Music of the Month – August

Hello my loves,

A bit of a delayed post but better late than never I suppose – here’s August’s music!

Time Flies – Tori Kelly

Tori’s covers will always be some of my favourite things in life so when she brought this out I was just !!! It’s been on constant repeat, I love her acoustic-type covers so much and this is just beautiful.

folklore – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is giving off metal vibes again with the 'folklore ...

I already yelled about this here but my favourites are the 1, the last great american dynasty, seven, august, invisible string and betty. ♡

my future – Billie Eilish

If there was an award for most aesthetic video…EEK. This was like something straight out of an anime and I loved it, not to mention such a beautiful song! I love the lyrics and the idea of it – more songs like this please !!

Don’t Lie – The Black Eyed Peas

BEP have so many hits I can’t even keep track and the other week this one randomly popped into my head for no reason, I hadn’t heard it in YEARS and then I played it and was like…this is such tune. Obsessed !

The Lion King: The Gift – Beyonce

The Lion King: The Gift [Deluxe Edition] [Explicit] by Beyoncé on Amazon  Music -

Will I ever be able to articulate my love for Beyonce, probably not. When she released the deluxe edition of The Lion King: The Gift I realised I’d never mentioned any of these songs before and couldn’t believe it because I am obsessed. My favourites are FIND YOUR WAY BACK (ultimate), JA ARA E (Burna Boy), MOOD 4 EVA, BROWN SKIN GIRL, KEYS TO THE KINGDOM and ALREADY.

Go Crazy – Chris Brown, Young Thug

This has been on the radio non-stop recently and it’s just such a good tune, I love it.

Smile – Katy Perry

Such a cute and happy song and the lyrics are so important, I really love this (also the video is adorable).


Dynamite – BTS


This is seriously the most insanely good song, obsessed doesn’t even cover it. They’re literally insane, there’s nothing they can’t do. I love them so much !!! My favourite people on the entire planet ever. Not to mention this video is the best thing I’ve ever seen. The disco vibe, the retro vibe…the OUTFITS. Chef’s fucking KISS.

2 KIDS – Taemin

Angel released the most heartfelt and beautiful song and I just…I wasn’t out here asking to cry but what can you do when presented with a masterpiece such as this. Taemin is king (!!!) and an angel cherub. I love him.

Love Talk (Eng. Ver) – WayV

For some reason I didn’t know this existed and then I heard it and was like…excuse me??? CHILDREN ??? COVER YOUR EARS. Can’t believe this exists but I’m so glad it does. I had to rewind it a million times just to make sure they were actually saying THAT. Aside from that this is genuinely such a good song and they did it so well. I feel like a proud mum.

Shangri-La – VIXX

Such a classic and one that deserves a mention because it’s been stuck in my head a lot lately and VIXX are so underrated !! 


They finally debuted and I’m so happy !! They literally couldn’t have debuted with a better song and I’m absolutely OBSESSED with this. It’s always so nice to see people you’ve supported since being trainees finally debut, especially when we’ve been waiting for literally over a year for this to happen and it’s finally here !! I think this is probably my favourite debut, I’m obsessed. So excited to see what they do next!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

31 thoughts on “Music of the Month – August

  1. I love Taylor’s Swift new album so much!!! 😍 My favourite artist ever as you know. I really want to have Folklore album in my hands. I can’t stop listening. All of the songs are amazing. Perfect album for the fall 😍🍁. And omg Dynamite is so good! Makes me really happy when listening to it

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  2. I love love love your music recommendations, I always know that my own playlist will have a new edition after reading these posts! I completely forgot Black Eyed Peas were even a band omg?! I so need to listen to them again, they brought out soo many bangers back in the day! xxx

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  3. Chloe, I always enjoy your music posts so much!! Totally adding these songs to my playlist titled: “to listen.” I always find myself listening to the same songs on repeat until I’m absolutely sick of them! However, it seems I’ve yet to do that with any of the songs on folklore, ha!

