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animal crossing: my villagers

Hello my loves,

Considering I’ve had Animal Crossing (New Horizons) since it came out I can’t believe I haven’t thought of doing this post until now. Animal Crossing is pretty much my favourite thing in existence, it’s so pure, so cute, just…the best. It’s literally the only thing I’ve been doing during quarantine…I will hold my hands up and say all I’ve been doing is sitting and playing Animal Crossing all day every day.

I bought a Switch about a week before we went into lockdown (and a few days before Animal Crossing came out) for the sole purpose of playing the game and I’m so glad I did because now they’re pretty much sold out everywhere and the ones that are left in stock are like…the colours nobody wants. Sorry colours.

So because I love Animal Crossing and I love talking about it so much, I thought I’d do some posts on it and turn it into a mini series on my blog! Today I’m going to be talking about the villagers I currently have on my island and if you guys like this post, I’ll have the next instalment up super soon (you can probably guess what it’ll be about).

Let’s go 🐾

P.S. I am obsessed with (most) of my villagers and will be talking about them as if they are my own children so if you’re not ready to experience that level of commitment YOU’RE IN THE WRONG PLACE.

Current Villagers

Static ⚡️

Static | Animal Crossing Wiki | FandomStatic | Animal Crossing Wiki | Fandom

The love of my life. Did I really just say that about an animated cartoon squirrel? Yes, yes I did. Static is a grumpy villager with a lightning bolt on the top of his head and you will never see anything cuter than him in your life end of story. He’s smol and his lil fluffy tail bobs up and down and he has lil paws and bean toes and he’s just SO CUTE. He was one of my original villagers in Wild World and I loved him so much, he’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. When I got New Horizons I found him super early on using one of my Nook Miles tickets when I was just starting up my island and I couldn’t believe my luck. I saw him and I was like !!!!!! COME AND LIVE ON MY ISLAND RIGHT NOW. He’s been one of my villagers in all of my AC games so far. We’re meant to be together.

He sings all the time and has the cutest little voice, I gift him things like electric guitars, rockets and lava lamps and he sets them up in his house 😭 I gave him some black tulips the other day (like I said, he’s a grumpy villager and his house is black and the inside is like…heavy metal, so you gotta stick with the theme) and he set them up in his house in a cute little vase 😭 I cried. I also gift him things like leather jackets (which he looks adorable in) and a few days ago I gifted him a grey cardigan and now it’s all he wears. He likes to walk along the cliffs and fall asleep next to the ponds I terraformed up there and he is 100% my favourite villager. I will die for this squirrel. My next goal is to get his picture ’cause best believe I’m making 85,000 copies of it and hanging it on every wall in my house. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Marina 🎀

Marina | Animal Crossing Wiki | Fandom

Marina - Nookipedia, the Animal Crossing wiki

MARINA IS ON MY ISLAND AND YES I’M CRYING. She was my top dreamie and the other day a spot became available on my island and on my SECOND NOOK MILES TICKET to find a new villager she was there !!! I couldn’t believe my luck. She’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, everything about her is pink and adorable, including her house. She loves to sing all the time and walk around the museum looking at all the fossils 💞 The other day I could hear someone singing but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from until I realised she was behind Resident Services singing in front of the waterfall and I almost died. I put pink flowers all outside her house and she also likes to stand next to those and sing as well. I love her. Like I said I’ve only had her a few days as she’s new so I haven’t been able to gift her anything yet but I’ve bought so many cute outfits and accessories to give to her for when I unlock that level of friendship! Though the original star sweater she wears is literally so adorable I kind of want her to wear that all the time too. First world problems. She’s definitely going to be my joint favourite villager along with Static.

Puddles 🐸

Puddles | Animal Crossing Wiki | Fandom

Puddles - Nookipedia, the Animal Crossing wiki

Puddles is a pink frog that loves fashion and everything girly. She was a random villager that came onto my island when I had to start building houses (I think she was the 3rd or 4th villager I had) but she’s super sweet and calls me her bestie and well, if a pink frog is gonna call me her best friend who am I to protest. In my opinion she has the prettiest house out of all my villagers, she lives next to Marina because they both love pink and therefore the front of their houses are a pink and cream colour and it looks so cute. She likes to look at fossils in the museum and walk around pretending to be a celebrity because she secretly thinks she’s famous – I always gift her cute dresses and hairpins so she can play dress-up.

Bea 🐶

Bea (Animal Crossing Cards - New Leaf Welcome amiibo) amiibo card ...

