maybe you could write me a letter

10 thoughts on “πŸ’Œ

  1. Very beautiful. Honestly, and this is not to minimise how amazing this is and how amazing a writer you are, but this has such a Taylor Swift ‘Folklore’ feeling to it (ignore me if you think otherwise). It is such a beautiful poem. It is very… poetic (I am a master with words, in case you haven’t noticed).

    Also, and this really is not important, and I am not hating in the slightest, but I just have one question: is that really your handwriting???

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    1. Really?? That’s such a nice thing to say !! I literally just scribbled it down as a quick thought because I didn’t know what to post and so I thought maybe a journal entry would suffice. Maybe I’m being subconsciously inspired (I wouldn’t be surprised, I’ve been listening to folklore on repeat). To answer your question yes that is my handwriting hahaha, it’s a mess I know !! Even messier since I just quickly scribbled it down without much thought but I kind of like that in a way, I guess it’s more personal rather than rehearsing the lines and trying to write them out neatly (I don’t think I could have neat handwriting if I tried) xx

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