a lil pin haul

Hi loves,

If you’ve read this post then you’ll know that I love buying pins because they’re so small…and cute…and great (I might be obsessed, don’t tell anyone). I bought a few more recently so thought I’d do a little pin haul ’cause…who doesn’t wanna look at cute pins. If you say no then you’re lying to yourself. Let’s go.


2 of the cutest sloths you ever did see


First of all if these aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen then why are you lying to yourself and second of all why are you lying to yourself. C and I used to be obsessed with sloths and they always always make me think of her, so when I saw these I had to get them because they’re so disgustingly cute. There’s a sloth on the moon holding a star :(( my heart. And he’s in a dinosaur rubber ring :((((( SO FREAKING CUTE. I would die for sloths.


pink bicycle


A lil pink bicycle. I needed some pink pins so when I saw this I was like wait this is rly cute pls go into my basket.


sylvia plath pin


This is a literature pin of a quote from one of my favourite authors, Sylvia Plath. I really love that lady. She was amazing. I wish she knew.


middle finger


I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory.


know your power


Continuing on with the feminist theme here’s another one, I really love this. The only thing that bugs me is that the ball is a different shade of black to the hand and yes, these are the things that keep me up at night.


blue & pink planet


A lil blue and pink planet ’cause we all know how much I love the solar system…(don’t get me started).


mr possum


This isn’t my photo because I ordered this but it hasn’t arrived yet and you guys are all gonna think I’m so weird and I can’t believe I’m openly admitting on the internet that I spent money on this but basically there’s this really stupid meme that happens to be my favourite ever and someone turned it into a pin so I had to buy it. And no I’m not sharing the meme because I’ve already embarrassed myself enough. Goodnight.


I can’t believe I just exposed myself with that possum meme…honestly. There’s no going back now. Goodbye.

All my love,

Chlo .xx


32 thoughts on “a lil pin haul

  1. All of these pins are so cute! I love the pastel theme. I used to have pins on my rucksack from all the countries that I have visited in the last few years but they keep falling off and I lose the pin. Maybe I will stick with sewn on badges from now on. xx

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  2. Yay pin haul!
    I love the sloths. They are so cute! I actually saw a video yesterday on twitter of a sloth just crawling in the middle of the road and I was like “awwwww!”

    I love the blue and pink planet pin. I also love space. I remember our grade 10 week log camping trip, and before we went I took out a book on space from the library and during our downtime on the trip I would read it and educate myself. I loved that trip.

    I love how all the pins have deep meanings to you… then we get to the last one 😂😂😂🤣 brilliant ending to the post

    Wishing you all the best xxx

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    1. Hahaha they’re so cute right? If I was ever an animal in my past life…

      The possum one arrived yesterday and I love it 😭 possibly a new favourite, I need to calm down with the memes hnsdhdjfk I’m obsessed .xx

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  3. omg these are ADORABLE! perfect for any denim jacket or rucksack! I’ve recently started collected badges of bands etc but may have to venture into pins..

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