Hello my loves,

Where to start this post.

First of all, with a disclaimer. If you are a person who believes that there is even an ounce of goodness within the horrifying, disgusting imbecile that is Donald Trump, unfollow me. I hate that creature more than I hate anyone else in the world. If you support him or are in other words, not against him, unfollow me. And get some help.

And to my American followers, please vote for the right people. Please vote full stop. Please do the right thing to make your country, and the world, a better place.


I have a million and one things to say about the current state of the world right now and the recent events that have occurred, I do not know where to even begin. I feel as though nothing I say will come close to the things I wish to articulate. If I could honestly write this post the way I want to, it’d be a combination of capital letters, swear words and a lot of exclamation marks because I just cannot comprehend the world that we live in. As a forewarning, I imagine I will end up doing a lot of swearing within this post because I am so angry, so I apologise for that in advance.

I was unsure whether I should even be writing this post using my own words, because black people’s voices are so much more important than mine and therefore I should not be sitting here writing my own expressions on this situation, but rather, pushing their voices forward instead. Which I will be doing, and which I have already been doing – if you’ve seen my latest social media posts you will know what I’m talking about.

So, this post. I could sit here and rant and rave and scream at the world for how utterly and disgustingly fucked up it is, but my voice is not the one that needs to be supported right now. I’m going to say a little piece and then I will let the rest do the talking.

Back in 2018, I read The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas which was the most incredible book, and I did a whole post dedicated to it because there was no way sticking it into a monthly wrap up review would have been enough. Everything I said there is everything I wish to say today in this post and then some, so please refer back to that post if you’re unclear on my opinions / stance on these matters.

Within that post I listed the stories and names of the people you need to remember, and here today I’ll be doing it again. Please read their stories, please learn their names, please remember the unbearable, agonising suffering they so wrongly had to endure. It’s the least you owe them. SAY THEIR NAMES.




Emmett Till - Death, Movie & Funeral - Biography

Emmett Till was a 14 year old African American boy (A CHILD) who was lynched in the most horrific way after he was accused of making a white woman, Carolyn Bryant, feel uncomfortable in her own grocery store in 1955.

In 2008, 53 years after Emmett Till was murdered, Carolyn Bryant admitted that the allegations and testimonies that she made against Emmett Till physically and verbally assaulting her were FALSE.

No justice was ever brought forward for this case and no one was ever charged, despite the whole thing being fabricated and made up by Carolyn Bryant, despite witnesses, scientific evidence and the fact that this murder blatantly happened – nothing.

It has been reported that since the incident, Carolyn Bryant has lived a long and private life which angers me more than words could ever explain, I hope she fucking rots in hell. I hope someone causes this vile human being misery every single day for the rest of her thankfully short life because my God it’s the least she deserves. I don’t know how such evil can exist. SAY HIS NAME.



George Stinney - Wikipedia

George Stinney was a 14 year old CHILD who was sentenced to death by electric chair when he was convicted BY AN ALL WHITE JURY IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES of the murder of 2 American girls in 1944. He is the youngest American in history to have been sentenced to death and executed.

The police offer who arrested George Stinney wrote a statement basically convicting him of these murders however, no confession statement signed by George Stinney is known to exist. He was questioned alone without a parent or attorney and was held isolated for 81 days without being allowed to see anybody (his family, etc.), he apparently confessed to the murders while he was in custody and claimed that the officers starved him and then bribed him with food in order to confess to the crime.

In 2014, 70 years after he was executed, his conviction was overturned as he had not been given a fair trial (the court refused to hear his appeal after he was convicted WITHIN 10 MINUTES BY AN ALL WHITE JURY), he had no defence and his sixth amendments rights had been violated. “Judge Mullen ruled that his confession was likely coerced and thus inadmissible.”




Murdered at 12 years old by a white police officer for carrying a non-lethal replica air-soft toy gun.


SANDRA BLANDSandra_Bland_AP_img

Pulled over for a minor traffic violation and found hanged in her prison cell 3 days later, with the death being listed as a suicide. She was vocal on the mistreatment by police against black people and was described as a civil rights activist and a part of the Black Lives Matter movement.




Murdered by a white man in an unprovoked racial attack.




After breaking up an unrelated-fight, he was approached by police and accused of selling single cigarettes without a tax stamp. He was then wrestled to the ground after proclaiming his innocence and restrained by multiple officers until he eventually lost consciousness. He was pronounced dead one hour later.



Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 21.16.32

Killed by a police officer after having been pulled over as part of a traffic stop, Castile informed the officer he had a firearm but was not going to use it, he was then shot 7 times at point-blank range and died 20 minutes later.



Arrested and charged for possessing a knife, he fell into a coma after being transported in a police van and subsequently died due to injuries on his spinal cord. These injuries were a result of police brutality and the appalling treatment he had received during the process of being arrested – officers had bent his legs backwards, pressed their knees into his neck in order to hold him down and dragged him to the police van after witnesses said Gray was unable to walk and couldn’t use his legs. Another reported contributing factor was the idea that he had been arrested but given no seatbelt and was therefore thrown around in the back of the police van during transport, thus adding further to his injuries.



Stephen Lawrence: A Legacy of Hope

Murdered at 18 years old by a group of white youths in a racially motivated attack whilst waiting for the bus.



Terence Crutcher (1976-2016) •

Shot to death by a white police officer after standing unarmed in the street next to his vehicle.



Louisville Protesters Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor, 911 Call ...

Murdered in her own home after police entered the property without announcing themselves first (which, in-line with their search warrant, they were not required to do) – Taylor’s boyfriend therefore armed himself with a firearm under the assumption the property was being broken into. Taylor was shot 8 times and died at the scene.



Opinion | The Killing of Ahmaud Arbery - The New York Times

Murdered by two white men in an unprovoked racial attack whilst going for a run in his neighbourhood.


George Floyd: What happened in the final moments of his life - BBC ...



Horrifyingly, I could go on. I could go on and on and on. It is horrifying that there would not be enough time in the world for me to list the names and faces of the people who have been murdered and subjected to the worst form of dehumanisation possible, forced to endure suffering no human being deserves. This does not only apply to America. It is absolutely horrifying.

To say you’re not racist is simply not enough. To sit back and do nothing because this doesn’t apply to you or is happening in a different country to you is appalling. News flash, RACISM IS EVERYWHERE. Fucking do something about it. HOW CAN BLACK PEOPLE TRY AND SOLVE A PROBLEM THEY DID NOT CREATE. Educate yourself. Say their names, join the movement, realise your privilege, acknowledge the white privilege that’s so comfortable to people most of them don’t even know they have it. Use your position of power to make a difference. Remember who these people are and let the world know you will fight for them. Don’t you dare let them down. Just because it doesn’t affect you, doesn’t mean you get to ignore it. If you sit here and do nothing you are a coward and you are a RACIST. 

Trensitas on Instagram: ““If you are neutral in situations of ...
Artist – Alice Skinner


To the black people who are affected by these horrific ordeals on a daily basis, I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. I am sorry for what my race has done to you and the devastating treatment you have been subjected to, I am disgusted, I am ashamed, appalled, and I am so, so utterly sorry. I am with you, I stand with you and I always will. I will fight with you and I will fight for you, forever. You matter. Black lives matter. I will say your names and I will not forget. This is a promise.

Emmett Till and George Stinney will be names and faces that will haunt me for the rest of my life, and to white people – I hope they’ll haunt you for the rest of your lives, too. I hope all of these people and the images of them will haunt you until the day you leave this Earth, because this is what your people have done. This is what our people, white people, have done. And until you learn to abolish your ignorance and start changing our world using the privilege you did nothing to deserve, they will continue to do it.

I pray for a world where this will one day be a thing of the past, but I am aware that this has not, will not and most probably never will be something easily achieved, but that does not mean I will ever stop fighting. We all must fight, and continue fighting. When media attention and hysteria dies down, this does not go away. You do not simply get to go back to your privileged life and forget about it, this is an ongoing thing and a daily battle. Do better, do something. 

To the people protesting and to my black followers, please stay safe. I love you and I stand with you.

To sign petitions, text, call, learn about protesting, educate yourself, vote and donate, click here.

I understand that I will never understand, but I stand.

All my love, always,

Chloe .xx

If I have said anything out of line, incorrect or offensive within this post please educate me and let me know – I will correct it immediately.

36 thoughts on “BLACK LIVES MATTER

  1. Such a great post! It makes me so sad that my race treats people like this, simply because they look different. It disgusts me, and it makes me so mad! What makes me equally mad are the people who pretend that racism doesn’t still exist. It does, and something needs to be done about it. Thank you for standing up and using your voice for good!

    About the Donald Trump thing, I’m not old enough to vote yet so I’m not sure. I don’t think on human being can be pure evil or pure good, but a mix. Maybe there is just part of me hoping to find some good in everyone, or maybe it is just wishful thinking. Don’t murder me for saying that tho 😉 This was an amazing post!