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  4. Yes for Folklore! Honestly, Taylor is my Queen! I knew you’d love Folklore as soon as I heard it! I love ‘the 1’, ‘Betty’ ‘August’ ‘the last great American dynasty’ and ‘invisible string’ too as some of my favourites!! But I honestly couldn’t pick a top favourite? I love August though, it really makes me FEEL something! Such a great album! I just started listening to her old stuff again (Taylor Swift and Speak Now) omg she’s just truly the artist of the decade hehe.

    I’ll have to listen to the other music, I haven’t heard any 😂❤️

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    1. I can’t pick a top favourite either! Every time I talk about the album I’m like my favourite is this one…and this one…and this one…hahahah, I’m just in love with all of them. August really makes me feel something too, it’s one I’ve been listening to a lot lately! She really is the best 💖 xx


  5. As you instructed, Chloe, I began my Taylor Swift phase with Folklore. 😉 Honestly I haven’t gotten very far past said album, since the beauty and poetry have beyond satisfied me for now. It’s truly amazing. Seven is up there for me as well, although I don’t think I could choose a favorite track.
    2 KIDS is the reason I started a list of my favorite songs and why I like them so much; it’s my favorite Taemin track by far. Sure, Criminal is great, but I’ve never heard such a beautiful, emotional song as 2 KIDS.
    Oh, and VIXX. I didn’t used to listen to any VIXX, but they’ve really come crashing into my life over the past few months, and I’m not complaining.

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    1. Oh that makes me so happy! I don’t think I can choose a number one favourite either because everything is so beautiful it’s impossible to pick! I’m going with like…my top 5 or 6 for now haha, it changes all the time!

      So glad you love 2 KIDS, it was so beautiful! I always love Taemin’s releases but this one is definitely a favourite of mine. I don’t listen to much VIXX either sadly (I need to change that) but I do know that their vocals are insane and they’re super underrated! xx

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  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE Folklore!
    I used to love Tori Kelly but have not listened to her in forever – will have to check out her new song.
    On repeat for me at the moment is Lennon Stacey & Avenue Beat – two artists I have discovered over the past few weeks through YouTube. xx

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    1. Tori was one of my most listened to artists back in like 2013, I’ve always loved her but her acoustic stuff will always be my fave! Haven’t heard of those so I’ll check them out hehe, thanks for the recs !! xx

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  7. I was really impressed with Folklore. I love Taylor Swift, but the last few years, some of her songs have been hit or miss for me. I really loved the vibe of this album.

    Dynamite is literally the best song right now! We’ve had it on repeat at my house, lol. Just such an upbeat, happy song and it’s made the last few weeks amazing!

    My girls and I were so happy to see that Treasure FINALLY debuted! We were starting to worry they never would, which made us sad because we watched their survival show and were really rooting for them! The song is great and I love the choreography. I hope YG has them coming out with regular music and we won’t have to wait long like it seems we have to do with BlackPink.

    Well, I’m off to listen to the new Stray Kids album that just dropped, lol! Hope to talk to you soon! Take care!💙💙💙

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    1. Completely agree! Ever since she strayed away from that genre I’ve always been (im)patiently waiting for her to go back again and folklore was everything I wanted and more !!

      Dynamite has been on repeat here too, I literally cannot stop listening to it. Never has a song made me want to get up and dance so much, I can’t help myself. Did you see their Tiny Desk concert?! I was on the floor.

      I’m so happy about Treasure too !! After waiting the show it felt like they were never going to debut and then they finally did and I was like…is this real? Has it finally just happened?! What do you think of I Love You?!

      And speaking of Skz, what do you think of Back Door !! I love it so much!! xxxx

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      1. I don’t think I’ve seen the Tiny Desk Concert. I’ll check it out!

        We loved I Love You. I’ve really been happy with what they are doing so far. I hope they continue to put out music.

        Back Door is AMAZING! I can’t get enough, lol. The whole album is great. I think in my household, The Hare and the Tortoise has been the collective favorite. We just love how the vibe changes so much throughout the song. There’s so much personality in that song!

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