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black swan

We’re just gonna talk about something real quick.


I could put it in a monthly music post or I could wait until the full album comes out to do a post on it but I figured I’ve only posted once this week and I wanted to talk about this so, here’s this week’s second post.

This is so sick. Seriously, so sick. I wanted to talk about this because I’m not sure I’ve ever been affected in the way that I am by music in the sense that listening to BTS’ songs makes my eyes fill with tears and I have absolutely no idea why sometimes. Listening to this I just zoned out and before I knew it my eyes were watering and suddenly there were little tears falling down my cheeks. That’s the power of music. That’s the power of feeling music. Music is so amazing I can’t even begin to explain how magical it is. How powerful it is. This song is so haunting and dreamlike, I just…what even. I feel like I’m floating away in a dream.

It’s so crazy to me how music can do that – how I can listen to something I don’t even understand yet my eyes are getting sparkly anyway just because I can feel it. Why am I crying? I don’t know. Because I feel it, whatever it is. I can feel it and I can hear it and my body therefore reacts to it in such a way. It’s so crazy to me.

Being excited about music is one of my favourite things, being excited to listen to new music and see what things are coming up next, that shit is so exciting and the fact that Bangtan can bring that to people is the best. I’m seriously so excited for this new album, I’m so excited to see the new musical and creative direction they’ll be taking because everything they do is always 10x better than the last thing they did, even though you thought that the last thing was the greatest thing to ever happen and you have no idea how they’re going to top it. You keep thinking they’ll never be able to continuously keep outdoing themselves because everything they do is so outstanding, yet they prove us wrong time and time again.

This really is history, and it blows my mind that this is one of the biggest things to happen to the world yet and it’s happening right here right now and we’re all getting to watch it unfold with our very eyes in real time. Everything that’s happening and has happened so far has never happened before, so no one knows what to expect or what will happen next and it’s both crazy and exciting at the same time. It’s just, it’s bigger than anything anyone can put into words I think, and it’s bigger than all of us. It’s bigger than BTS themselves even, I’m not sure even they know what’s going to happen next or how it’ll all unfold. That’s just something we’re going to have to wait and find out.

Anyway, back to Black Swan. So good. So haunting and mesmerising but then again, did we expect anything less. Of course we didn’t. They’re just so good, I run out of words to describe them because there’s just not enough, basically. I love everything about this and I just wanted to mention it for a quick second because my mind just continues to be blown away by them, their music and their vision every time. This is true art as always, and art is meant to be shared.

So here you go.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

13 thoughts on “black swan

  1. It’ a really mesmerizing song. BTS really has some talent. I don’t know WHERE I’d be without them. When I started listening to the song, my feet suddenly didn’t touch the ground anymore. I was floating in an alternate universe! This was a really beautiful post. xx


  2. Such a beautiful post! I love your words and totally agree! 💖 Music is amazing and has so much power. Life without music wouldn’t be the same. I also cried watching it. I love the dancing performance. The song is so beautiful 😍

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  3. Literally, I was so amazed that they did something like this, but I also should’ve expected it. This is so cool, and watching the theory videos that are popping up on youtube is AMAZING. And the fact that they mixed autotune AND ORCHESTRA TOGETHER, NOT TO MENTION PROFESSIONAL CLASSICAL DANCERS?! (Or at least I think they’re classical, I might be wrong).

    This is SO AWESOME. I LOVE orchestra, but this is just next level stuff!!! This is why BTS is my favorite boy band of all time. The fact that they string together something like this and have what seems like a deeper conversation of things, it’s amazing. I’m so happy you made a post about this!

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    1. Right? Seeing their reactions to them watching the video for the first time it seems as though they were just as surprised as we were! I always love all of the theories that come along with every Bangtan release, there’s so many things to connect together and so many things that just perfectly fit it’s hard to believe something on such a huge scale could have been planned and perfectly executed in the way it was. It’s crazy.

      I saw some people complaining about the autotune but I absolutely love it !! Also yes, the orchestra ?! Please. I can’t cope. I don’t even know which version I like best, both are so incredibly beautiful. Couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you for reading! 💜

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  4. I was literally thinking the same thing. What are the chances that we are able to witness something as rare as BTS. Everything about them is so ahead of its time. I always wonder what it’s like to be them. Of course, everyone knows how hard they work and they definitely deserve all the blessings that have come to them, but I wonder what goes through their mind. Everything they do is so carefully thought out, do they realise they are changing the world, affecting generations views on the world, or is this the new normal to them?

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    1. I don’t even know what to respond to this because you summed up everything SO perfectly there’s nothing I could possibly add to it. Thank you so much for sharing !! I agree with everything you said 100%. I really would like to know how they all think of it, sometimes I think seeing their natural reactions, it’s clear that they too continue to be amazed by the things they’re achieving and the way in which people react to it, like it takes a moment for them to realise that they’re the ones actually doing all of this. I hope they know how special they are.

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  5. My girls and I watched this a few times yesterday and had the same reaction you did. It’s simply beautiful.

    My girls are dancers and actually have learned about Martha Graham, and recognized her wore in the beginning, so they were immediately hooked. And of course, watching the dancers perform the Modern style dance to such a beautiful piece of music was amazing.

    It was cool listening to them talk about their interpretation of the lyrics blended with the dance. There are so many ways to look at it.

    Watching BTS pave the way for other KPOP artists, and even other international artists, has been amazing. It really reminds me of all the stories my dad has shared with me about the impact the Beatles made in his day, and even the way Elvis Presley changed the way people felt about music. The story I remember most was him talking about how my grandparents wouldn’t let my aunt go to an Elvis concert because of the way he shook his hips, lol. It was so offensive to the older generations. I can’t help but think how strange the world of dance would look to them today, lol.

    It’s pretty cool to actually witness such a phenomenon happening in our time. I wonder what new wonders will take place when my girls are older and what it will mean to the world then. And they will be able to share their stories of when BTS opened the doors that allowed everything else to begin.

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    1. Oh my goodness how wonderful! That must have been so nice for your girls to see that.

      I watched the video today of them actually getting to see the dance video for the first time and they were so blown away, the whole point of the video was to see their reactions but they were so mesmerised they barely reacted at all haha, it was so cute. JK was like “I don’t think I even reacted…did I ??” you could really tell how impressed and grateful they were for it, which was so nice.

      So crazy to think how times have changed, imagine being alive at a time where seeing Elvis live was actually an option, what a dream. You’re right though, I’m sure modern day dance would be a very strange concept to them if they were to see it now !!

      You’re completely right, it’s one of those things where you know that each moment is something you’re going to want to remember because you’re going to look back on it in years to come and think wow…that was really happening whilst I was living it. They really are paving the way for all of us .xx

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