my 2020 year in music

Hi my loves,

It’s that time again…my yearly Spotify wrap-up – 2020 edition. I love doing this each year and I think that this year may be an interesting one – usually I listen to Spotify a lot in the car as well as at home however, the pandemic meant I couldn’t go out anywhere and drive too much this year which I (assume?) may have doubled my at-home listening time instead. Let’s see.

To see my 2018 wrap-up, click here.

To see my 2019 wrap-up, click here.

Let’s go…


New Artists




I didn’t even know 164 genres existed…

Top Genres


I think it’s fair to say I like pop?…
((also what’s the Australian pop about…))

Are we really surprised…





I mean…yeah. Are we surprised? No, not at all. I didn’t write a whole post about this song for nothing.

Top Songs


Top Decade


This is no surprise to me at all as I love the early 2000s music so much.

Top Artist


Again, are we surprised? No sir. I’d say that was 16 hours well spent.



Top Artists


I feel like I had this problem last year (??) but I don’t know why Justin Bieber or Chris Brown are on this list…



233 hours…well spent?

In 2018 my listening time was 350 hours and in 2019 it was 279 hours so, we seem to be improving!


Have you done a Spotify wrapped yet?? What were your results ??

All my love,

Chloe .xx

15 thoughts on “my 2020 year in music

  1. My top artist was Maisie Peters (which makes sense since I discovered her this year so had a bit of a binge listening session!) and my top song was Bathroom Floor by Maddie & Tae (which is a really good song but also a post break-up song so not sure why I listened to it so much!). Taylor Swift, Sarah Close & 5SOS also all appeared in my top 5. xx

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    1. I discovered Maisie a few years ago now when she performed at the Gleam Christmas party and Zoe vlogged it hahah, I thought her voice was so sweet !! I’ll check out that other song too, you’re always coming through with great recs! xx

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  2. Oml this blog post idea is so good tho๐Ÿ’€!! Do you mind if I do something like this and tag you?? I don’t have Spotify because it isn’t available here, so I’ll probably make do with another variation๐Ÿ˜‚

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