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it’s the little things pt.2

Hi loves,

I feel like I’m seeing less of you all lately! With work, uni and general life I’ve been super busy so I feel like I haven’t been on here as much, plus I’m still trying to catch up on everything I missed when I had my 3 week chest infection. The joys. I feel like I’ve missed so much already and I hate feeling absent! Trying to get around to catching up asap. Anyway, I started writing this post last night and since then I’ve completely forgotten what I was going to say in this introduction and that kids is why you should never save drafts when you’re halfway through a sentence. I had to go back and delete half of what I’d written (which obviously, you can’t see because I deleted it) because I just stopped mid-sentence and then when I came back to re-edit it I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to be saying.

Anyway, I’m rambling (what’s new), today I thought I’d talk about how little things can make you happy! I’ve touched on this topic a bit before in this post and I thought I’d talk about it again ’cause well, the little things in life are nice.

So, on Friday morning I woke up and thought okay, I’m going to make a list of all of the good things about today – they’re all little things but, it’s good to appreciate them.

  • I got to try out a new eyeshadow pallet I’d bought (the colours were bomb) and do some new makeup looks w it !!
  • One of my signed albums came that I’d been waiting to be delivered for ages. The post office made me think it wasn’t gonna be delivered so when it arrived I was so happy
  • I didn’t have to go to work
  • It was the weekend tomorrow
  • One of my favourite groups announced they were coming to the UK and my friend and I agreed we were gonna go
  • I was having a meal with my family later that night so it was going to be nice to catch up with everyone
  • I got a good start on one of my uni essays
  • I heard from someone I hadn’t heard from in a long time

And there we go! That’s what, 8 things? None of them are a big deal, but put together they make nice little things that you realise you appreciate a lot more than you think. A good idea is to make little lists like this at the end of each day to remind yourself of the things that made you happy and the things you’re grateful for – even if you had a bad day, there’s still usually at least one positive thing that you can take from it. Maybe you learned something, maybe you had a hot bath to relax, maybe you listened to a really good playlist on the way to work that morning, maybe a stranger smiled at you, maybe you crossed one thing off your to-do list. Sometimes you have to force yourself to look for the good things, because it’s very easy to see the world as this dark and gloomy place which, it is, and it very much can be, but good things still exist. You just have to look for them.

Also, I’ve been dancing around my room listening to way too much S Club lately. I think my depression is cured. Feeling sad? Just listen to some S Club. Treat yourself. Guaranteed you’ll feel better.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

16 thoughts on “it’s the little things pt.2

  1. Such a beautiful post! ❤️ I so agree with you. It’s hard to sometimes look for the little positive things in life especially when you are suffering. It makes me feel better these days being surrounded by the people we love. We often take for granted these little things. At the end life is about those little things and moments which make this life beautiful ✨ I’m happy for you.

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  2. This is such a lovely post, it is so good to appreciate the small victories rather than putting pressure on yourself to think of big things that make you happy. Also I am a massive fan of s club 7 hahaha what a band they so need to make a come back xxx

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  3. S Club 7 was my childhood. It was really popular in the 90’s. I hear ya about those uni essays. Essays can be such a drag, but once you start writing for several minutes, the words will start to flow. Getting into the flow state of writing is always the hardest I find!

    By the way, I posted a new blog post yesterday and nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. 🌞 There is no pressure to complete it, but I wanted to pass along the message.

    Here is a link to my questions:

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    1. Right?! Brings back so many great memories, they seriously were so good – all of their songs were so happy and upbeat as well, they always put me in a good mood!

      Thank you so much for the award !! I’ll check it out asap hehe 💛 thank you sm !! xxx


  4. I love this idea! I remember when I did a collaboration earlier this year where we each wrote a gratitude list, I found it really beneficial to reflect back on the day and list one thing I was grateful for. Definitely should have kept up the habit. xx

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  5. It’s so important to take a moment and appreciate the little things every once in a while- that’s why I love this post! Whenever I’m having a bad day, I wallow and whine about everything that’s going wrong instead of taking a moment to see all of the good things that have happened to me !

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  6. I do hate when I save in the middle of a thought and can’t remember where I was headed with it! It’s good to hear from you, and I’m glad to hear things seem to be going well. Your advice on making a list of things to feel thankful for is definitely good advice. Sometimes we just have to flip our perspective around. It can be hard, but it’s worth it.

    So what group are you and your friend going to go see??

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    1. So annoying right?! I make a conscious effort to try & hardly ever do it but clearly I was just not feeling this post at all and decided to abandon it halfway through haha.

      It’s a Kpop group! (big fat surprise there of course), they announced recently they were coming to Europe…can you guess?! xx

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      1. I literally did the save thing not an hour after I commented on your post. 🙄
        Luckily, I figured out what I was trying to write, lol.

        Let’s see…. there are so many groups to choose from! So I cheated and used google. And I’m still not sure. But I know Seventeen is touring. Are they coming to Europe?

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