Music of the Month – June & July

Hello my loves,

Due to being behind on June’s music post I’m going to combine it with July’s just to make things easier. Luckily there’s not much music for July so this will be a normal sized post. Enjoy!


trip – ella mai

I forgot how good this song was until I saw some dance choreographies to it and was like eek how did I forget this existed. It’s been on repeat ever since!

rain on me – lady gaga ft. ariana grande

I actually don’t vibe with this as much as I wish I did but it’s still a great song nonetheless – I wanted to give it a little mention because June’s English music was so short and so I thought I’d add it in here!


still with you – jk

What’s that ?? The sound of my heart breaking. Just when you think his voice can’t get anymore sweeter and then this happens. My heart.

wayo – bang yedam

So strange to be able to actually talk about a Yedam song after hearing him perform covers for what seems like forever (which I’m definitely not complaining about) but I’m so happy that now we get the real deal! So happy for him and how well this song has done. Everyone’s talking about it!

round 2 – pentagon

THIS SONG. Absolutely ridiculous and I cannot stop singing it. The dance practice was the best thing I’ve ever seen and I just…who’s doing it like Pentagon. Nobody. This song is so funny and I literally find myself waking up singing “아니 이게 뭐야, 내가 내가 아냐” and no I’m not kidding. This is the the catchiest song ever. Classic Pentagon. We love them.

ring ring ring – verivery

Catchiest song ever come thru. Now that I’m starting to understand more Korean I’m finding I can’t enjoy certain Kpop songs as much because the lyrics make me cringe (which is breaking my HEART) and this song was turning into one of those for me but I was adamant I wasn’t going to let it happen. I just block the words out now. This song keeps getting stuck in my head and I really think it’s great!

one (lucid dream) – golden child

GC keep bringing out amazing song after amazing song lately and I’m so proud and happy for them !! They’re getting so much more recognition which they more than deserve and I can’t believe a group that produces songs like this is so underrated. I love them and this song !!


new person, same old mistakes – tame impala

I must be the most ignorant person in the world because Same Ol’ Mistakes by Rihanna is one of my most played songs yet I did not know that it was originally by Tame Impala and she was in fact just doing a cover of it. I still prefer RiRi’s version (I also think I’ve listened to it so much that I just can’t hear anything else now) but I also now love the original too, Tame Impala are seriously sick.

blue world – mac miller

My friend played this the other day and I forgot how good it was and so, I’ve basically been playing it ever since. “I ain’t politicking, I ain’t kissing no babies” is still one of my favourite lines. Mac is so good.

woo – rihanna

This was actually a song I didn’t originally vibe with on ANTI but this month I forced myself to listen to it properly a couple of times and then I was like how on Earth did I not vibe with this before, it’s so sick. Rihanna is just…insane. I love this song so much.

always where i need to be – the kooks

Heard this on the radio the other day and I hadn’t heard it for years !! I was like oh my goodness the memories. I’ve grown up listening to The Kooks and they’ve always been a band I’ve had a lot of love for, but over the last couple of years I haven’t listened to them half as much as I used to. Making sure to change that now!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

23 thoughts on “Music of the Month – June & July

  1. I’m so torn between whether I like rain on me, I thought it would be such an amazing collab and although I enjoy it when it’s on it’s defo not added to my playlist yet. I absolutely adore Rihanna, she’s literally the queen of everything! Thank you for sharing lovely your music recommendations are one of my fav posts! Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely agree !! Hasn’t made its way onto my playlist yet either as it’s not something I’d voluntarily listen to but I thought I’d mention it still because I love the fact they collaborated, hopefully they’ll do another one in future and we’ll both like it a bit more hehe. 100% agree with you on RiRi as well, absolute queen !! xxxx


    1. Hahaha I uploaded this before she revealed she was dropping an album considering she only announced it the day before, I wish I was psychic! You’re right though, I would have done a separate post on it anyway so it worked out nicely! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah who doesn’t love a bit of Tame Impala! I love their music, although I never heard this song, so I’m definitely glad you introduced me now! And The Kooks are honestly just iconic and there really is no other way I can describe them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RiRi’s version will always be my fave but credit to Tame Impala in the first place because they always come up with the sickest songs. I’ve been coming across their music a lot more recently and loving it so! The Kooks are definitely iconic, 100% agree! xx


  3. i cant get myself too pumped for america pop music but i like that style that lady gaga and ariana did its cute and i love the concept of the mv

    im not super into bts but i love jungkook’s solos his voice is prob my fav from the group.
    OMG thank you for showing me that pentagon song i haven’t seen that yet :/ i thought it was a new song from them lol but i saw it was a year old aww

    i really love veryvery just two songs so far including the one you listed. need to check out their other stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JK has such a beautiful voice and it’s always nice to hear people appreciating it even if they’re not into the group that much themselves! I also need to check out some more of VERIVERY’s other songs because I loved Ring Ring Ring soo much, it’s so catchy!! xx


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