Music of the Month – September

Hi loves,

I think this may be the shortest monthly music post I’ve done in a hot minute so look forward to that! I feel like nothing happened in September in terms of music, I don’t know why – my list is just comparably shorter than my other monthly posts, I think I’m a little more critical in this post also because nothing really…grabbed me this month? I don’t know, I’m probably overthinking it. Also…can we just take a second to realise it’s October already??? Where did the time go???

Existential crisis over, let’s get into it ~

don’t call me angel – ariana, miley cyrus, lana del rey

Kicking off this post with the biggest thing to be released in September – this masterpiece. This is so good, so catchy, the beginning actually reminds of Man Down by Rihanna, like a carnival theme. I do however feel as though Lana should’ve been allowed to have a separate song of her own with Miley and Ari doing a separate one together, even though I still do love this one with all three of them on the same track.

shameless – camila cabello

Love love. Camila never fails to make a bad song…ever.

liar – camila cabello

And then she went and did it again! So good.

graveyard – halsey

So obsessed with everything Halsey is releasing at the moment, the first time I heard this was when I was watching the visual video and was so in awe of her art skills I almost didn’t even hear the song playing because I was so distracted. I listened to it again afterwards without the video and absolutely fell in love with it, it’s so good, it’s been on repeat ever since. Halsey seriously makes the most beautiful music – a true artist. She gets it.

clementine – halsey

Again, another insane release – we’re being fed so well lately!! After the Badlands era I kind of drifted from Halsey’s music a little as I just couldn’t quite get into the stuff she was releasing afterwards but now I feel as though she’s going full circle and coming back to her original self – more so, just Ashley. I really love this.

how to disappear – lana del rey

I said I’d space Lana’s album out over a couple of music posts so I didn’t bombard anyone and this is another one of my favourites. It’s so, so beautiful and dreamy.

smoke and mirrors – demi lovato

I forgot this existed until I watched Simply Complicated again the other day and was reminded of just how beautiful this song really is. It’s so annoying when songs aren’t on music platforms because then I end up forgetting about them, but I guess hearing them again after a long time also makes the experience that much better so, I guess there are some positives.


I feel like not a fat lot happened in Kpop in September either – some songs were released but I feel a bit iffy about all of them…nothing came out that was like wow for me however, I’ve decided to include some of them here anyway because I don’t dislike them…I’m just not 100%.

dimple – bts

Long story with this one, I’ll try not to ramble (who am I kiddng). I used to…not be that keen on this song? I didn’t dislike it or anything, but I’d probably skip it 80% of the time if it came on shuffle and wouldn’t choose to listen to it given the chance. However, upon actually reading the lyrics for this song and discovering that half of the stuff I thought was Korean was actually English…and then therefore discovering that the song was actually a really clever play on words…I became obsessed with it, and now it’s all I listen to. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

love u – monsta x

This song makes me feel uncomfortable like I don’t want anyone to hear it because I’m like…are they really? Did they really just? Ok. They did. Anyway, I always wanna talk about these guys ‘cause they really are the best so of course, I have to include this here, they’re doing so well on the English front lately!! P.S. the people who wrote this also wrote Despacito. You’re welcome.

flash – x1

This is X1’s debut song that actually came out a month ago now but I didn’t include it in my monthly music posts because I didn’t really like it – I thought it was okay. For their debut song I was a little disappointed because I was hoping they’d release something better however, overtime it’s been growing on me because I keep finding myself singing it over and over again in my head for no reason. When it first started happening I was like…what song is that? And then I realised it was Flash.

fear – seventeen

The first time I listened to this I was a little underwhelmed, the music video was amazing as always but I wasn’t so sold on the song itself however, after watching them perform it a few times it’s grown on me, and the “the way I love” section is really catchy (my favourite part of the whole song honestly).

And there we have it loves, let me know if you like any of these!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

30 thoughts on “Music of the Month – September

  1. Ahhh I freaking A D O R E your monthly playlists, they always include so many catchy bops!! Especially don’t call me angel, but I so agree. Lana defo deserved her own track because Miley and Ari’s voices work so well together but Lana couldve had such a good, yet dark song on her own!! Love love love this xxx

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  2. September was a good music month for Spain as I have loads to share 😂 Lovely post as always! I love Don’t call me angel and also the new songs of Camila Cabello 💖 I have to listen to your songs in this list too like Halsey! I also always like to hear songs on Spotify

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha I always love hearing your music recommendations! Camila is releasing so many amazing songs right now I can’t keep up and Halsey is seriously killing it too, I can’t wait to see what they release next! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks angel !! yes I completely agree – I’m absolutely loving everything she’s releasing at the minute because it’s so close to her older stuff, and that will always be my fave 💙x

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  3. Love love love both of Halsey’s latest songs! It reminds me of her first EP which I listened to on repeat when I was studying in college. Also loving Don’t Call Me Angel although I am not sure whether Lana’s voice 100% fitted into the song as well as Miley’s and Ariana’s did.
    Have you ever listened to Maisie Peters? You should check out her song Stay Young. Also Dan & Shay’s new song with Justin Bieber is SO GOOD although I am not a huge Justin Bieber fan so think it would have been better without him… The video is so cute though as they each have their respective partner and are serenading them!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Halsey is killing it right now !! Completely agree – her old stuff will always be my favourite so I’m so glad her new releases are resembling that sound. I agree with you on the Lana point too, I love the song but I feel like Lana should’ve been allowed her own individual song. Yes I have listened to Maisie Peters !! I really like her, I discovered her a couple of years ago when Zoella featured her in one of her vlogs! I’ve seen the preview of that Dan & Shay video too, super cute but the song wasn’t that catchy for me! xx

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  4. Love your picks especially camilla’s song ….so gooodddd 😍, definitely giving smokes and mirrors a listen

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