Music of the Month – January

Hello loves,

Here’s January’s music!

anyone – demi lovato

I much prefer the live performance of this to the studio version though of course, both are incredibly beautiful. I think the false start at the beginning of the live performance really made it that much more emotional – you can both see and hear the pain in her voice. The way she managed to still sing flawlessly as she was breaking down like that shows how much of a true artist she is, though when it comes to Demi do we expect anything less? The line “nobody’s listening to me” really hit me, I really felt that. I’m so proud of her for this.

it’s you – zayn

For some reason this song has been stuck in my head all month and I’ve no idea why, but it reminded me how good it was and so I thought I’d include it here. You’re welcome.

good news – mac miller

Mac Miller’s new album Circles came out this month and the whole thing is so calming and soothing, I feel myself drifting away just listening to it. This song was so calming and soft, I didn’t even realise it was nearly 6 minutes long. It felt like a really nice journey, and the lyrics are also incredibly beautiful, if not a little heartbreaking. Thank you, Mac.

sky walker – miguel ft. travis scott

I heard this in a One Million dance video and was like wheeeew. Good song. I actually discover a lot of new music through 1M’s videos so it’s like getting the best of both worlds. Insane dancing and insane new music – win win.

3am – halsey

As you guys know because I keep saying it every time I mention her in a monthly music post, I am absolutely living for Halsey at the minute. Her old music was my favourite and recently it feels as though she’s come back around full circle because everything she’s putting out is just so good. Her new album Manic was released this month and this song is one of my favourites, I’m absolutely obsessed. It sounds like something that would’ve been released in 2000.

rumors – sabrina claudio ft. zayn

Sooooo good. Seriously, so good. This has been on repeat all month. I love everything about this – their voices go so well together. I also think the lyrics are really nice too, like, I’m glad someone’s finally singing about those particular feelings, you know?

mind is a prison – alec benjamin

Important lyrics sang in the softest way.

rare – selena gomez

Even though I don’t really listen to her music that often (if I do, it’s usually only her singles / hits) I have such a love for Selena Gomez as a person, I’m just really drawn to her. I think she’s so lovely and just such a genuine person, I think it really shows. I absolutely love this song, it’s so so catchy. On repeat all month!


hide and seek – sf9

We love a bit of SF9. Had to include this because it’s so happy and cute (aka my favourite type of Kpop song).

it’s u – golden child

Golden Child are the little loves of my life and so yes, I will slowly be including their whole catalogue of music in upcoming monthly music posts. They’re just so cute.

pretty boy – taemin

These…performances. This song. I feel like I’ve sinned. You know when you see something that’s so…I don’t even know, it’s like your brain can’t even process it. I feel like that. Look at this man. Go and look at these performances. My eyes can’t even process what they’re seeing because it’s just way beyond the scale. I don’t even know where to begin. Taemin could run me over and I’d say thank you. I’d pay this man to run me over. 8 times. We’re not even worthy of looking at him. We’re not worthy of even being on the same planet as him. I have no words. Also, the hey at the beginning? Yes. Yes.

make up – sam kim ft. crush

So, funny story here – I actually found this song by accident when I was trying to listen to make up by Ariana Grande but this song appeared instead. The cover art looked really cool so I decided to listen to it and well 1). it’s a great song and 2). it’s Korean…what are the chances. I should’ve guessed that anyway when I saw Crush was featured on it but still, what a great accidental find.

double knot (eng ver) – stray kids

I CANNOT BELIEVE I’M SAYING THIS DOUBLE KNOT HAS AN ENGLISH VERSION. The Gods have listened to me and I am forever thankful. If you saw October’s music post you’ll see that I absolutely freaked out when the original (Korean) version of this was released because it was the best thing I’d ever heard and thought it was SKZ’s best song to date, and now they’ve gone and released an English version too. So now I get Double Knot twice. In both languages. Thank you Lord.

levanter (eng ver) – stray kids

The gift that just keeps on giving. Not only do we get Double Knot in English, we also get Levanter too. What did we do to deserve this.

And there we have it!

All my love,

Chloe .xx


15 thoughts on “Music of the Month – January

  1. I am LIVING for your monthly music recommendations, they are always so freaking good and help improve my playlist majorly! Demi and Selena are such queens, even though I am not the biggest fan of their music I absolutely adore who they are and how strong they are! Thank you once again for sharing!xxxx

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  2. I love Demi Lovato! 😍 Her live performance was so good at the Grammy’s. I’m so happy she’s safe and back. She deserves the best. Selena Gomez is also so good. I also find her such a lovely person. A real artist makes good music and also has to be a genuine person.

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  3. It’s you is my jam thanks for reminding me how amazing this song has been and i definitely have to give the other ones a trial ❤

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