Bea | Animal Crossing Wiki | Fandom

Bea is a cute little dog that I last minute decided to invite to my island because I was on my last Nook Miles Ticket and thought I’d rather have her than let AC give me a random ugly villager to move in (because that’s all that seems to happen to me). She wouldn’t have been someone I’d have chosen normally but now I’m so glad I did because she’s grown on me a lot. She has cute little freckles on her nose and spends all day watering the flowers on my island (which I’m very appreciative of). The inside of her house is also the coolest thing I’ve seen, it’s like a cafe / restaurant and looks soo beautiful. Though today I went into her house and she’d changed it all around and taken half of the stuff out so I’m not sure what she’s doing but she better put it back because that shit looked good. I’ve given her a yellow, brown and white theme so the outside of her house is surrounded by yellow tulips and I gave her a cute little twig wreath to hang on her door (which she has). She also has a white swinging bench in her front yard which all the other villagers like to sit and fall asleep on, though I don’t think she minds.

Dom 🌈

Dom | Animal Crossing Wiki | Fandom

Dom is my little rainbow sheep that was an original villager on my island (my two original villagers were Dom and Cherry but Cherry left which I’m thankful for because I didn’t like her). Apparently Dom is on a lot of people’s dream lists so I feel a little bit happy that he was one of my originals, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with him though because at first I thought he was nice but then he started being constantly rude to me and I was like…excuse me. He was like that for a while and now he’s suddenly turned back into being nice again so, it’s all good. He Naruto runs everywhere and never stops talking about his muscles which is super annoying because he doesn’t have any, he’s like the Pale Chub you get in fishing. Jock villagers’ personalities are the ones I like the least and I still can’t understand why AC gave Dom that personality but there you go. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen him exercise once, though his Naruto running probably burns all the calories for him. He gets sick a lot and I’ve spent approximately 827323023 bells on medicine for him so far, I also haven’t given him any outfits to wear yet because I like his rainbow shirt so much I always want him to wear it. He is very cute.

Carrie 🌼

Carrie | Animal Crossing Wiki | Fandom

Carrie | Animal Crossing Wiki | Fandom

Carrie was also one of my villagers in Wild World and so when I saw her super early on in the game (before I knew about villager hunting) I invited her to my island. She basically spends all day watering the island flowers (along with Bea, they’ve now become a duo) and she used to water the flowers that much I decided to give her her own flower garden, which I think she’s happy about because the second I created it she started watering it. She also always waters the flowers in my own garden because she’s just sweet like that. She always writes me letters (mostly telling me that she’s lonely and wants to speak to me more, even though I talk to her all the time) and is the queen of losing things because every time I find a lost item on my island, 9 times out of 10 it belongs to Carrie. Static asked me if I would give her a present which I did, and it turned out to be a muscle shirt…which looks horrific. She asked me if it looked okay and I said yes because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but now I wish I had because it’s all she wears so she just walks around looking like she’s got no skin. A pleasant image.

Ozzie 🍩

Ozzie | Animal Crossing Wiki | Fandom

Ozzie | Animal Crossing Wiki | Fandom

Ozzie is a cute little koala bear that moved onto my island along with Puddles. He loves food and spends all day eating – 9 times out of 10 you’ll find him with a doughnut in his hand. He has a cute button nose and talks like he’s 5 years old because he’s always asking what game he should play today, which I find really cute. I gave him a shirt and found it in Puddles’ drawer about a week later so I’m not sure what’s going on there but I hope she doesn’t start wearing it anytime soon. He also likes cute items like the peach decor which I was really happy about because it meant I got all of the peach DIYs when he moved onto my island. The bear has good taste.

Now onto the villagers that are on my island that I wish were not on my island because I hate them

Violet 🚫

Violet - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide - IGN

Lord knows why I was blessed with this hideous creature living on my island. She was a random villager that got allocated into one of my empty spaces and I didn’t know who she was until I searched her name up, and then I wished I hadn’t. She’s been on my island for weeks now and I haven’t spoken to her once yet she’s still not volunteered to leave so in my opinion she’s not getting the message. I hate her. I’ve put jail bars around her house so she can’t leave, I never speak to her, whenever she runs after me with something good to say I let her just chase me and ignore it but even that’s terrifying. She’s constantly doing sports on my Resident Services plaza and her workout gear looks like something from outer space. I scold all of the other villagers when they talk to her, she’s not worthy to even be near them. She needs to leave.

Jacques 🚫

Jacques | Animal Crossing Wiki | Fandom

This horrible bird was my first ever campsite visitor and you have no choice but to invite them onto your island otherwise the game can’t move on. I died a little inside. I’ve never spoken to him and he also has jail bars around his house so that he can’t leave. He seems to be everywhere I go and spends his life in Nook’s Cranny and the tailor shop even though he never takes off that horrible green beanie and has no fashion sense so why he spends so much time in that shop is beyond me. I don’t know what the interior of his house looks like because I’ve never been in but I bet it’s probably as bad as his fashion. He’s the longest hated villager I have on my island, he arrived a few weeks before Violet and he literally will not leave. When he finally moves out I’m throwing a party.

