Music of the Month – August

Hi loves,

Every month I think I won’t have enough music to talk about for each of these posts and then before I know it I have too many. Here’s the music I’ve been listening to and loving in August!

boyfriend – ari ft. social house

I will admit that when this initially came out as I wasn’t as keen as I thought I’d be but it quickly grew on me and now I absolutely love it and can’t stop singing it. Ari never disappoints.

skinny genes – eliza doolittle

This song popped into my head multiple times this month and I’m not sure why, but I’ve listened to it a few times over the past couple of weeks and have been really…enjoying it? It’s one of those songs you forget that exists, but once you remember, you’re glad you did.

rooting for you – alessia cara

Sooooo good. After her first album I didn’t really listen to Alessia Cara as much as I wanted to because her music wasn’t really catching my attention anymore but recently she’s been bringing it back and I really love this song.

slide away – miley cyrus

Probably my favourite song of the entire month, it’s so so so good. So beautiful. So nostalgic and sad and beautiful and just…how can you not love Miley. Like seriously. How. She’s my queen.

motivation – normani

So good !! So glad Normani is finally getting the attention she deserves, this song is such a bop – so catchy and I must have watched the music video a million times because she’s just so good at what she does. Completely mesmerising. Seriously. Girl got TALENT.

find u again – mark ronson ft. camila cabello

Sometimes I’m really in the mood to listen to this song and others I’m not but overall it’s good and has therefore made its way onto this month’s playlist.

teeth – 5sos

I think I said this before with Easier (maybe even earlier than that) but I love this new direction 5SOS are going in. Sometimes artists try and go in a new direction and it doesn’t work but 5SOS are doing such a great job of it literally everything they’ve been releasing recently is perfect. This song is so good.

love is a wild thing – kacey musgraves

This song randomly popped into my head a couple of weeks ago and I was reminded again of how beautiful it is. Kacey Musgraves and her music are pure magic.

17 – zhavia

Okay…she’s back. I was obsessed with Zhavia on The Four but when she started releasing her own music afterwards it just didn’t hit me the way that her covers on The Four did…until this EP. I am OBSESSED.

deep down – zhavia

This samples Etta James’ I’d Rather Go Blind in it and it’s such a good song. I’m saying that about this whole EP but seriously. It’s insane.

all i am – zhavia ft. skip marley

This song makes me feel so dreamy, Zhavia’s voice is just…pure gold. I’m so obsessed – this has been on repeat non-stop.

ez – zhavia

Possibly my favourite from the EP, it’s so dreamy and sweet, I just love everything about it.

it’s nice to have a friend – taylor swift

Probably an unpopular opinion but I only like 2 songs from T Swift’s new album and my favourite out of them both is this one. I really miss Taylor’s old music because in my opinion it was the best, and unfortunately I really don’t like hardly anything she puts out these days so I was really pleasantly surprised when I had a listen to the new album and found this song. It’s so hauntingly beautiful and really reminds me of the Red era (my favourite from her), so I really love this song and as you can imagine, it’s been on repeat non-stop.

afterglow – taylor swift

Another good one! Yay. Not as good as It’s Nice To Have A Friend but still, I was really happy to find at least 2 new songs I liked from her. I also think this song is super relatable, as well as just generally sounding really nice. I really like it.

norman fucking rockwell – lana del rey

My baby is back !! I could put the whole album on here because it’s just that amazing but I’m going to filter it out over the month’s (so that I can drag it out for as long as I can because I need to talk about it for the rest of my life). The intro song as I like to call it is just…so good. So dreamy. So nostalgic. So beautiful. Lana in her purest form. I love it and her so much.

cinnamon girl – lana del rey

Instantly this became my favourite from the album and so I was so happy when I saw that it seems to be everyone else’s favourite from the album too, people have been talking about it non-stop. This song is so beautiful, so haunting, so dreamy…best believe I’ve been slow dancing around my room to it with my eyes shut. You think I’m kidding. This song is now my favourite thing ever.


