know underneath when you start getting into the nitty gritty, there’s scandals, mistreatment etc. just like everywhere else in the industry (because unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world) but on the whole, Kpop is so fun, you know? I feel like it’s made me a lighter person, if that makes sense, it’s made me love more and appreciate people more and just appreciate the world more as a whole, because it’s brought so much into my life I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Of course, to outsiders it’s just guys dancing around wearing frilly outfits and makeup and girls going crazy over them, but at the end of the day their ignorance says everything about them, and nothing about Kpop. Hence, it continues to take over the world one step at a time.

      Lots of love Kojo .xx

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