AD – Decorating with Poster Store

Hello my loves,

I’m so excited to share today’s blog post! Recently I re-decorated my entire room and therefore needed some beautiful wall art to fill the blank canvas that I now had to work with which is of course, always exciting. Re-decorating means starting fresh and I love that idea – my space is important to me and my room is like my little sanctuary, I want people to walk into it and instantly get an idea of who I am. This time around I wanted to go with a different vibe and feel for my room as I’d grown and changed since last decorating it and therefore, I wanted to display things and decorate it in a way that reflected this. I love art and I think what you choose to display in your space really says a lot about you, so when Poster Store got in contact to see if I’d be interested in choosing some of their beautiful posters in order to decorate my walls, I jumped at the chance.

Poster Store are an online store that sell beautiful and affordable prints and frames with a Scandinavian design, giving you all the inspiration you need in order to create your own gallery wall to tailor-make for your space. They have an array of designs and themes suited for every taste, from love to architecture , they also release a new poster collection every Tuesday in order to make sure you always have new and exciting designs to choose from. All of their posters are printed on sustainably produced, high-quality paper, helping to minimise their carbon footprint on the environment, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re shopping in an environmentally friendly way, with a company who care about making a positive difference.

When decorating my room I always go for neutral tones with pops of colour here and there, and this time around I was feeling very pink. As you guys know, I absolutely love Frida Kahlo (I mean, I have her face tattooed on me) and so when I saw this print I immediately fell in love and knew I had to have it – I got it in the 50x70cm size with a white wooden frame to match, and it looks incredible! Such an eye catcher and definitely a huge contender for the centrepiece of any wall.

I also love a dusky, nostalgic pink theme as well as a citrus fruit or two if my tattoos are anything to go by, so as soon as I saw the Valencia Orange poster I just knew that again, I had to have it. I got this one in the slightly smaller size of 30x40cm with a copper frame to match, and this is the perfect size if you don’t have much wall space to work with or would like to hang multiple prints on the wall, inspiration for which you can get from the Gallery Wall section of Poster Store’s website, a great tool to help you out with placements, colours and themes if you’re looking for some new ideas!

Downstairs we have more of a neutral, monochrome theme and so I thought the Watercolour Hands, A Glass of Champagne and Love posters would fit this beautifully, which they did. They’re incredibly classy and elegant and look great dotted around the house. I got the Champagne and Watercolour Hands in the 30x40cm size with accompanying black wooden frames to match, and the Love poster in the cute A4 size of 21x30cm with another accompanying black wooden frame to match – this was the perfect size to prop up on any surface area, which you can see I’ve done in the photo.

Thank you so much to Poster Store for getting in contact and wanting to collaborate – they’ve also very kindly provided me with the discount code CHLOE50 for my followers to get 50% off on all posters except selection posters and frames. Please note it’s not combinable with other discount campaigns and is valid from 12th – 19th August only! The link to shop their posters is here!

Hope you enjoyed this post my loves and again, thank you so much to Poster Store for wanting to work with me!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

6 thoughts on “AD – Decorating with Poster Store

  1. Amazing! It’s so great that they release new poster collections every Tuesday too, how exciting! I just love the prints you chose, my love. The first print goes perfectly with your bookshelf and the fruity print has such relaxing colours, I also love the hands, so sweet and reminds you of the importance of love and Unity! Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing ❤ xxx

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