a 2021 book haul

Hello my loves,

I buy so many books these days that I basically never get around to doing hauls for them, because I buy books and then I’m like oh but I’ve also just ordered another 500 so I’ll wait until those arrive and then I’ll add them onto the end of this haul and then I buy another 500 and so I wait again and yada yada. You get the idea. The hauls never get posted and then they just end up including 2000 books in them when I do go to write them because I just keep adding to it. FUN.

Another problem I have is that by the time half of my book hauls do actually go up I’ve already read and posted a review for most of the books in them so I’m like…what’s the point in hauling them when you guys have already seen half of them. I love being a procrastinator.

So anyway, I’m just quickly going to whiz through these because there are so many and I don’t want to be here all day – these have books I’ve acquired over the last few months and I have already done reviews for some of them which I will link below. Enjoy!


Woven in Moonlight (x2) – Isabel Ibanez

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This book = totally gorgeous and definitely a cover buy – I actually bought a second edition (the FairyLoot edition) before I’d even read it because I couldn’t decide which one I liked more so I just bought both. The FairyLoot edition is signed and as you can see is a lilac colour instead of black, it also has some beautiful artwork on the inside of the dust jacket! Review here.


Let’s Go Swimming On Doomsday – Natalie C. Anderson

Also a cover buy – I saw this recommended on Goodreads and thought this cover was one of the most beautiful I’d ever seen, it’s so gorgeous! This type of book is also not something I usually read, so I’m really looking forward to trying it out.


The Hand On the Wall – Maureen Johnson

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The third and final instalment of the Truly Devious series (which I am obsessed with) – review here.


Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel

The Mirror and the Light hardback is something I knew I’d 100% have on my bookshelves because it’s so gorgeous but of course, it’s the last book in the Thomas Cromwell trilogy and therefore I needed to read the other two books first, so here we have the first book in the series, Wolf Hall. I’m currently reading this and loving it! I wanted to own the books in this series so I could put them together on my shelves with The Mirror and the Light, otherwise I probably would have just read the first two on Kindle. I bought this copy secondhand because the covers for the first two books in the series are nowhere near as beautiful as The Mirror and the Light so I wasn’t bothered about owning brand new copies, I also kind of like the secondhand feel of this big Tudor book, it fits really well.


The Mirror and the Light – Hilary Mantel

And here we have the star of the show !! As aforementioned, I always knew I wanted to own this but it’s quite expensive (and rightly so) however, I saw it on Waterstones for 50% off and it was in my basket and on its way to me before I even knew what was happening. This book is so, so gorgeous it’s just…a dream. I’m obsessed. The cover underneath the dust jacket is this piercing blue colour with gold engraving in it and wow…I’m just obsessed.


The Dutch House – Ann Patchett

Review for this here – such a gorgeous cover! I thoroughly enjoyed and loved this book.


Women Don’t Owe You Pretty – Florence Given

A gorgeous signed edition and totally funky, it also has gold sprayed edges! Review here.


Breathless – Jennifer Niven

There was no way I wasn’t going to own this because you know…my favourite lady ever. Visually I preferred the original cover of this compared to the Waterstones exclusive (which is this one) but after I thought about it for a while I realised that for sentimental reasons I actually think I like this one more, because it follows the same layout as the cover of All the Bright Places, which is my favourite book of all time. Also off topic but the spine for this is really cute. Book review here.


The Secret Commonwealth – Philip Pullman

I read the first book in this duology in March 2019 and thought it was about time I got around to reading the second one and so…here we are!


Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

I loved Gone Girl and I loved Dark Places and so I wanted to complete the “trilogy” (obviously it’s not a trilogy, but it feels like it) with Sharp Objects. I’m very excited to read !!


Florida – Lauren Groff

Something I’ve wanted to buy for a long time but it was always a bit pricey for my liking however, I found a really good deal on this secondhand hardback and finally bought it! Book review here.


Nevermoor, The Trials of Morrigan Crow – Jessica Townsend

Long story short I saw the third book in this series everywhere and the cover really intrigued me and I wanted to own it, but of course I couldn’t just start reading from the third book so here we are. This is the first book in the series and it’s the same situation as the Thomas Cromwell trilogy, basically. I want to own the third book but I didn’t want to read the other two on Kindle and so I had to buy physical copies instead, which I will donate after reading as I only want to own (and keep) the third one when I get to it!  This is a middle grade which I never read but I’ve seen a lot of my favourite booktubers buy and read middle grades so I guess I’m joining the club because so many people loved this book (including them), so I thought why not!


Scythe Trilogy – Neal Shusterman

As you guys know I love dystopians and so seeing people talk about this trilogy really intrigued me…so I decided to pick up the whole lot, which is something I never do. I think the covers for these are really cool as well, I’m currently reading Scythe and am absolutely loving it so I cannot wait to make my way through the series – this set also had a really good offer going on and I couldn’t believe my luck! Review for Scythe here.


And there we have it loves! I’ve bought…literally another 20 books since writing this post because I seriously can’t control myself so stay tuned for another book haul very soon.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

18 thoughts on “a 2021 book haul

  1. I can’t imagine how lovely your bookshelves must look, oh my god! Loved this haul. Hope you enjoy Sharp Objects as much as I did, it was one of my favourite books from 2019! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m doing a whole re-vamp off them right now to try and make them look as aesthetically pleasing as possible so we’ll see how that goes!! Haven’t read Sharp Objects yet but I’m excited to get to it, glad you enjoyed it so much !! xx


  2. How do you have enough space for all these hard copies?!? I have filled up my one bookcase and have been forbidden from buying any further books unless I switch it out for another book! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhh I love basically every cover on the books you got here!! I’m so tempted to make my own book-ish post just because I’m the same, I’ve bought so many more books in the last few months and it’s a bit of a joke. So many good books being released as well….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg doooo it !! I love book hauls so much, though I’m not sure my bank account can say the same haha. So many beautiful covers! This isn’t even all of them at this point, I’ve had to split them into two posts because I seriously went overboard this time – the addiction is real!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. All of these covers are soo pretty, I think itโ€™s the main reason why I canโ€™t fully convert to only reading from my kindle. I canโ€™t give up pretty front covers on my bookshelf! I have sharp objects on my to read pile so I hope itโ€™s as good as gone girl! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh 100% – I love my Kindle but I could never give up physical books, they’re too beautiful and I’m too obsessed. Nothing beats reading a physical book and turning the pages, also, cute bookmarks !! I read Gone Girl and Dark Places and loved both of them so I’m hoping Sharp Objects will be just as good! I’m sure it will .xx


  5. I’m so impressed you bought a whole series at once ๐Ÿ˜‚ what a leap of faith!! But it is a pretty dang good series — I still need to read the last one but I just don’t want it to end ๐Ÿ˜ญ


        1. Oh my goodness please ignore me I’m an idiot ๐Ÿ˜ญ I also bought the Illuminae trilogy and thought I put it in this haul but didn’t !! You probably had no idea what I was talking about hahaha. Sorry !! xx


          1. Lol no worries! Now I wish I HAD said Illuminae so then you’d be like, WAIT HOW DID YOU KNOW O.O ๐Ÿ˜‰ getting so many books that you can’t keep track seems like a decent problem to have ๐ŸŽ‰

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! If you click the link under the photo itโ€™ll take you to my review of it which is more in depth but long story short, not worth the read really! There are other books that discuss / cover the same things better ๐Ÿ’žxx

      Liked by 1 person

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