December Book Reviews

Hello my loves,

I feel like this month I kinda…went in on the books that I read so I feel like these reviews sound harsher than usual – apparently I fancied being critical this month – here’s December’s reviews!


The Mermaid’s Voice Returns in this One – Amanda Lovelace
2/5 stars


I said this in my book haul but considering I don’t really rate Amanda Lovelace or her poetry I’ve no idea why I keep buying it – in the hopes that maybe it’ll get better, I suppose. Anyway, spoiler alert – it didn’t. Bearable, but just the same old same old. I think I’m officially done with this series and this type of poetry now. Please God just help me find a good poetry collection soon.


Unravel Me – Tahereh Mafi
3/5 Stars


So, this is the second book in the Shatter Me trilogy. I read the first book when I was 16/17 (so a fat minute ago) but I’d always really liked it since then and wanted to finish the series when I had the chance so, 5 years later I finally got around to reading the second book.

Let’s just say, things sure have changed.

When I was 16 I was impacted by things (books) that as a 21 year old do not have the same effect on me, because I’m older now. I feel like this book / series is definitely one of them. When I read the first book I really, really enjoyed it and thought everything was really interesting and just generally good, but at 21…

Not the case.

And spoiler alert here because, I need to rant.

This book is supposed to be about fantasy, fighting, trying to battle evil etc. but literally all it is is our main protagonist Juliette fangirling over her vanilla boyfriend, Adam.

Adam Adam Adam Adam. 90% of this book is her internal monologue about how attractive she finds Adam, and the other 10% is a mixture of her feeling sorry for herself and more internal monologue about how attractive she finds the evil guy that she shouldn’t be cheating on Adam with but spoiler alert, she is.

That’s literally it. I was ready to just bang my head at every single thing. It only got good around the end when things actually started happening because before that it was just he was so beautiful I couldn’t breathe it felt like my lungs were about to explode and the galaxy was going to fall into stardust around me I could not stop looking at his tight shirt stretched over his beautiful muscles I had lost the ability to speak I could not even remember my own name all of the air had been sucked out of my lungs I felt like I was going to melt into a puddle and die on the spot.

And that was it, for the whole book. That’s all it was. Whenever something did actually happen we had to listen to 5 pages of internal monologue beforehand about her feelings towards Adam and the evil guy and how sorry she felt for herself and how she’s sO bRoKeN and it was just so incredibly long and painful. I don’t know if Mafi was intending to make Juliette so unlikeable but if she was then she did a great job because she really highly irritates me. The whole time I just wanted her to get over herself and shut up.

I hate books that do this and it reminded me of Throne of Glass all too much (the stories are basically identical) but these series are set up as being fantasy, kick-ass novels and they’re not. They’re just about shitty love triangles and the hopeless pretty girl who needs to get a grip and feels all too sorry for herself because she can’t choose between them.

Every page was about how attractive Juliette was and how attractive everyone else found her and then it was about how attractive Juliette found Adam and then about how attractive Adam found Juliette and then about how attractive the evil guy found Juliette and then about how attractive Juliette found the evil guy and then about how broken Juliette was and how sorry she felt for herself and then it was back to everyone finding her attractive and the cycle repeats until the end of the book.

I was honestly just waiting for someone to die. I was waiting for something to happen. I’m rooting for the evil guy because he’s the only one that seems to have any interesting action in this book. It literally didn’t start getting good until the last quarter. Also, they’re all supposed to have magic powers but the powers aren’t really explained until they’re actually being used, if that makes sense. It’s like Mafi forgets she gave them powers and then randomly remembers again and it’s all just really ambiguous and confusing because you’re not sure who can do what or why.

So Chloe, if you have this many bad things to say about the book, why are you still giving it 3 stars?

Because I’m at the wrong age to be reading it so I feel like it’s unfair for me to be so down on it when I’m not the target audience. At 21 I can see how mediocre it is but at 16 I thought it was really good ‘cause I guess I wanted to read about love triangles and not being able to choose between two guys and yada yada. Now I’m like…this is seriously a bunch of teenage twaddle. But, I’m not a teenager anymore and this book isn’t targeted at me anymore so, my opinion is kind of irrelevant.

Which is what I wish a lot of people would realise when they badly review books that are clearly not targeted at them – of course you’re not going to like it, because it wasn’t written for you (!!)