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    1. Thank you! I won’t bash you for the Trump thing as everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it’s wonderful that you try and find the good in everyone but…I said what I said hahaha. No regrets or take backs !! My opinion is firm on that one I’m afraid. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post though, it’s so important that we all educate ourselves on these things xxx


  2. Such an important post and topic! I also wrote about in a poem form as you saw. This is happening in America a lot harder than in my own country. Still racism exists in every country may it be in a different form. I already signed a petition and donated money for The Black Lives Matter organization. I agree that we all have to educate ourselves. Sometimes I felt uncomfortable to talk about racism because of saying something that’s wrong but then I remember that my discomfort is nothing compared to their pain which they suffer on a daily basis. Thank you so much for using your voice to speak up. I hope this world we be a better world one day where nobody get discriminated or killed because of their skin colour.

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    1. 💞 If only there were more people like you in the world is all I can say to that. You’re 100% right and I agree completely – it can be uncomfortable for us to talk about in case we say something wrong, but it’s nothing compared to what these people go through and it’s something we’ll never understand. We have to educate ourselves and speak up .xxx

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  3. What a fantastic post Chlo, you have said it all so well, absolutely horrific what is going on right now and we need to not just be anti racist, but proactively calling people out when they are wrong!
    Lots of love xxx

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  4. Such an important conversation we should be having, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this and for remembering all of these people who were wronged by society in this post. Just like almost everybody else, I have really been trying to take this time to educate myself, to really listen and to support the movement as much as I can. There was a protest in Vienna for blm and 50.000 people showed up. They were expecting 3000. I think it really opened a lot of people’s eyes to the fact that racism is a problem anywhere and everywhere. A lot of people I knew were acting like this only affected America. There is racism in Austria too, a lot of people would simply rather look the other way and pretend that it is “far away”. It makes me sick to think that we are in 2020 and still, hardly anything has changed. I hope that people will not only see this as a trend and hop onto the bandwagon but will actually educate themselves and try to do better. Because we can all do better. I hope this provokes change, I hope it forces people to look the problem straight into the eye. I applaud you for using your platform to speak up about this Chloe.

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    1. Yes, a lot of people act like this is only an American issue and therefore “not their problem” but America is not the only one at fault here – the whole WORLD is. This is a world issue because news flash racism is everywhere, it doesn’t just solely exist inside of America. You’re right though, a lot of people would just prefer to look the other way because they think it doesn’t concern them, I was having a conversation with someone about it the other day (they were white) and they were like “Why are you getting so angry? Why do you care so much?” and I was just absolutely speechless. I couldn’t believe they’d even said it. I too hope everyone will now use this time to educate themselves rather than seeing it as a trend and then forgetting all about it again when it “dies down”. Thank you for reading Fiona .xx


  5. thank you so much for this post, Chloe. everything going on around the world just disgusts and terrifies me; as a POC but not a member of the Black community, i was worried about what exactly i could say. but i agree with you that the best thing we can do is educate ourselves, be the best allies we can by showing our support, saying their names, and recognizing our privilege. this is so powerful, thank you for sharing this. ❤

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    1. No need to thank me at all ❤️ this is the bare minimum of what anyone should be doing right now. I agree with everything you’ve said and I’m sending lots of love your way right now .xx

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  6. Thank you for sharing. This is definitely a conversation that everyone should be having and participating in at the moment and we should all be open to education as to how we can do and be better in the future. xx

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  7. This is SO true. That idiot of a Trump needs to be sat on a few good times. Let’s hope he gets voted out. Chloe fighting! 💜💜💜💜

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  8. This post taught me so much I didn’t know. It is heartbreaking to think of all the beautiful, worthy individuals who have suffered.

    One side of my family are POC and to think the world views them and myself through an inequal lense is difficult. Of course, it is nothing compared to those who have lost their lives simply for being who they are.

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    1. I’m glad this post was informative and could teach you some things, that was exactly what I hoped for – we all must be aware of what these people have gone through, and we must never forget it .xx

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  9. Thank you so much for this post, Chloe. Minorities all over the world have been mistreated and had their histories written over by a single race for centuries, and it is the absolute saddest thing. It appalls me, the amount of hatred someone can have within themselves to downright kill and torture innocent people. The fact that there were people of colour among the police officers that stood by and did nothing both shocks me and terrifies me, and I am so glad that they have all been charged with murder.
    We all need to constantly educate ourselves and recognise our privilege.

