Music of the Month – October

Hello my loves,

Here’s October’s music!


positions (the album) – ariana grande

Positions (album) - Wikipedia

What can I say. What can I say other than SHE KILLED IT. I’m so glad she’s back !! Unpopular opinion here but this definitely didn’t give me the same wow-factor that her previous albums did however, as I’m listening to it more and more I’m slowly growing to really love it and I know that this album wasn’t intended to be a bunch of hits and so on and so fourth. Either way I still love it a lot and my favourites are of course (positions) and love language, I also really love safety net and hair.

calm – 5sos

Calm (album) - Wikipedia

Another album I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this month is CALM by 5SOS. When this originally came out I listened to a few songs here and there but it wasn’t a staple album for me (compared to their previous ones) however this month I’ve just been listening to the album the whole way through over and over and every song is a serious hit. Sometimes it takes me a while to warm to things and this was definitely one of them for me – I’m so glad it’s happened now though! What an album.

still have me – demi lovato

So needed. I love her and always will, and I’m very proud of her.

skiptracing – mild high club

Such a good song! Someone recommended this to me and I was like wow I love this – reminds me of so many things, mostly a nostalgic kind of 60s Summer (aka, my dream). The sound sounds like a dream, really. One of the comments on the video is “sounds just like being stoned in southern Spain as the sun kisses the horizon whilst looking through a kaleidoscope at an old videotape of your teenage memories” and I’d say that was pretty accurate.

sweet melody – little mix

So catchy but then again, when do LM release a song that isn’t. This keeps getting stuck in my head and I’m absolutely not complaining.

i’m always sad cos i’m ugly – suggi

The title of this song is what made me listen to it because literally me in a sentence but the music also absolutely did not disappoint! Seriously such a cute lil song and very relatable.

falling for you – jaden ft. justin bieber

Such a cute little Summery song, huge Pharrell / Despicable Me vibes. Guaranteed you can’t listen to this song without a huge smile on your face because it’s the sweetest little tune and I love it so much

baby, i’m jealous – bebe rexha ft. doja cat

This came up on my Youtube recommended and I was like okay let’s listen – OBSESSED. Such a good song and so catchy, I actually think this is my most played song of the month because it’s just so catchy (also the intro to the MV is fab).



any – stray kids

The chorus of this I could happily listen to on repeat for the rest of my life – so so so catchy and Felix’s whole anyanywnayshajksd section is the most addictive thing ever – 10/10 would listen to the entire song just to hear that part.

dancing in the rain – nct u

NCT need to start putting PG warnings on their songs because it’s like they just can’t help themselves these days. THIS IS A KID’s SHOW. Either way this song is so good and I lovelove.

faded in my last song – nct u

Really obsessed with the title of this song as well as the song itself, but the name just sounds really cool imo and so does the actual song. 10/10 would recommend.

from home – nct u

If I was looking to cry this month it seems I found the perfect song because WHAT AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER THIS ONE IS. Seriously such a beautiful song with an equally beautiful music video – they did this all so well. My heart.

savage love remix – bts

Of course this was going to make an appearance here and, listening to Jungkook say fuck is now the first-found cure for depression. It’s cured mine. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

work hard – dkb

I can’t even remember how I found this song (think it was on my YT recommended) but I’m so glad I did because I’m absolutely obsessed with it – it’s my favourite Kpop song of the month by far. So, so catchy and the dance routine is so good and the MV is so good and yikes, everything is just so good. This group deserves so much more recognition !! Super glad I found them.


And there we have it loves!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

21 thoughts on “Music of the Month – October

  1. I remember being IN LOVE with Ariana’s earlier music (except for Put Your Hearts Up, I like to pretend that song doesn’t exist like I am sure she does!) but I have not loved her recent music as much. It feels more commercialised compared to her earlier songs which felt more personal. Have not listened to her latest album yet though so could be wrong.
    It took me a while to listen to CALM as well but when I finally did, I was IN LOVE! Their music has definitely changed from their earlier albums but so has my music taste! It was like their music grew up along with me (which would made sense, seeing as they are growing older too haha).
    Have you listened to Ashton’s solo singles yet?
    Little Mix is one of those artists who I love all of their songs played on the radio but would never see them in concert on their own. A bit like Maroon 5. Love their music but not one of my favourite artists. xx

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    1. One of my surprise favourite artists this past month has been Gabriel Conte. I am not really a fan of his YouTube channel but his music has blown me away! Would highly recommend I’m Not Sorry (also the music video is very cute, I’m in love with his wife Jess). xx

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      1. I’ve been subscribed to Jess for a few years now though I rarely watch her videos, I listened to their music a couple of years ago and it was nice but not something I’d actively listen to however I’ll give that one a try! xx

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    2. Hahaha her reaction whenever someone brings that song up always makes me laugh, for me thank u, next is her most personal album to date – very sad and very heavy and Positions is also personal but a lot more upbeat and fun, I think she’s just experimenting with sounds and doing what she wants to do and I’d say that was very much her! A lot of critics have actually slated Positions for not having any “hits” on it so if that doesn’t tell you that it’s not commercialised I don’t know what will – you should definitely give it a try!

      When I first listened to CALM I liked it but not as much as their older albums so I was like eh, okay, however, over time the songs kept getting stuck in my head (Wildflower seems to be the one that pops up ALL the time) and so I decided to start giving the album a play through from the beginning and wow it’s sick !! So many great songs on there, it’s one of those that you don’t skip a single track because they’re all so good. This happens with me sometimes where it takes me a while (I’m talking years sometimes) to get into an album but then once I do I’m OBSESSED. I have listened to Ashton’s singles yes, I love the message behind them and the fact that they’re very much art however, not really something I’d probably go back and choose to listen to. That could all change over time though! xx

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  2. So I just checked out Love Language from ARI – ooh girl I love it. Lemme take a while with this comment because I want to listen to your recs hehe. Okay omg I’m LOVING MY HAIR. It’s so my vibe ahhh obsessed okay this one I have to download hehe! Such an amazing feel to the song too, lush! Thanks for recommending this hehe ❀
    Erm that Skiptracing song is such a groovy vibe – totally nostalgic in your heart feels kind of energy. Will have to download this too, I love.
    OMG LITTLE MIX could they be any hotter? Love the song love the vid ahhh! Obsessed!
    the first part of falling for you gives me angus thongs & perfect snogging vibes – like from the soundtrack or something. So precious!! Like Teenage Kicks song vibes omg love.
    You are recommending the best music here Chloe!
    Thanks so much for sharing honestly, loving the recs xxx

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    1. Eeeee it’s so good right?! You are so cute haha thank you for such a creative comment !! I love how you did this. LM’s album came out a couple days ago – have you had chance to listen yet?? I think you’d LOVE it !! xxx


  3. I love how you give importance to all types of music and you don’t criticize them by their language (a lot of people do). I have a blog post request, (if you’ve done it could you reply w the link?) how did you first get into kpop + kpop recommendations

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    1. Of course! Music knows no boundaries, especially not language. I’ve spoken a little over the years about how I got into Kpop, it was initially through BTS which I spoke about here (under the ‘learning Spanish’ section) but I have actually had a Kpop rec post in my drafts for the longest time now – maybe this is the little kick I need to get it finished haha, I’ll also add a better description of how I got into Kpop there for you as well (and hopefully it’ll be up soon). Thank you for the request !! xx

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