what i got for christmas 2019

Hello my loves,

I know I’ve already said this but I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Sorry this post is LATE. I’ve never done a what I got for Christmas post before but this year (I mean, last year) some of the things I got were so cute and aesthetic I wanted to show you all just to appreciate them together so, maybe I should’ve titled this post “A few of the aesthetic things I got for Christmas that needed to be shared” or, upon actually seeing the items included in this post…a Dumbo haul. To say elephants are my favourite animal is an understatement and, no one loves Dumbo more than I do. I promise. Am I 22 years old or 22 months old, no one knows.

You get the idea.

So yes, this post will be short because I’m only sharing a few things but they were just so sweet I had to:( also apologies for the lighting because fun fact the sun only appears once a year in England and December just isn’t it.


Burt’s Bees Jar 🐝


Look !! How !! Cute !! This !! Is !! If you guys didn’t already know, I absolutely love Burt’s Bees (one of my first ever blog posts was a Burt’s Bees haul) so when I opened this I melted, I’m a sucker for this type of stuff. A little honey jar with some of my favourite Burt’s Bees products in…my heart.Β I was running out of these lip balms and needed to get some more and I didn’t even ask for them so this was such a cute surprise. I just…it’s a little glass honey jar with Burt’s Bees in it. Please. I would die for bees and miniature honey jars. My heart is about to explode.


Disney Dumbo Pandora Charm



This charm is the only thing I asked for for Christmas this year because I honestly couldn’t think of anything else I wanted / needed but isn’t it just the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen:( I have two Pandora bracelets, one of them is just for normal charms and the second is a Disney Pandora bracelet where I put…all of my Disney charms (no kidding Chloe) so I wanted this one for the Disney bracelet and he is just so. cute.Β His little ears even move up and down !! Have you ever seen anything cuter, the answer is no, no you haven’t.




Some little stationery bits and pieces I got from a few people that were just so cute. Peep the to-do list on the right – you know I said I have to create lists because of my anxiety and yada yada…apparently my parents have noticed since I constantly have lists all over my desk hahaha. So cute though! It has little moons and stars on it (aka, my favourite). I also got a Dumbo notebook and some elephant (which you can’t see because of the over-exposure) and sloth sticky notes (sloths are my favourite animals after elephants hehe).


Dumbo Hairbrush


As I said at the beginning of this post, am I 2? Or 22? Either way I don’t care because this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, I melted. Look at his little ears:( I love Dumbo so much can anyone tell yet.




This isn’t aesthetically pleasing as such but I think I literally got enough chocolate to last me until next Christmas and I’m 100% not complaining.


Dumbo Light


!!! Okay guess what this is. Guess what it is. A NIGHTLIGHT. It’s a Dumbo nightlight. Look at his sweet little face and how happy he is:( my heart. MY HEART. He’s going on my bookshelf next to all the blue books and he’s going to look so cosy and sleepy and happy and I’m never going to complain about anything in my life again ever because I own a baby Dumbo light. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.


Dumbo Mug



I actually got a couple of mugs this Christmas (because yes, you guessed it, I love mugs) but this one was so pretty I had to share it. Are we surprised it’s Dumbo themed? Of course not. Is this the first Dumbo mug I’ve owned? Of course not. Is it more like the 800th Dumbo mug I now own? Yes, yes it is. Am I complaining? Not at all.


And there we have it loves! I hope you enjoyed this (late) little Christmas haul hehe, see you in my next post.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

35 thoughts on “what i got for christmas 2019

  1. Ok, you really were not kidding about all the Dumbo memorabilia! I guess it shows how well everyone knows you!! The Burt’s Bee jar is so cute and definitely something I can see myself using. I would love to have a Pandora charm bracelet and collect lots of different charms but I found that charm bracelets are too heavy for me to wear… or maybe I just have too many charms! xx

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    1. Hahaha it’s like, the only thing I like and so people always go with it because they know it’s a safe bet !! Which is a win for me since it means I get…a lifetime supply of Dumbo 🐘 I get what you mean about the bracelets being heavy, I think I’m probably going to start on my third Pandora bracelet soon just so that I can space everything out a bit !! xxx

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  2. Aaaah I love this so much 😍 Dumbo is the cutest 🐘 Your birthday is around the corner too. I already sent you a letter but with the next one I will send you something special. I remember your family made you a dumbo pie last year and it looked awesome 😍 It’s all so cute!!! Disney is forever. I bought a sweater from The Lion King and shirt from Mermaid which I will include in my favs. I love all the things you got especially the hairbrush is amazing and the light omggg so cute. The pandora charm is also so beautiful. You deserve it all πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  3. Merry Christmas, Happy to see people smile. It’s not just about the gifts people are happy but that little effort put in to see a slightest smile on a beautiful occasion by presenting what they love is happiness. Stay happy and Happy New year to, and also thanks to all people who have put in effort to make their special once smile.

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  4. Ahhh this is the cutest haul in the entire world, I am so obsessed with all the dumbo gifts (especially the pandora charm). These are such thoughtful gifts and it sounds like you had such a nice christmas!xxx

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  5. All i can see is the chocolate and Dumbo bracelet 😍😍 then again I’m a Disney girl so anything Disney is a win for me .

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  6. Man, someone is really popular. Look at all these gifts haha. You know how people often struggle to get gifts for people because they do not want to get them something they will not like or ever use? I feel like you are the complete opposite. That is a lot of Dumbo stuff, and I remember your post from last year outlining your birthday gifts. I am pretty sure you have everything Dumbo related in existence haha. “I like mugs” made me laugh because it reminded me of the Demi Lovato video. If you do not know what I am talking about, please do yourself a favour and watch it.

    You are so adorable lol. Your love for Dumbo is just the sweetest thing. I am also quite surprised that you did not get anything Kpop related, although I know you have bought yourself everything Kpop in the world. Maybe you should go to India if you have not yet, because of your love for elephants, or beg your parents to take the whole family on a safari trip in Africa for your next family vacation. I am really happy you got all those awesome gifts!

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    1. The fact that you even said this shows that this post is catfish 101 because I am literally THE hardest person to buy for on the entire planet hahaha. That’s not even an understatement. The reason I have so many of the same thing is because when people finally find something that I like they run with it and buy me…everything to do with that thing, which is why I’m always hauling so much Dumbo stuff ’cause people know that if they buy me that it’s a safe bet !!

      I didn’t get anything Kpop related because I don’t share my love for that / talk about it with anyone else and the only things I buy myself that are Kpop related are signed albums anyway so, if anyone was to buy me anything Kpop related there’s a 99% chance I wouldn’t like it / want it (which sounds completely bratty / ungrateful and arrogant I don’t mean it in that way haha) but I’m just so picky with what I do and don’t like…and I guess the only physical Kpop things that I like are the signed albums so, no one would even dare try and buy me anything to do with that because they’d probably fail before they even started haha. I am extremely difficult, I know.

      Dumbo is always a safe bet so, wonder what I’ll be getting for my birthday…………..stay tuned for another Dumbo haul !! Also yes I do know that Demi video haha, still to this day I cannot tell if she was joking or being serious…she says she was joking but…I have my doubts hahaha. She’s so cute .xxx

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  7. You are honestly one of the cutest people ever Chloe, I love everything on this list, ESPECIALLY that jar of Burt’s Bees!! I need to get my hands on some more, I’ve only ever had one tube that I’ve finished and I’ve yet to buy because I’m trying to finish the lip balms I already have haha xx

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