Music of the Month – April

Hello my loves,

I feel like there was so much music this month that this is one of the longest monthly musics I’ve done in a while – here’s what I’ve been listening to in April!


time – childish gambino ft. ari

When Gambino randomly dropped this new album I was like !!!! SO HAPPY. I love Gambino so much, he’s one of my favourite artists. I was even more excited to see that he’d collaborated with Ari again and came up with this masterpiece, I love it so much. It’s one of those songs that I don’t even realise is 6 minutes long because I enjoy listening to it that much I just get carried away, the lyrics are also beautiful.

red desert – 5sos

As you guys know, I love 5SOS so much and they’re super special to meee, they’ll always have a lil place in my heart. Their new album is sick and the sound of it is so nostalgic, it’s just a really good album. This is the first track on the album and in my opinion one of the best.

cool – dua lipa

I always get excited when Dua Lipa drops a new album ’cause she. is. so. good. This is my favourite from the album, I also like Good in Bed, Love Again, Break My Heart and Boys Will Be Boys!

something beautiful – duffy

A super special lady and one that I’ve loved since I was 11 years old. Her voice is magical.

to you. – olivia rubini

A new artist I’ve discovered lately and I’m obsessed with her, she’s so underrated but so amazing. This song is so gorgeous and catchy, I lovelovelove the tone of her voice.

be well – olivia rubini

This song has been on repeat 893409324890 times this month and I’m not kidding, it’s definitely my post played. It’s so good and summery and just the best. I’m obsessed. SO UNDERRATED.

50 ft. – lauren jauregui

One of my favourite ladies, this song is so gorgeous. It has such a relaxing and chill vibe to it, I’ve been listening to it basically every night. I love Lauren so much.

still hurting – ariana grande

I’ve said this before but Ari’s voice makes me feel things I didn’t even know were possible, the tone to her voice is just something else and the emotion and sadness she put into this song had me crying my little eyes out (what’s new there). This song is so gorgeous, the lyrics are simply stunning. So sad, beautiful and honest and I love Ari’s version of this so much. It’s absolutely breathtaking, she couldn’t have sang it more perfectly. Literal angel.

say so – doja cat

Super late to the party on this one but if lipgloss was a song…this would be it.

cheating on you – charlie puth

I always find it weird listening to people’s music when I don’t like them very much as a person, not like I know him personally but to me Charlie Puth seems like a really…ย sucky person, I just don’t vibe with him at all. However, he makes good music and I can’t deny that so, here’s me saying I very much like this song.

if you’re too shy (let me know) – the 1975

This feels like the old 1975 and I say this about everyone but that was my favourite era ever:( this feels like something they would’ve released on their debut album (my fave) and it’s just !! so !! good !! I love it when they put the sax in their songs and the whole feeling it gives off, it’s just so nostalgic and groovy. I love this one so much.

souvenir – selena gomez

Selena Gomez has this weird quality to her songs that make you feel like you’re standing in darkness and they give you these weird chills and it’s all echoey and cold and I know absolutely none of that makes sense but whateverย thatย thing is she achieves it in a lot of her songs including this one, and I really like it.

if the world was ending – jp saxe ft. julia michaels

I discovered this song months ago but lately it’s been stuck in my head and I thought I’d already included it in a monthly music post but apparently not. It’s really beautiful and sad, and something I feel is quite fitting right now.

evil twin – meghan trainor

So catchy !! This and blink are my favourites from her new album.

blink – meghan trainor

This one feels really 90s and I love the whole sound of it. Super good.

intentions – justin bieber

Don’t ask me why I’m putting this here. I have to.



๋ฐ”๋ณด๋ผ๋„ ์•Œ์•„ – stray kids

CUTIES. That’s all I can say. Cuties.

all in – monsta x

The chorus of this song has been stuck in my head non-stop and then I was reminded all over again of how much I love this song. So good. Also, this is still one of the best MVs / concepts ever in my opinion. So underrated.

reveal – the boyz

My most played Kpop song this month by far,ย soย good. I think The Boyz have really peaked with this one, they’ve outdone themselves. This is sooooo good.


And there we have it loves!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

34 thoughts on “Music of the Month – April

  1. Such good music again! ๐Ÿ˜ Dua Lipa, Ariane Grande and Selena Gomez are amazing. I also love Julia Michaels. I shared the song If the world was ending in one of my posts. I love that song!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL BY DUFFY! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Seriously, that woman is a superhero.

    “…You show me what I want
    You show me, show me it all at once
    So show me, show me a way to fix my mistakes
    Show me this ain’t the greatest risk I ever take…” ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’•

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  3. Always love learning what you’ve been listening to!! I ADORE the new 5SOS album – Red Desert is really good (my all time favorite is Lover of Mine – I’m a sucker for their sadder songs haha). Hope you’re well, Chloe!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really love how 5SOS have crafted their sound, they have such an identity now. Wildflower has been growing on me a lot lately !! Hope you’re well too lovely ๐Ÿ’ž stay safe! xx

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  4. So many good recommendations! I love Duaโ€™s new album! Levitating is one of my fave songs and cool was one of the first I listened to that wasnโ€™t a single! Itโ€™s all good to be honest!!! I need to check that Ari song out and the Selena Gomez one!! Thanks so much for the recs!

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  5. oh my gosh, Say So sounds EXACTLY like lipgloss and parties and pink bubblegum!! ๐Ÿ˜Œ it’s so catchy, i definitely love it as well. and If The World Was Ending is also lovely, i agree that it’s fitting for a time like right now. this is such a great list, i’ll have to check out all the songs i don’t know asap! hope you have a beautiful May, Chloe ๐Ÿ’–โค

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  6. Ahh I have been crazy obsessed with Say So too! And literally the first thing I thought when I first heard it was “I’m drowning in lip gloss, but okay.” Ahahahaha! So great to see you thought something so very similar!

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