Something I did like about this book was how short the chapters were, literally just a few pages each time and then it would move onto the next chapter and segment which made it a really easy and quick read and despite everything I’ve said I do plan on reading the third and final book in the series at some point just to close it off – I’ve read worse books, but I’ve definitely read better, too.


Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard
3/5 Stars


So, this book basically sounds and has the same plotline as every other fantasy novel I’ve ever read however, I’m trying not to give a bad review based on that as I realise it’s not Victoria Aveyard’s fault that I read other fantasy novels before I read hers. The difference with this novel though, is that Aveyard can actually write. I think this is the first fantasy novel I’ve read where there’s actually…good writing. I didn’t want to rip my hair out at every page, I didn’t hate the main character because of how stupidly she’d been written, the cliché romances didn’t make me want to throw the book out of the window. Aveyard knows how to write! I was pleasantly surprised. It was like…getting to read a novel with the same plotline I’d heard a million times before but this time I actually got to enjoy it a whole lot more because it had been written by someone who actually knew what they were doing. I liked how fast paced the book was, it really got to the point straight away without having to trawl through hundreds of pages of seemingly useless information (*cough* Throne of Glass series *cough*) but one thing I will say is that sometimes it was a little too fast paced for my liking – sometimes things would quickly happen but there’d be no context or background behind them and therefore it didn’t really make much sense or hold the amount of impact I’m sure Aveyard intended it to, however, there was a Q&A with her at the end of the book and one of the things she said was that if she could have written the book again she definitely would’ve done more research and spent time going over things to expand them more so again, I can’t really mark her down for that because she recognised it straight away. Considering this was her debut novel I think she did a really good job and her acknowledging things like that again just shows that she knows what she’s doing.

As I said before, the story was something I’d heard a million times already but the difference is that Aveyard actually wrote it properly and executed it in the way it should’ve been the first hundred times it was done. Usually I hate the main protagonists in these types of stories because they’re just written so stupidly but Aveyard did a really good job of it and I ended up really liking our main character – I actually cared about what she was doing and what happened to her, you know? The love triangle in this was also extremely bearable and didn’t make me want to throw myself out of a window at the stupidity of it all – it was way more realistic this time and things didn’t happen so ridiculously easily, it was well paced, believable and also unpredictable which made it even better. Normally authors try to make their readers fall in love and therefore choose between the two main love interests to pick which side they’re on and Aveyard didn’t do this – she realistically wrote it and allowed the readers to make their own minds up, as it feels as though the love interests were written for the purpose of the story and the book itself, rather than for the benefit of the readers.

Overall a good read and I’m glad to have finally found someone that actually knows what they’re doing when it comes to writing fantasy novels – all praise Victoria Aveyard.


And there we have it loves – let me know if you like / have read any of these!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

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11 thoughts on “December Book Reviews

  1. It really annoys me trying to find new books to read because all the books seem to follow the same story line: boy and girl meet and fall in love even though one or both of them are resistant to it. I want a story that tells more than a boy and girl falling in love, I want action and drama and something meaningful! It was like when Twilight became popular and suddenly every other book in the book shop was vampires or werewolves or demons because the supernatural was suddenly popular. Why can’t authors try to stand out from the crowd instead of following popular trends?!
    Something that my friends and I were discussed last weekend was wanting a section in the book shop was 20-something protagonist books. I feel like I am too old for YA since I am 22 (YA in my mind is 16-19) but I also am too young for adult books where they are about women in their 30s who are married with kids. Where are books about 20-something year old women who have just graduated University and have no idea what they are doing with their lives?! If you know where to find these types of books please point me in the right direction!!! xx

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    1. Yes !! 1000000% agree, I’ve said this before too but I just feel like I’m stuck in this in between phase at the minute of being too old for YA but too young for adult novels about middle aged women having affairs because their husbands don’t love them anymore. So hard to find books! I don’t feel like I see that many recommendations for the type of books we’re looking for either so it’s even harder to find them, I feel like I’ve everything I read lately is either a hit or miss and it’s so annoying xxx

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  2. Chloe!!!! First of all, YES to this post!! I am always such a sucker for bookish posts, especially from you!

