I got my 23rd tattoo!

Hello my loves,

The titles of these posts are getting a bit same-y now (but I don’t know what else to call them) – but this week I got my 23rd tattoo!

Age= 23
Placement = Top of left arm
Pain = 3-4 / 10
Price = £210

So as you can see, these are…flowers (what’s new in Chloe’s world). There’s no meaning behind this tattoo so not much to say in the grand scheme of deep things, but I basically had (quite a large) gap at the top of my left arm and wanted to fill it with something. The top of my right arm is filled, and the bottom of my left arm is filled, so it felt a little off balance as the top front of my left arm was just blank. I had an idea of what I wanted and so I sent some reference photos over to the artist and this is what she came up with – I absolutely love it!

In the reference photos, roses were used as the main flower and whilst I don’t have a problem with roses, I don’t think I’d like them very much on myself, plus they’re probably the most popular flower to get and they just…don’t really do it for me, so I asked for peonies instead (my favourite flower) – I already have a peony shoulder piece which I posted about here, and the more peonies, the better! I don’t mind getting multiple of the same flower because they always look different and each artist designs them differently, plus peonies are just so beautiful.

Pain-wise it didn’t hurt much at all, but I have quite a high pain tolerance so probably not the best to listen to me when trying to judge! The lines were a little sore as that part of the arm (upper and inner) is quite nippy, but other than that it was fine. My artist also added some white highlights in at the end which you can see in the photos (the detail and intricacy is just so beautiful, I’m obsessed). White ink always seems to be quite painful for me though for some reason, as whenever I have it it feels quite nippy. I asked my artist about it and she said there was no difference between that and normal ink and it’s probably just because it’s always done at the end of the tattoo and so your body is feeling the pain more, which makes sense.

look at that detail! 🥺 plus Frida poking out at the back🖤

Overall I’m absolutely in love with it, it was so inexpensive in my opinion for what it was and my artist did it in such a short amount time I was amazed, especially given the intricacy and the detail of it. My artist was concerned about how it would look on my arm because I’m quite small and wanted it quite big, but I didn’t want to make it any smaller as I wanted it to fill the space, and when the stencil was on it looked fine to me. When I got home however and looked at it properly there was a part of me that thought wow that is big, (which, it is) but it’s just because it’s incredibly dark at the moment due to it being fresh new ink, and I don’t regret having it that size at all. It doesn’t look that big in photos but in relation to the rest of my arm and how much space it covers, it is pretty much, huge.

And that’s everything loves! As I said I’ll get around to posting the other 4 tattoos soon (as of course, I’m sure you’re all dying to see them…sarcasm) and I’ll see you in my next post.

All my love,

Chloe .xx


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