Music of the Month – September

Hello my loves,

Here’s September’s music!


slide away (live lounge) – miley cyrus

Starting this with a bang because oh my GOD it’s good. This entire setup and version of Slide Away…I think I fell in love. I didn’t think it was possible for me to be more in love with Miley than I already am but looks like she proved me wrong. This version is INSANE.

all i wanna do – jay park

Wasn’t sure where to put this as it’s technically English but also technically Korean however we’re just putting it here anyway. I really like Jay Park’s music and I discovered this song through a dance cover I was watching and was like wow this song is catchy. It’s been on repeat ever since.

dirty mile – isaac waddington

Such a beautiful and underrated song, I love little gems like this. It’s just…everything.

heart of glass (cover) – miley cyrus

Again, what the fuck is up with Miley Cyrus this month because she’s been outdoing herself again and again. That woman is insane. This cover is insane and her voice was made for songs like this. Patiently waiting for the rock album to be released because I would literally die.



back door – stray kids

So catchy I am OBSESSED. Skz just continue to outdo themselves again and again and I am here for it !!! Stray Kids for world domination please.

i love you – treasure

I will admit that at first this song didn’t quite hit me like Boy did but over time I’ve started to really enjoy it. Boy is still number one for me so far but this is a really good second release and I’m so excited to see the direction they’re headed in!

bts tiny desk concert

I’m putting the whole thing on here because never in my life have I seen something as good as BTS in flares growling the lyrics of Dynamite and dancing around like idiots. The whole session was incredible but I have played this particular version of Dynamite more times than I can count and I genuinely believe this is what crack cocaine feels like. Never in my life have I seen or heard something so good. SHIT MAKES ME WANNA PASS OUT.

incredible – i-land

I am absolutely OBSESSED with I-LAND and it’s been one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time, I love it so so much. I had to include the evaluation songs here because they are so good and I wish they were on Spotify like the PDX101 songs !

flicker – i-land

This whole vibe is taking me places. Let’s not talk about it. The suits. The dance routine. The chorus. I can’t.

dive into you – i-land

I love the chorus of this so much !! Not so sure about the lyrics because this is a kids show let’s keep it PG but YEESH. What a song.

one (monster & infinity) – superm

SuperM are back with their 424820402982939th release and boy it was a good one. I love this one so much!


And there we have it loves!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

22 thoughts on “Music of the Month – September

  1. Miley has brought out such good songs recently, I feel like September really was her month! Also I so didnt know Isaac still done music (I had the biggest crush on him when he was on BGT hahaha). Thank you for sharing lovely! xxx

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    1. Right?! I’m obsessed omg. And yes haha that’s how I discovered him all those years ago !! Really liked his voice and decided to follow him after the show hehe, he has some great songs! xxx


  2. I also LOVED Miley’s Midnight Sky, such a banger! Been loving all the disco-influenced music that has been released lately, including Everglow’s Ladida and ofcourse BTS’s Dynamite!

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  3. Girl – Miley Cyrus was on a TRIP during September and I’m so here for it. I’m desperate for her to release a rock album because it’s so clear this is a pocket she thrives in, I think I’ve played Heart of Glass nearly every day since it was released!

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