i’m not sorry – dean ft. eric bellinger

No idea why I haven’t included this on a monthly music post before but it’s long overdue! This is such a feel good song and I always end up yelling it whenever it comes on, it’s just one of those. You know? So catchy, so good. Dean never fails to impress me.

monday to sunday – produce x 101 (daily vitamin)

More Prod X because you know, I’ll never be done with that show. I loved this song so much, they did such a good job of it.

ex-girl – monsta x ft. wheein

I thought I’d already included this in a monthly music post before but it turns out I didn’t so, here it is! I couldn’t miss it out because I reeeeally like it. Really. It’s so sweet.

red – the rose

Angels of my life who never fail to make a bad song – they’re like The 1975 mixed with The Script and this song is so beautiful. I love it.

whatta man – i.o.i

Literally just…the catchiest song, I swear I must’ve played this a million times. So good.

i’m here for you – x1

Just…the prettiest song. It’s so lovely. Reminds me of winter and makes me want to cry in the best way. It’s so soft and sweet.

u got it – x1

Iconic !! Unpopular opinion but I think I prefer the Prod X version more than this one HOWEVER I still love it so it’s being included here anyway, also most of the people in X1 are from the Prod X version anyway so it’s all good.

move – x1

Again, I think I prefer the Prod X version more but this is still so good and of course I support 100% because I’m so happy they’re finally debuted and are giving us all of this amazing content. Happy Chlo.

And there we have it loves – let me know if you like any of these!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

19 thoughts on “Music of the Month – August

  1. Ahh your music recommendations are my absolute fav!! I can always rely on you to give me good songs to add to my spotify playlist!! So ok youre going to hate me but I still havent listened to lanas new album, I defo need to! xxx

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  2. Such a nice post with amazing music! 😍 I will have to listen to the new album of Lana. I loved the new album of Taylor so much. My favourite songs are Paper Rings, Lover, London boy and more. I also loved Boyfriend. It sound so good! I’m always looking forward to these posts as we also like kinda the same music.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMFG that boyfriend song!!! i heard it at work but im so busy and in my head im like “remember to look up ariana at home! remember, remember!”
    cuz that def sounded like ariana singing.. and i forgot to look it up but thats the dang sonnggg!! girl thanks i love it sooo much

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  4. So I totally need to listen to Motivation and Find U Again! Slide away… the lyrics omg! Beautiful! I can only imagine what Miley must have been feeling when she sung that, so heartbreaking but real. God bless her and Liam ❤️❤️❤️ Also I LOVE Taylor Swifts album lol, it’s nice to have a friend was probably one of my least faves but I can totally see how it reminds you of the Red era, 100%! It’s nice that we can all have our different favourites from her music! She has so much for us to choose from haha. I need to listen to Lana’s new stuff too especially your fave – Cinnamon Girl. Thanks so much for the recs hun! This post will have me adding all the bops to my playlist! Have a great week hun and also congratulations on your last post about getting a degree! So so excited and happy for you hun!!! SO MUCH LOVE!!! And good vibes!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Xxxx

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    1. She’s just…a goddess, I love her in every possible way. I’m always so grateful when artists share things with us as raw and beautiful as that, because you know it can’t have been easy putting that out there to the whole world – especially when you know that certain someone is still watching. If you listen to Cinnamon Girl definitely let me know what you think !! It’s so, so beautiful. Also thank you so much, you are seriously such an angel !! Sending you so much love ❤️ it means the entire world .xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know… I just saw the Slide Away music video last night too, wow!! And like you say… it’s brave of her to put that out there knowing Liam will see it etc. God bless her!! I haven’t listened to Cinnamon Girl yet, that’ll be on todays list. I have listened to Motivation by Normani though, I thought it was good! You are so welcome darling!!!! ❤ Can't wait to read all your exciting updates. So so happy for you and proud of you ❤ Have the most wonderful week! xxx

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