a mini book haul (#5)

Hi loves,

I know I do a book haul every other week and I need to control my spending habits but I just can’t stop buying books. I still have 800 on my shelves that need to be read but…is there anything more satisfying than buying new books? No. No there isn’t.

Here’s another book haul.

wonder – r.j. palacio


I feel like I’ve seen the cover of this book more times than I’ve seen my own face and so I thought it was about time I bought it. I’ve looked into buying it before but the story never seemed to appeal to me so I always skipped it, but after seeing the cover again for the millionth time I was like…let’s just find out what it is. I have actually already started reading this one and I’m really liking it so far. It’s nice as well to read about different types of people rather than just my usual YA / fantasy romances. A thumbs up from me.

eleanor & park – rainbow rowell


So, I actually don’t have a lot of interest in reading this book however, I will explain. I feel like there’s a lot of YA books that I should have read when they originally came out when I was 16/17 and I never did but I feel like I should have, and now I feel like I need to get them all out of my system just to say I have read them so, that’s what happening here. I’m slowly making my way through the long list of YA books I should have read at the time and Eleanor and Park is one of them.

the little prince – antoine de saint-exupery


Long story short because I have a review of this coming but, this was one of Jjong’s favourite books and I wanted to read it to feel closer to him and have another piece of him.

dark places – gillian flynn


If you’ve been around for a while you may remember this post where I reviewed Gone Girl after I’d read it while I was on holiday (a light, summery read, I know) and I absolutely loved it. I was a bit sceptical at first because I generally don’t like reading books that are over hyped or have been turned into movies so I was like eh…I’ll give it a go, but I was so pleasantly surprised because the whole thing was just brilliant. It was the first book I’d read of that genre as it’s not something I usually go for but after finishing it I told myself I’d buy all of Flynn’s other books and read those too because her writing and storytelling is just so good, I’m really looking forward to reading this one.

clockwork angel – cassandra clare


Kind of like with the Eleanor and Park idea, I have a long list of fantasy series I want to get through at some point and this is one of them, it was super cheap so when I saw it I thought I may as well get it as it ticks another book off my TBR. Can’t say I’m too excited to read it because quite frankly I feel like I’m over cliché YA fantasies for the time being but…you gotta do what you gotta do.

grease: the director’s notebook – randal kleiser


And last but certainly not least, my favourite book of them all, Grease. I don’t know if I’ve ever really mentioned this before but Grease is my favourite movie of all time, and not just like “Oh yeah Grease, I love that movie!” no. It’s my favourite of all time. I am obsessed. This is an even bigger deal because (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before either) I actually…don’t really like movies. Or watch them. Ever. I’ve seen like 5 in my lifetime because movies don’t really interest me that much, which I know is crazy. Once I’m actually into a movie and I’m sat down watching the storyline unfold etc. it’s fine and I’m into it, but the actual thought of sitting down to watch a movie is so unappealing to me hence, I never do it. So there’s that. But anyway – Grease – it’s not just my favourite movie but one of my favourite things in life in general. I must have seen it 83493284 times and I could quote the entire thing backwards. People get annoyed when they’re sitting down watching it with me because I just recite the whole thing and they’re like Chloe…shut up. I can’t hear the movie. If I ever do sit down to watch a movie…it’s Grease. Grease and only Grease. I watched it on Sky movies HD once and it was the clearest picture of it I’d ever seen and…best moment of my life. I watched it 3 times in a row just to make the most of it then. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS HOW MUCH I LOVE GREASE.

Another thing which, probably sounds ridiculous and deep but I really do love this movie with my whole entire heart, is that whenever I think about ending my life or dying in general, my first thought is always…when I’m dead I won’t be able to watch Grease. Ever again. The actual thought of knowing that when I’m dead I’ll never be able to watch Grease again in my life ever actually terrifies me because I love it that much and think it’s just the best thing to ever be created.

So yes, my love for Grease is…a lot. It’s not just my favourite movie but one of my favourite things in life in general and it means so much to me.

