my 2021 year in music

Hello my loves,

Welcome to my 2021 Spotify wrapped! This is my fourth year of posting these now, as I shared my 2018, 2019, 2020 and now…2021. Super fun to look back on and see what’s changed over the years in terms of how I spend my time listening to music so, let’s go!

Doesn’t surprise me – I was obsessed with this song at the beginning of the year!
No idea what the caption for this means but I did listen this one a lot
Probably my favourite from folklore…just pure magic
Nearly 260 hours…yikes
34 times in quick succession of each other may I add, I had it on repeat for about a week
aka everything I am not
are we surprised…nope (I imagine the Canadian pop is essentially Justin Bieber alone)
I only started listening to this recently as I discovered it about a month ago but yeah…massive binge
0.1%!! Yikes. I’ve had a very anxious last few months and it may sound weird but The Vamps make music that makes me feel safe and less anxious so I’ve been listening to them a lot lately, so this stat doesn’t surprise me at all
20 hours…
I will say I don’t know why Bieber is on there

As some of you may have noticed, there’s basically no Kpop on the list this year, which is crazy considering for the past few years Kpop has essentially been the only thing in my stats – as I said, super fun to see how habits have changed over time!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

13 thoughts on “my 2021 year in music

  1. Hey we’ve got some favorite artists in similar!!! I love Taylor, Ariana and Bieber too. And Demi’s whole album dancing with the devil is a masterpiece I must say, I even reviewed it on my blog.
    Glad to find another blogger who listens to K-pop! I’m a huge fan of K-pop and Korean culture.
    Nice to meet you Chloe!

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  2. omg the blt song LOL my cousin got me into the song and then got me into more of treasure’s songs I couldn’t help it, they’re good singers!
    I’m currently trying to look for more songs because I keep listening to the same over n over. Hopefully 2022 will be different!

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    1. they definitely are !! all their songs are suuuper catchy – & same !! trying to be more open minded with music and give things outside of my comfort zone a go, iโ€™ve been listening to a lot of full albums lately & i also bought spotify premium so iโ€™ve been using the radio feature a lot which has really helped !! xx

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