Music of the Month – December

Hello my loves,

Here’s my (late) December music! Only a couple of descriptions in this post as for the first time ever I don’t have time to write all of them! I am so behind on everything and if I leave this post any longer it’ll be August before I finally get it posted. Apologies!


evermore – taylor swift

Evermore (Taylor Swift album) - Wikipedia

First of all we have to of course talk about evermore by the incredible woman that is, Taylor Swift.
Link to my post of my screaming about that here.

wtf do i know – miley cyrus

plastic hearts – miley cyrus

teach me how to love – shawn mendes

look up at the stars – shawn mendes

boyshit – madison beer



i can’t stop me – twice

flicker – enhypen

I can’t remember if I’ve spoke about this irk of mine on here before but basically, this song was originally performed on I-LAND and I absolutely loved it, it was my favourite song on the show and I was so excited to finally get a studio version of it. Even though the original lineup has changed there’s still a good 60% of the original members on the studio version but for some reason the studio version has been made approximately a million octaves higher ??? Don’t get it. The original was supposed to be dark and sultry (which it was) but the studio version sounds essentially chipmunked in comparison. I’ve no idea what BigHit were thinking when they did this but I was SO sad about it and you’re probably thinking Chlo why are you mentioning it then if you dislike it so much and the answer to that is that I don’t dislike it AS SUCH I just dislike the massive change they made to it however the more I listen the more it grows on me and the more I forget about the original version which I’m hoping will happen sooner rather than later because then maybe I’ll be able to enjoy this 100% and not cry about the fact BigHit killed off the original version which was the best thing I’d ever heard. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

walk the line – enhypen

I’m going to also complain about this one too so be prepared (I’m on a roll today guys). Basically, the last 50 seconds of this intro is the best thing I’ve ever heard, however, I hate the fact we have to listen to one minute of talking (no offence Jake) before we get to is as I’d love to just have a full version of the latter part of the intro. Also, I don’t understand why they edited Jake’s voice the way they did as it gives him this really weird lisp effect (????)  – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a lisp of course, I’m just confused as to why they edited Jake’s voice so that it makes him sound like he has a lisp, which he doesn’t in real life. CONFUSED.

let me in (20 cube) – enhypen

Cute, is all I can say. They’re just cute aren’t they. I mean really. Also the point / highlight choreo in this…I need to calm down.

tell me tell me – dkb

Again, they’re just so cute and underrated (!!!)

married to the music – shinee

The most iconic thing on the whole planet and I’m ready to fight anyone who thinks otherwise. Who’s doing it like SHINee? No one. Unbeatable KINGS. The music video is just…well. Watch it. Best decision you’ll ever make.


And there we have it!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

17 thoughts on “Music of the Month – December

  1. I love how you just included the entire album for Evermore instead of picking a favourite song! Is No Body No Crime still your favourite song or have you discovered another one?
    Have you heard Driving License by Olivia Rodrigo yet? I think you would really like that song seeing as she is being classed as Taylor Swift’s ‘baby’.
    Also I think you would like Woman by Avenue Beat – I am obsessed with the chorus! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No Body No Crime is still my fave yes !! I love it so much, I think it’s because it had that country vibe that I’ve missed so much. What’s your favourite ?? ✨

      Yes I have heard it !! I am absolutely obsessed omg. One of the best songs I’ve ever heard! Fear not it’ll be featured in my January music haha, it’s incredible. I’ll check out Woman because you know my taste so well !! 💞xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is my favourite too! I love HAIM as well so was guaranteed to love the song anyway.
        I am obsessed! Cannot believe that she is only 17!
        Did you check it out? How did you like it? xx


  2. I love Married To The Music!!

    Also, I hope you know that it’s entirely your fault I jumped all over Evermore when it came out. 😉 Like Folklore, it’s pure art. I think you’ve made a Swiftie out of me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So excited for Evermore! Taylor is amazing! Which song is your fave on the album? I think ‘Tolerate It’ is incredible those lyrics woah!!! But of course I love it all and need to get the music on my phone because I got the cd hehe! That Madison Beer song has intrigued me, I will have to listen! Thanks for sharing lovely ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No Body No Crime all the way !! I just love the country feel of it which I have missed SO much, not to mention the actual storyline of the song…THE BEST. Tolerate It is also so beautiful, the lyrics are amazing! Thanks for being so supportive as always angel ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No Body No Crime gives me chills – it’s sooo good I love Taylor’s story telling ah it’s so good!!!! I agree and Champagne Problems too… ohmygosh, I just love. Also from Folklore I adore The Lakes ah Taylor is a Goddess! of course my love, lots of love xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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