Music of the Month – November

Hi my loves,

I feel like in terms of music nothing happened in November, so this is probably (to your relief) the shortest monthly music post you’ll ever see. Here it is!

watermelon sugar – harry styles

Don’t get me started. Do not get me started. You all know how I feel about this man and his music. This song is the sweetest sound, I cried when I first heard it for absolutely no reason at all. It’s not even sad. It’s literally about oral sex. But what was I doing? Sitting there and crying anyway. Why? Because this is Harry. And Harry makes me cry. Good things make me cry, and Harry is the definition of goodness. So I was crying. That’s just how it is.

how i look on you – ariana grande

I love the whole feel of this, it’s sassy and dark whilst playful at the same time. Took a minute to grow on me but now I’m obsessed.

up to you – prettymuch ft. nct dream

GUYS. You all know that I mention prettymuch in basically every single one of my music posts because they constantly release bomb music, and now they’ve collaborated with one of my favourite Kpop groups !! Dreamies. This song is so, so good, and I’m not just saying that because they collaborated with Dream but I’ve said this so many times before – prettymuch can never fail to make a bad song. Everything they release just slaps. Dreamies did such a good job on this too and the whole thing just fits together so nicely. I’ve had it on repeat!

how it’s done – kim petras, kash doll, alma, stefflon don

Such a catchy, feel good song and in my opinion such a great way to kick off the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack.

none of your concern – jhene aiko, big sean

This has been on repeat ever since I first heard it. Jhene Aiko has the sweetest voice, I’m obsessed with all of her stuff and this is no exception. So good.

s club party – s club 7

I mentioned in this post that I’ve been jamming round to S Club lately and so this has been played more times this month than ever before. A classic.

car’s outside – james arthur

A really nice song.

before you go – lewis capaldi

So sad and so beautiful. Really getting into Lewis Capaldi lately – he’s an amazing artist.

(nothing happened this month so here we are)

stand up – x1

This isn’t really a song it’s just…an intro they use do all their fancy stuff at shows (and it works) but I actually really like it, it’s so catchy !!

you, calling my name – got7

My favourite people are back and better than ever (!!) I’m so happy. They did not disappoint. This has definitely been one of my favourite comebacks and I’m so glad they are finally back for now, I missed them.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

22 thoughts on “Music of the Month – November

    1. I said this in the post I made when I first saw him live as a solo artist without the others but I was so proud to see all of the people in the room that day – every type of person from every walk of life you could think of, was there. Every age, race, gender, you name it. There was such a wide variety and I was so proud because of course, going to One Direction concerts you’re only really surrounded by teenage girls. Which is fine, but it was nice to see the huge array of people that had now turned up to see him. I’m so happy everyone now gets to see the amazing artist he is because I swear I’ve been yelling about it since day one haha, I feel like a proud mama. Also thank you !! xx

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      1. That sounds like such a powerful concert atmosphere! I’d love to see him live one day but the thought of crazed screaming fangirls put me off it for a while. I think I experienced something similar when I saw the Gorillaz live for the first time. There’s something so wholesome about standing in a crowd of people in which everyone is so different but feeling connected to each other through the music you love. xx

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  1. Ooo, I love Prettyuch so much, I have a whole Spotify playlist dedicated to their songs, haha. Up to You is really good! Ari is basically a queen so any song by her is gold 🙂 xx


  2. In November many Spanish songs were released haha so I will share them 😂 Sometimes the artists release them in the same month and then nothing a month. I also love Watermelon sugar so much. It makes me think of the Summer 🍉🌞 haha. I also saw his live performance and it was so good. I will listen to that song of Ariana too

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    1. Hahaha I feel like everyone has been releasing so many songs and once lately and then November came and suddenly…nothing! I’m glad you love Watermelon Sugar hehe, it’s so pretty. His live performance was excellent !! xx

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  3. Yayyyy another music of the month ,i legit excited once i see this blog post because it means my playlist and music buds gets updated … now when I’m like gosh where have i been living ,I’m so looking to listen to the entire Charlie’s Angels once i watch the movie
    Great recommendations…….offf to search for some new music

    Liked by 1 person

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