Music of the Month – February

Hello my loves,

Guess what happened this month !! The best thing to happen in 2020 so far, that’s what.

This month, we were blessed. Finally, after what felt like 1000 years of waiting, the world was blessed with the masterpiece that is…


Image result for map of the soul 7 cover

I was going to do a whole separate post on this but if I’m being honest here I didn’t have time and so it’s getting whacked at the front of this post instead because if there’s anything you need to take from February’s monthly music it was that the best people in the world released (yet again) the best album in the world and we all need to appreciate and talk about it because holy SHIT they did that. They. did. that.

My favourite (new) tracks are My Time, 00:00, ON, We are Bulletproof: the Eternal, Outro: Ego, (so basically all of them)

My favourite overall track from of those is 00:00 (Zero O’Clock) and I honestly just:((( my freaking heart, man. It’s like getting a warm hug every time you listen to it, it’s so, so beautiful and it makes me tear up every time !! I love them so much, I really do. I’m so grateful for them and their existence and their music and !!!!!!!! I love them with my whole entire heart. I’m sticking all of the MVs here because it’s what the world needs.

I’ve also been on a bit of a James Smith hype this month – haven’t caught up with his music for ages but I’m so glad I did because he’s released some really beautiful stuff !! My favourite out of these is Rely On Me.

say you’ll stay – james smith

rely on me – james smith

hailey – james smith

tell me that you love me – james smith

Anyway, back to our usual schedule…

lost in yesterday – tame impala

Heard this on the radio and thought it sounded soooo good. Wasn’t surprised when I found out it was Tame Impala!!

me & you together song – the 1975

I feel like there’s been so many good…sounds this month? This is definitely one of them. This is classic The 1975 for me and I love it so much, the nostalgic sound of it all and the best conversational lyrics ever…my favourite The 1975.

get me – justin bieber ft. kehlani 

Considering I don’t particularly like Bieber as a person I feel bad for promoting his music essentially but maybe I’m being overly snobbish. Anyway, the first time I heard this I thought it was really boring and was super disappointed since anything with Kehlani on it is usually fire but for some reason I just couldn’t get into this! (No pun intended) however, it’s grown on me lately and now here we are.

old me – 5SOS

Love love love. They included so many old videos from 2012/2013 in this video and it made me so nostalgic and sad because that’s the 5SOS I knew and grew up with and I miss that whole time period so much and wish I could have it back (!!). Before the rest of the world discovered them and we spent time seeing them at small gigs and stuff:( I miss it. Love these guys.


I already mentioned MOTS 7 at the beginning of this post as it just couldn’t wait but, here’s the rest of the Kpop stuff I’ve been loving this month!

without you – golden child

Little angels !! I’m so glad they’re getting more recognition these days because they deserve it so much.

going crazy – treasure

Have I spoken about Treasure yet ?? I honestly can’t remember but !!!! eeeeeee. I’m so glad they’re finally close to debuting after we’ve had to wait over a year !! I’m seriously so excited and seeing them come back and get back into everything again was honestly the greatest and of course, getting to hear Going Crazy and seeing all the mini promo for it and stuff was so exciting and nice because I missed it and it made me remember why I was so excited for them all in the first place. Debut date is near and I’m so excited !!

mamma mia – sf9

As I said before, we love a bit of SF9 over here. This song is so catchy and…the MV? Questionable and not a clue what’s happening but I love it. 10/10 would recommend.

got my number – monsta x

Angels finally released their first English album this month !! This is my favourite from the whole album, it’s so so super catchy and they did such a great job with it.