Tucker 🚫

Tucker | Animal Crossing Wiki | Fandom

There’s part of me that still feels a little bad about this one which is why he’s last on the unwanted villager list but nonetheless, he is unwanted. He’s the most recent unwanted villager and was a random allocation as I had a spare space on my island and he’s now been living in his prison (yes, I put jail bars around his house too) for about 2 weeks now. He reminds me of something from the Flintstones and I wish he would change his outfit but of course, I’m not about to gift him anything ever so there’s no chance of that happening anytime soon. Everything about him is just…no. Considering elephants are my favourite animal it’s strange that I don’t actually like any of them in Animal Crossing. Even saying that though, there are better looking elephants that I would have wanted instead of him. Sort it out AC. Diana came to my campsite and wanted to move in and replace him and I accidentally messed it up and told her no and now it keeps me awake at night.

And there we have it loves !! Do you play Animal Crossing ?? Which villagers do you have ?? Do you have any that you hate ?? Please let me know everything, I will happily talk about Animal Crossing until I die. Over and out.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

19 thoughts on “animal crossing: my villagers

  1. Omggg this game looks so nice, fun and amazing! I actually dreamt of buying a Nintendo Switch but don’t have much money 😭 I think I would love it so much. I love this blog post haha it’s so much fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been playing as well! It’s a calming game for sure. Takes your mind off everything. Still developing the island and I don’t have many villages yet. I didn’t really know about villager hunting either. I didn’t know that there were so many. But I am on the hunt for one in particular now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh who are you on the hunt for?! It’s definitely a calming game I agree, apparently a lot of people have been talking about it with their therapists. It’s a great anxiety reducer!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I guess I’m just stuck on how I hunt for more villagers because I’ve been to islands and there isn’t anyone there. I do have the campsite and I accidentally told Tom Nook to move the camper in lol oh well. Maybe I just need to Google it.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Ah there’ll only be animals on the islands if you have a spare plot of land for them to move in! If your island is full and you don’t have a plot of spare land ready, animals won’t show up! Also your first campsite visitor you have to move them in, but after that you can turn them away so if there’s any visitors you don’t like, you don’t have to invite them!

              Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG all of your villagers are SO cute Chloe!! Marina was on my island as a campsite visitor but I hadn’t anytime to set up a plot of land so that she could stay – ugh! I also purchased a Nintendo Switch shortly before we went into quarantine and I was so hesitant at first because I’m not a video game type of person but ACNH is seriously addicting!! I think it’s just a fun way to relax – especially during these stressful times!!
    You should do something like a mini island tour. I love looking at them on YouTube – especially since my island is so lame LOL. Seriously, my island evaluation is at 2/5 stars!!
    Thank you for sharing all of these adorable visitors ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness no !! 😭 poor Marina 💔 maybe she wandered from your campsite to the island I visited with my Nook Miles ticket and I found her instead! So don’t worry she’s in good hands, hehe. I was hesitant at buying a Switch too at first – AC was the only reason I wanted one (I don’t plan on buying any other games for it) so I was thinking hmm…should I? But now I’m so glad I did! You’re right though, it definitely is a great way to relax during these times, it’s such a stress reliever!
      I definitely might do an island tour, I’m working on it piece by piece so right now only the front of my island is what I’d call “presentable” but I’m working on it, my goal is to one day have an island like the ones on Youtube. So dreamy !! 💞

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugh, yes!! Those islands on YouTube are gorgeous! I have no idea how people find the time to set up cafes and theaters on their island. I only just got granted the construction app and so I’ve just started laying down new flooring like crazy haha. Here’s to achieving dreamy, aesthetic islands!!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t know anything about Animal Crossing so this made little to no sense to me. However it does look interesting! Unfortunately I’m not the gamer girl myself. The only video game I’ve spent extensive time on was Minecraft with my brother years ago… Haha! Take care 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Chloe, this is the funniest thing I have read in ages!! As someone who had no idea that animal crossing even existed until I saw it showing up in memes, this post was surreal. Static looks so cute, and oh my god, the fact that you gifted him things and he put them up in his house is making me want to ship this (and I still have no clue what animal crossing even is).

    The way you talked about the characters you hate made me actually laugh really loud, and now my sister’s looking at me like I’m a little out of it. This was the most entertaining post and it had me equally clueless and earnest while reading it. Loved it. Will definitely love to know more about your village, so if you’re going to do more of these, I’m excited, hahaha! xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ahh I’m glad this made you laugh haha! Thank you so much. Static is so cute right?! ⚡️ We’re best friends. The best friend ship is sailing.

      It makes me soo happy to know you enjoyed this you have no idea, I’m glad I could make you laugh 💞 that’s always the aim! I’ll definitely be doing more of these posts in future hehe xx

      Liked by 1 person

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