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10 things to do during self-isolation

Hello my loves,

In light of recent events, this can be a scary time for a lot of people and a lot of us are bound to eventually feel extremely bored and fed-up of essentially being trapped and confined inside own homes, even though that is of course, the right thing to do. I thought I’d share a few things that I (and now, maybe you) could do during quarantine in order to keep busy and not let things get extremely heavy, as in these situations it’s all too easy to happen. This is a scary and uncertain time for people, so it’s extremely important to try as best as we can to not let it completely overwhelm us and force us into a black hole. Here are a few nice little things you could do in order to keep yourself away from stress and boredom during quarantine…

read a book

Knowing I’m going to be stuck in my house for the foreseeable future, I took this as a great opportunity (and excuse) to buy…even more books. There’s (another) big fat book haul coming up that I’ll probably post next week so look out for it, but all I can say is I’m so excited !! Having the whole day to myself to just endlessly read books is a dream for me, and it also passes so much time when you get super invested in a story and finally look up at the clock to see that hours have passed! It’s a great time killer and so much better for you than spending all day on the internet.

create art

Paint, draw, create a bullet journal spread, create any journal spread, write poetry, write songs, write letters, press some flowers, take pictures of the sky, make collages – this is a time where you can really get creative. You could could even start a bigger project that would usually take you a long time to to finish but now, you have all the time in the world!

write blog posts

Kind of ties in with my last point but I will be taking this time to finish up the 100+ drafts I have saved that are almost ready to go but I haven’t quite gotten around to completing yet. I’ll also be writing a bunch of new blog posts so I’m well and truly prepared – lately you’ve probably noticed I’ve only been posting once a week as oppose to my usual two posts per week, and that’s because I’ve been so busy I simply haven’t had enough time to finish the second post in time for when it needs to be up – not anymore!


Again, ties in with my art point but I’m so excited to have so much time to work on my journals now. Usually because it’s such a time-consuming process, I never actually have enough time to get into it in the first place and therefore, I always put off from doing it because I know I won’t be able to do it for very long once I start, however, now I have all day. I have so many bits and pieces I need to stick in my journals – so many photos, so many layouts, so much washi tape…the dream. I know I’m going to feel so productive once I’ve done it.

binge a tv show

If there’s a TV show you’ve always been meaning to start or want to watch…now’s the time. I probably won’t do this as I don’t tend to really watch TV, but there’s an anime (post coming soon) that I have a couple of episodes left to watch on and I’ll definitely be using this time to finish them up…and possibly start a new one. Most probably start a new one.

have a self-care day

Wake up early or have a lie-in, make your bed, take a bath or a shower, do a face mask, journal your thoughts, spend the day in your comfiest pyjamas, sit with the windows open and let the breeze roll in, read a good book, listen to your favourite music and dance around your room. Self-care (physical and mental) is the most important thing. Take the whole day for yourself.

learn a language

Want to brush up on your Spanish ?? Always wanted to learn Russian ?? Learning a language takes a huge amount of time so it can be daunting when you feel like you don’t have enough time to be consistent with your learning, which is also a great way to put you off from trying to learn it again because you always give yourself the excuse that you’re simply too busy. Not anymore! You have nothing to do, so why not take a look at that language you were always interested in, or try and see how much you can remember of ones you used to know? This is also a great opportunity to be consistent with learning daily as you’re guaranteed to have the time, so why not start now?

discover new music

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get really bored of my playlists and need new music to listen to but never know where to start, or I procrastinate and never actually get around to searching for new artists and songs to listen to. No more excuses. I’m going to dedicate a good amount of time to exploring new artists and sounds because I need to refresh my playlists desperately – the Spotify radio feature is one of my favourite ways to do this!

re-organise (bookshelves, room etc.)

I am so excited to do this !! I swear I must re-organise my bookshelves 8 times a day but they’re my pride and joy and I’m just so obsessed with making them look the best they can. I’m gonna have a huge re-shuffle of everything (I definitely need to considering the amount of new books I’ve just bought) and try and make everything the prettiest it can be. I’ve been moving everything between bookshelves at the minute because I’m not sure how I want everything to look so I’ve got books…everywhere right now, so I’m using this as a good opportunity to finally arrange everything. Also, re-organise your room! This is such a great excuse to change things around and make them look the way you want them to, but haven’t had time to yet.

have a clear out

Ties in with my above point but…have a clear out! Freshen up your wardrobe, get rid of the things you don’t wear or the clothes that don’t make you feel good anymore. CLEAN YOUR ROOM. Throw out random bits of scrap paper you have lying around, de-clutter your cupboards. Now’s a better time than ever!