And there we have it loves – as always, let me know if you like / listen to any of these!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

14 thoughts on “Music of the Month – February

  1. I was definitely a 5sos fangirl from 2012/2013 onwards but lost interest after the release of their second album as their music became too mainstream for my liking. However some of their new music sounds more like their older music – I think they are starting to produce music more true to themselves again. xx

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    1. Agreed! Adored their first album and everything they’d put out before that – EPs, singles, b-sides etc. but Sounds Good Feels Good just…didn’t do it for me. I liked some of the songs on there but I felt like it was just a complete switch around and I didn’t really vibe with it that much unfortunately. Obviously it’s grown on me over time but Youngblood was definitely a much better album, it finally feels like they’re going back to their roots again and I’m glad to have them back so to speak! xx

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  2. BTS killed it with this new album. We’ve been listening to it like crazy over here! I’ve been listening to a lot of their older music to… we are prepping for the concert in May, lol. Black Swan is probably my favorite, with On and Bulletproof Eternal coming in next. Moon was beautiful. You know what? I just like the whole album, lol.

    I haven’t listened to Bieber’s new stuff. I agree with you on not liking him much as a person. One of girls still hasn’t forgiven him for making so many bad life choices, lol. All of us like his early music when he was so little and cute. What happened, lol?

    We watched the entire survival show for Treasure and have been cursing YG for waiting so long to do something with those boys who worked so hard! Hopefully they will get a real debut soon and see ask that hard work pay off! They are all so talented. We were especially happy to see that a couple of the boys that we liked so much who were eliminated recently debuted in CIX. Their music is really good!

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    1. Feels like we’ve been waiting for Treasure for the longest time now !! Though it’s kind of a blessing in a way since they put everyone together in the end and I really like the dynamic of it – big groups don’t always work sometimes but Treasure really do! I always found it so crazy that people who got eliminated (e.g. BX) actually ended up debuting faster than the winners…who, a year later, we’re still waiting to debut! So nice to see that they still got to debut though, CIX are doing so well! I feel like every group has a member from a survival show now and so every time I see them I’m like oh, that’s where they ended up !! It’s so nice. Who are your favourite/s in Treasure anyway?! Mine’s Yedam hehe, though I know I’m definitely not alone in that! xx

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      1. All of us like Yedam. He’s the reason we watched the survival show because we remembered him from the Stray Kids survival show. I know one of my girls loved Junkyu (she has a thing for vocalists; Woojin was her favorite stray kid)and
        another one loved Hyunsuk (she has a thing for rappers; Suga is her bias). I really liked Doyoung. He reminds me a lot of J Hope who is my favorite from BTS. I guess I have a thing for dancers/goofy boys because Chan is my favorite SKZ member, lol.

        Yeah, it’s definitely crazy that the ones eliminated ended up debuting quicker. But it makes sense that a company would scoop them up so quickly. I mean, they’re already trained and ready to go. They already have a fan base. That’s why we are hoping Woojin might come out with a solo debut. He’s already got the training and experience. It seems like he might be up to something from all the little teasers he is dropping in Twitter and Instagram!

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        1. Doyoung and Junkyu have been growing on me so much lately! During the show I only really remember Yedam and Haruto standing out to me but watching all of the new content they’re putting out lately Junkyu and Doyoung have been really catching my eye, they’re both so lovely:( their smiles are the sweetest !! Also Jeongwoo has been really catching my attention too, I feel like on the show he was very shy and quiet, definitely showing his place as one of the youngest but now he’s so loud and in your face and silly and I really like the fact he’s coming out of his shell a lot more. He’s so funny!

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          1. Yeah, I like seeing them on vlive because you get to see more personality. That’s one thing Kpop really has going for it compared to how we do things here. Fans really get the chance to feel like they are connected to the idols. I know my girls and I love watching for that very reason.

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  3. Aww, I’ll have to try some of BTS’s and James Smith’s songs now… and I love 5SOS! 😀 I totally agree that I don’t like Justin Bieber as a person, but I also relate with how sometimes songs can just grow on you, haha. Great post, hope you have a lovely March! ❤

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  4. I heard ON from BTS and I really liked it 💖 I have to listen to more of their songs. They are so talented. I agree that I also don’t like Justin Bieber as a person mmm some of his music is nice. I didn’t like Yummy for example.

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