Music of the Month – November

Hello my loves,

Here’s November’s music!


summertime in paris – jaden ft. willow

I love it so much when these two come together, they make magic – this song is no exception. So beautiful.

honeymood fades – sabrina carpenter

I saw the title of this and thought it was really interesting so decided to take a listen, and I like it! Sabrina Carpenter isn’t someone I normally listen to but this song was really nice, I like the concept of it.

levitating – dua lipa

This song has been played everywhere constantly recently but surprisingly I’m not getting that over-played kind of feeling from it – I can listen to it all day on the radio at work and then get home and still want to play / listen to it off my own accord. That makes a great song in my eyes. I love the whole dreamy, nostalgic, retro vibe of this. Lovelovelove.

not a pop song – little mix

This surprisingly is the only song I really like off of Little Mix’s new album (minus the singles) which is really sad as usually I love most of their music but for some reason this time it just wasn’t there for me. However, this song is really good and I love how honest they are in it.

prisoner – miley cyrus ft. dua lipa

The music video for this is single handedly the best thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know who I want to be more, I’ve literally never seen two hotter people. Ever. I love the whole rock vibe and the song in general is just so good – this has started being played on the radio recently and I’m so happy about it because I get so excited whenever it comes on. Such a good song.



the answer – ab6ix

So catchy !! Kpop for me is the epitome of catchy and this is no exception, I really like it.

life goes on – bts

My little angel babies have done it again and I’m so happy and thankful to them for continuing to bring out beautiful music that means so much to so many people. They never fail to amaze me.

telepathy – bts

Just…the coolest. Seriously. Need I say more? I love the idea that they’re just messing around whilst simultaneously making good music.

dis-ease – bts

Again, just the coolest. Reminds me a lot of something you’d hear in Summer, I love what Hobi did with this and the way he titled it. Reminds me a lot of telepathy as it has the same vibe – also, JK’s runs? Help.

blue hour – txt

Just cute and happy, aka, TXT all over. Also, Yeonjun in a pink crop top? Screaming.


And there we have it loves!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

11 thoughts on “Music of the Month – November

  1. Prisoner is such a good song, it always makes me feel so sassy and empowered. In fact pretty much all of Mileys songs make me feel like a boss ass bitch hahaha. Thank you for sharing such amazing recommendations (as always!) xxx

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  2. I LOVED Sabrina Carpenter’s first album – it was released during her Disney days and was so playful and unlike any of the other music I was listening to. I love how as she has grown older, the music has matured with her but yet it has remained so playful and honest. xx

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