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Cove, Scotland – A Photo Diary

Hello my loves,

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I drove up to Scotland for the weekend and it was such a nice, relaxing break! There’s actually not really much point in me doing a photo diary for this trip because I took hardly any photos and the ones I did take are all pretty uninteresting / of the same thing but I thought I’d post them anyway just as a little something to document them for myself. We stayed in a place called Cove which is essentially in the middle of nowhere and it was so nice to just be away from everyone and everything for a couple of days – the weather was also super gloomy which was an absolute dream for me, we literally just drove around listening to folklore and well…the vibes? Chef’s kiss. From where we stayed the loch was right in front of us as you opened the front door and it was just so calm and peaceful and lovely, we played board games and curled up watching Nativity (I’d never seen it before but the first two were on Netflix and can I just say…the funniest, most wholesome films). It was such a lovely trip and having never been to Scotland before, it definitely made me want to return again soon. Enjoy!


On the way there we ended up driving into what looked like a storm – look at those clouds!
When the weather eventually cleared up this was the view from our front door and it was absolutely beautiful!


And there we have it loves! You can check out all the other photo diaries I’ve done here.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

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