Which is why when the director of Grease recently brought out a book going through everything to do with the movie…I was there. And now it’s one of my favourite things ever and I’m so !! thankful !! it !! exists !! This is like a dream for me. So yes, fat rant over and now you all probably think I’m crazy but, you probably thought that anyway so it’s cool.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

Goodreads – ChloLuna

23 thoughts on “a mini book haul (#5)

  1. What an amazing list of books 😍 I also have to read a lot of them too. Grease is amazing and I love it. I love watching movies but it always take time to set up the TV etc 😂 Grease makes me so happy so would love to get that book. The little prince is also amazing and I want to buy that one too 😍


  2. I have read Wonder and Eleanor & Park. They are both very beautiful stories. I do hope that you enjoy them! It is very rare that I buy books. I much prefer the library because the more books I buy the less chance they have of actually being read xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s very true! I really should start using the library since there’s a lot around me but I just…love owning books – though I quickly run out of space to put them! I’m currently in the middle of reading Wonder and I’m enjoying it so far. Interested to see what Eleanor & Park is like too! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wonder is such a great book! I would recommend reading Auggie & Me too (I prefer the sequel to the original) I have an unhealthy amount of opened books that I haven’t read yet so I really need to tackle that issue…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh me too, my goal this year was to try and get through all of my unread ones that I currently own (which didn’t happen because I ended up just constantly buying more and more books) so hopefully I can somewhat achieve it in 2020!

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  3. This haul is really cool. I’ve only read “wonder” and I loved it, it was so cute and emotional. I wanted to protect August at all costs ! Then I watched the movie and it was as beautiful as the book but obviously with less details. Anyways, hope you’ll enjoy it. And I feel the same way for Eleanor and Park, it was such a thing when I was 15/16 ahah! The book about Grease seems soooo cool I need to read it ! have a good read x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m about halfway through reading it right now (haven’t had chance to pick it up for the past few weeks though) but I agree, August is so cute !! I’ve cried at so many parts already, I just want to bundle him up in a little ball and protect him at all costs. I definitely want to watch the movie at some point too. Thanks for reading lovely! xx

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  4. Love love love loveeeeee these posts of yours. I read Eleanor and Park in 2016 (I think) and to say that I was surprised is an understatement. From the cover and the blurb I was pretty confident I already knew the plot line before I had actually read the book and I was completely wrong. All I know is that I was a crying mess at one point of the book and ended up loving it. That being said, I understand the feeling of wanting to read some books you didn’t get around to reading when you were in your teens.

    And you HAVE to tell me what you thought of Dark Places – if it’s worthwhile reading. Personally I have only read Sharp Objects, which I really liked, so the idea of reading another book of hers is tempting..

    And I never knew you were a die-hard Grease fan! Always love learning new things about you through this blog!

    ALSO, this is such a weird coincidence but I literally published a post today and I basically wrote the same thing as you in my intro – I simply can’t stop buying books. It’s become a real problem, as I don’t have any more room for all of them :(( xx

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    1. Ahh I feel the same way about Eleanor & Park right now (haven’t started reading yet) so hopefully I’ll be as pleasantly surprised as you were (minus the crying part of course). Will definitely let you know what I think of Dark Places too, a review will definitely be coming! It’s funny actually because Sharp Objects is the one I wanted to read first and that’s what I thought I’d bought until it arrived and I realised I’d bought Dark Places instead haha, so Sharp Objects is definitely on the list after that.

      I feel like I need to have my own library because my bookshelves are just constantly overflowing – I bought a bigger one recently and it’s completely full already, it’s driving me crazy !! Maybe we should set up our own library together haha, I bet we’d have no trouble filling it !! xx


  5. Eleanor and Park is one of my absolute favorite books! It is so engaging once you get started. I haven’t read the book Wonder but the movie was awesome. It’s funny you mention movies. I hardly ever turn on tv unless I am with friends or family. I’d much rather listen to music or write! Thank you for all of the book advice! Blessings!

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    1. Ahh I’m with you on that one! I’d much rather listen to music or write too hehe, which is why Grease is so important because it’s like wow…a movie that I actually love?! Haha. Excited to read Eleanor & Park now !! xx

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