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    1. “Minorities all over the world have been mistreated and had their histories written over by a single race for centuries” this !!!!! Oh my goodness this. I agree, I cannot understand how anyone could be filled with so much hatred to do such awful things – criminal “justice” will never be enough for these monsters, though I too am glad they’ve been charged with murder, because that’s exactly what they are. Murderers. Bless the person who recorded it all on video because if they hadn’t, none of this would have happened and this movement wouldn’t have surged in the way it has – the way it deserves to .xxx

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  10. Omg where to start on this. I am in absolute tears and feel so sorry for how horrible we all can treat one another. But it’s like this time it’s just enough. We’ve been through slavery, imperialism, KKK and many other things. We should have learned! All of us. I feel so embarrassed about sharing the same skin colour with people, whom feel justice by murdering and punishing innocent people just because of the colour of their skin. I am here to change, learn and heal with the world. 2020 may not have had a great start, but perhaps the world is giving us a chance to see how much we need to help, protect and stand up for each other. Amazing post Chloe! It left my informed and horrified – both beneficial ❤

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    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself Karen, I’m so glad this post was able to inform you of things !! That was what I really wanted to achieve here – we all need to know the horror and suffering that these people have been through, the absolute inhumanity of it astounds me and I pray for a better day when this appalling, inhumane behaviour no longer exists. We all must do better .xxx

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  11. This is such an important post. As a white person, I do feel almost out of place to express my own opinion. But you have taken the words from my mouth. Sharing this shows your strength and courage. Thank you x

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    1. I’ve always been as vocal as I can about these things but James Corden’s speech yesterday really pushed it further that as white people we are required to speak up about these things, because even though it’s not about us and therefore we may feel wary about sharing our thoughts, we have to use that white privilege and that power to tell the world that this is not okay .xx

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      1. James Corden’s speech really moved me, and the moment where he interviewed the black man I cried 🥺 It’s so upsetting but I don’t want to make this movement all about ‘good white people’ who support it. I want to amplify other people’s voices online. But with my own family I’m keeping the conversation going x

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        1. Yes, seeing Reggie break down was heartbreaking. Of course it’s not about good white people, it’s just about using that privilege to show that we stand in solidarity with those who are treated less than us and as white people, we refuse to accept that this is okay .xx

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  12. This is everything. Very powerful and inspiring.

    I remember your post on The Hate You Give. I actually remember going to learn more about it after I read it and saw a movie was coming out based on the book and watched the trailer. It is also hard for me to speak on this because although I am Black, I am not a Black American; I am a Black African, so I do not want to speak on behalf of African Americans.

    It is horrifying, this whole situation. You said it perfectly when you said you do not have the time to list all the names because it is such a long, long list. It is scary, and I hope this new protest/riot will shake things up like never before.

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    1. Thinking of you right now Kojo more than ever, and thank you for always supporting these posts of mine. I remember your comment on my THUG post nearly made me cry when I first read it !! I really do appreciate your words and YOU so much. I too hope this whole thing shakes things up like never before, I pray that change is coming .xx


  13. I’m not American, but I hope with all my soul that The US votes Donald Trump out in November.

    All lives can’t matter until Black lives do. And, until people like him are out of power, its unlikely things will change for the better 😦

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  14. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and awareness Chloe! I’ve been so wary of sharing my thoughts over the last few days being a woman of colour but not a member of the black community, and not wanting to speak over or for them, but the frustration I’ve been feeling towards so many people, people I love and care about, has left me in the same position as you – angry, emotional and desperate to help in any way I can.

    Simply act of sharing this post, fostering a conversation, is so beneficial to so many people, love you lots girl, please look after yourself xx

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    1. Me too, I feel exactly the same (even though I am of course, not a woman of colour), this of course isn’t about me, so why should I be trying to get MY voice out there ?? Who needs to hear from a white woman throughout all of this, why do my opinions matter? But as James Corden said, that is exactly the problem. As a white person, I HAVE to speak up about this. Whilst I am so wary of saying anything because I would so much rather lift the voices that need to be heard and supported instead of my own, I know that I have a responsibility to speak using my platform and privilege, so here I am.

      Sending you all the love as always Priya, thank you .xx

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  15. Chloe thank you for speaking out. I just started listening to The Hate You Give and it disgusts me as to how people can be as racist and go ahead just kill a human being. Wonderful post.

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