angel ✨

you don’t have wings but you are an angel
is what he said to me
on a wednesday afternoon in september
at 5:53

i smiled and said no you are
you are an angel to me
you told me about how your day was going
you told me that you felt free

nothing to do and nowhere to be
sometimes you feel lost, sometimes you don’t feel happy
i wish i could change it, i would turn it around
your voice always here, a familiar sound

sometimes you feel lost, sometimes you don’t feel happy
sometimes the tone changes and is that the line or is that me?
if i did have wings i would fly to you
and we would sit there and do nothing, nothing as we want to

existing next to you is what i want to do
so if i had the wings i would make my way through
i may be an angel or it may not be true
but if that’s what you see then i’m inclined to believe you

though the mirror does not reflect that back at myself
i see my reflection and want to put it on a shelf
but you would not leave it there for long, i know this now
you would take it down and dust it off, and i would wonder how

you could love someone broken in so many places
you could love someone with a hundred different faces
but i think you are past that now, you don’t seem to care
in the best way possible, you don’t see the bad things that are there

when you look at me now you only see the good
if i could see myself the same way, i would
but i’m learning how to fly, i would like to grow my wings
and when i do i will spread them, i will do many things

i will fly over the ocean, i will fly over the sea
to get to you i will do that, but most importantly
i will thank you for telling me that i was an angel
on a wednesday afternoon in september, at 5:53

13 thoughts on “angel ✨

  1. Chloe, I don’t think I can fully explain what this poem made me feel, but it made me cry because it seemed to reflect onto the emotions I have been feeling recently, and I thank you for that. You are such a beautiful writer, and I’m really glad I read this today.

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  2. This was so heartwarmingly beautiful Chloe. Funny isn’t it? Sometimes people know exactly the right thing to say and it sticks with you forever. Everytime you refer back to that memory, you are healed all over again. Lovely poetry.. so meaningful. It touches on real experiences while also being somewhat abstract. You are a brilliant writer x

    Liked by 1 person

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