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We were watching old videos today. My nan has hundreds of VHS tapes from years and years ago and since it's quarantine, we decided to borrow a video player and play them. I sat with my mum and dad watching them, they were from '94 / 95, and then when I was born ('98) and… Continue reading Chloe

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animal crossing: my villagers

Hello my loves, Considering I've had Animal Crossing (New Horizons) since it came out I can't believe I haven't thought of doing this post until now. Animal Crossing is pretty much my favourite thing in existence, it's so pure, so cute, just...the best. It's literally the only thing I've been doing during quarantine...I will hold… Continue reading animal crossing: my villagers

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my first year at uni: how it went

Hello my loves, I officially finished my first year at university! You may remember this post from last year where I announed that I was starting a degree - I basically explained everything in that post as to why I was doing it, what I'd be studying etc. so I won't repeat it all here but basically,… Continue reading my first year at uni: how it went