Thinking of you all during this time and please, please, stay safe. Don’t do anything stupid, wash your hands, stay home, keep your distance and be mindful of other people. We can all get through this together.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

38 thoughts on “10 things to do during self-isolation

  1. I had a realization a couple of days ago: I thought that just because I was spending all of my time inside & at home, that every day automatically equaled a self-care day. Did I actually take care f myself? No. In fact, I have been really bad with checking in with myself lately. I don’t know what it is but I almost feel like I was taking better care of myself when I had less time to do so. It’s weird, but you made me think of that again with this post and I am now determined to treat myself this weekend. So thank you xx

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    1. You’re so right, it’s so easy to think that just because we’re spending all day at home with ourselves that automatically equals ‘self-care’ but it definitely doesn’t, in some ways it can even be damaging if you’re not looking after yourself. I hope you managed to treat yourself that weekend (and every day after that because you deserve it) !! xx

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  2. Taking a break from my English assignment to read this now!! These are such wonderful things to do during this time. I know I’ve been writing a lot more than usual, and doing plenty of reading and baking (chocolate chip cookies, of course). I hope you’re well Chloe and I am wishing you plenty of good health and safety!! ❤ xx

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    1. Ahh assignments! I keep forgetting I still have assignments to do because it feels like all education has been postponed at this point hahaha, I only have one left now to submit in a few days and then I’m done so I’m glad to get that out the way! Thank you for reading lovely, it’s so good to hear you’ve been keeping yourself busy doing fun things 💞 Hope you’re staying safe and well angel xxx

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  3. Such a great post! I loved it 😍 I also read a lot now, blog, do a yoga challenge, do meditation and listen to podcasts. I also enjoy being in my garden and in the park 🌞. I’m happy we can still be outside in nature. I also need to clean out my room and wardrobe but I just never feel in the mood to do that haha. I hope you are okay lovely. Love you ❤️

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    1. Thank you angel! So good to hear you’re doing so many things still, it’s been surprisingly sunny here lately so it’s been nice to spend some time out in the garden. I think that’s been the only thing keeping us all still sane! Hope you’re well too lovely, love you more xxx

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  4. This is such a helpful post, thank you so much for sharing!!! I am always on the look out for things to keep me reoccupied, I feel like I am a lot more anxious when I am bored. I so want to learn a new language or a new hobby! Stay safe sweetie!! Xxxxx

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  5. Ah, yes, new music. I’ve been needing to listen to Prince ever since Hongjoong of ATEEZ dropped his Purple Rain cover… I guess now is better than never!

    And I must say, I love your author description (the “She is sugar, curiosity, and rain” one). It reminds me of the character introductions in the book We Were Liars.

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    1. Oh my goodness yes !! I was so happy when he did it. It’s one of my favourite songs because I love Prince and he’s my bias so I was just 😭

      The quote is from there! It’s to describe Mirren if I remember correctly, I had high expectations for the book but I was actually quite disappointed with it which is sad:( that beautiful quote came from it though so all is not lost!

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      1. He did a wonderful job. If I had to choose a bias it might be Hongjoong, but I can’t bear to actually pick. ;P

        I knew it rang a bell. 🙂 I liked parts of We Were Liars, but at the end of it I rather wanted to curl up and die, so… it’s well written and thoroughly painful, I guess.

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  6. Definitely making my way through everything on this list already! Binge watched the latest season of On My Block as well as I Am Not Okay With This which I LOVED! Have you watched it? I reckon you’d love it haha! x

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  7. Thank you for these ideas Chloe! Btw I did a 30-Day Kpop music challenge on my blog and I would love to see you do it too!
    Stay Safe!
    -Prutha xoxo

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      1. Thank you Chloe. I am alright here. India is in lockdown but the cases of Covid have almost hit the 2000 mark. Don’t know when the first day of high school would be for me lol.
        -Prutha xoxo


  8. Self-care days are my favorite! These are definitely things I’m making sure I’m doing while in quarantine! Hope you’re doing ok ❤

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