    Secondly, about the Shatter Me series: OH MY GOD YES. I really relate to starting a series and loving it when you’re younger and then being… Less than impressed by it once you’re older. I’ve felt this SO. DAMN. MUCH. I actually only read the first part of the Shatter Me series, after that I was like “nope this isn’t for me.” Already in the first book it’s all about Adam. What makes him so special? And I just felt like Juliette was such an annoying/naive MC at times. I also had an issue with the writing, I found that there were a lot of unnecessary and empty metaphors that didn’t really fit or that seemed pretentious. Not every second sentence has to be a dramatic metaphor about how her tears rolled down her cheeks like the rushing stream of a waterfall. Honestly, a big fat YES to everything you said in your rant about Unravel Me!!

    I totally get what you mean about the pacing of Red Queen, I love the book, but thinking back now, it was basically just surprise after surprise, a massive twist and then another dramatic reveal/surprise. And to me, good writing in Fantasy is a must, especially now that I am older and have more things to compare Fantasy stories to. The writing really is key – but when you can find good writing AND original concept (or an old concept with a unique twist) it’s like you’ve hit the jackpot!

    Loved this post, Chlo! xx

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    1. Ahhh I always love talking books with you !! So glad you can relate to some of the things I said. I really did enjoy the first Shatter Me but in the second one it was like…what has this become? Or more so, I should have read this when I was young enough to not care about all the mistakes haha. I feel like now that I’m older I just can’t enjoy YA books anymore because every mistake / plot hole etc. just stands out to me and ruins the whole thing! Juliette was so irritating I just wanted to shake her and tell her to get a grip 😭 I was so bored of hearing her feel sorry for herself, the whole point of the book is that she’s been abandoned and has no family because sHe hAs tHe pOwEr tO kiLL and she’s sO dAnGeRoUs and incapable of being loved yet her biggest problem is choosing between two guys…speaking of which yes I 100% agree Adam is so vanilla literally nothing makes him special he is so BORING. Like please, if you want to go ahead and talk about Warner then I’m all for it since he’s all murderous and interesting…but Adam? Thank you, next.

      I saw on Goodreads you’d already read Red Queen and loved it so I knew I could trust it’d be good and you were right! It was probably the best fantasy writing I’ve read which was so nice, especially after having to drag myself through Unravel Me !!

      Thank you for reading as always, I always lovelove to hear your thoughts – especially when it’s books !! xx

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  3. I always love your honest and realistic book reviews 💖 The writing style is so important. I also can agree how diferent it is to read a book now than years ago. I was such a fan of the Twilight series but now not anymore. I love poetry from Rupi Kaur and Drake 💖

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  4. Oh my goodness for some reason i found this review so amusing and i totally feel you when i was reading the red queen i kept thinking of the selection series for some reason
    I’ve been meaning to read Throne of Glass series for a while here’s hoping i don’t delete it asap in other news I’ve been reading through this series by Cinda Williams Chima they look interesting

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! I feel like whenever I read a fantasy book all I can think about is how much it sounds like all of the other fantasies I’ve read before it haha. BRING US SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Throne of Glass isn’t a bad series but some of it’s a little frustrating and I definitely think I would’ve enjoyed it more had I read it when I was younger as oppose to the age I am now. If you get around to reading it let me know what you think !! xx

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      1. I know age also has a role to play as well,the books i read whilst i was younger gets on my nerve and of course i would let you know how i felt about the series

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  5. I definitely feel you on the unfortunate trend of fantasy books being less about the fantasy and plot and more about the boyfriend – it’s a big part of why I haven’t been reading much of the genre lately whoops! I also definitely understand seeing a book/series differently with age – I’ve been experiencing a lot of that with rereads lately and it’s definitely a strange experience! I will probably check out Red Queen, that seems like a cool book!
    Also, if you haven’t read them already, I’d recommend The Cruel Prince by Holly Black and The Fifth Season by N K Jemisen – both blew my mind and avoided the pitfalls of fantasy romance you were talking about!

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    1. I feel like all of the authors must just sit in a circle and decide to write exactly the same thing in exactly the same way ahhh… it drives me crazy !! Red Queen was very refreshing in that sense. I don’t usually read as much fantasy as I have been lately but I’m trying to get through the unread books on my shelves and most of them are fantasy (because I procrastinate reading them for obvious reasons) so lately I’ve just been on a non-stop fantasy binge haha, but hopefully it’ll be over soon and I can get back to reading some better stuff! I’ve heard a lot of people say great things about The Cruel Prince, I think it’s on my TBR but The Fifth Season isn’t so I’ll definitely be adding that! Thank you for the recs! xx


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