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the text message diaries – artistic communication (#4)

Hi loves,

Here’s the 4th instalment of the text message diaries! If you don’t know what that is, it’s a little series I created on my blog a while ago where I share text conversations I’ve had with people, as I thought it’d be funny / interesting. As always, I didn’t know what to title this one as it’s a mix of everything but I thought…more than anything this is the art of communication, and how that differs based on who you’re talking to. I’m not sure. None of my conversations ever make sense so yes, when reading these I’m just as confused as you are.

Click here to see part one – me, myself and I

Click here to see part two – humour

Click here to see part 3 – strange encounters

kpop problems when u don’t stan exo

i’m sure she won’t mind me posting this but !! goals pls n thank u

i always subconsciously mix korean & english when talking & i don’t know how to stop it

disgusting would not recommend

that’s one way to win an argument i guess . read the next text convo to see why this can’t be true

i know this looks staged but this was a genuinely serious conversation and this kids is the day i realised i have only 2 brain cells

i have nothing to say about this i just thought it was nice :((

me deliriously thinking i’m funny at 1am

i mean . they’re not wrong

me being over dramatic vs. ppl who have ran out of patience with me hnhjsk

And there we go !! Honestly I love doing these posts because I feel like they’re something different and they break up the never ending streams of rambling I always upload but at the same time I get so self conscious that these posts look really arrogant and self centred because it’s like…they’re about me? But they have to be because… I’m the person having the conversation…but, you get what I mean. I know I’m just over thinking it as per usual and you guys always seem to enjoy these posts anyway but the anxiety is still there nonetheless (!!). I hope these made you laugh at least and if you’re having a bad day today know that I love u a whole lot & my messages are always open if u ever need someone to talk to ♡♡

All my love,

Chloe .xx

32 thoughts on “the text message diaries – artistic communication (#4)

  1. These posts are so so amazing, like so unique and made me chuckle hahaha! I am the same where I use sarcasm so so much hahaha. The one about hearing your voice is hella cute!!! You are the queen of original content xxxx

    Liked by 2 people

    I’ve been on a super long hiatus and I still am. But you had me reading the entire series?!
    This is SO cool!! I’m sure you’re going to start a new trend omg.

    You should continue!! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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