i got 5 new tattoos!

Hello my loves,

A little bit out of order here as I mentioned in this post where I shared my most recent tattoo – the 5 I’m showing in today’s post I actually got before that tattoo but…your girl never got around to posting them (I was actually just waiting to take photos of them and I still haven’t done that much of a good job even now please bear with).

So back in August, after being unable to get tattooed throughout COVID all of my appointments got pushed back and then I went a bit crazy on booking appointments so…they all kind of happened at once.

I’m super excited to show the first four tattoos, as the artist I had them done by is one of my absolute favourites and someone I’ve dreamed of getting tattooed by for the longest time, but they literally hardly ever open their books because they’re always fully booked. I think in the 3+ years I’ve been following them (given we have of course spent a good year in lockdown) I’ve only seen them open their books once, and that was just after I began following them and didn’t know what I even wanted tattooed yet.

I got 4 tattoos at this particular appointment because as I said, this is one of my favourite artists and I’ve basically been building ideas up for a long time, so when they opened their books I was like okay I’m just going to throw everything at them and see how much they can do for me. Luckily they agreed to do everything and I was so happy!

Usually I’d do separate posts for all of my tattoos but these ones don’t really have any meaning (they’re just gorgeous) and so I’ll go through them all here instead.


Bumble Bee

Age= 23
Placement = Inside right arm
Pain = 2 / 10

I love this tattoo so much, sosososo much. He is so cute !!! My little fluffy bee. I LOVE HIM. I think he’s my new favourite tattoo, he’s just the cutest little thing. And the sparkles !!! OBSESSED. I’d been wanting a bee tattoo for the longest time but knew he had to be perfect and no other artist drew a more perfect bee than this one so I knew I wanted to wait in order to get it specifically done by them. I just love honeycombs and bees and the whole bee “aesthetic” and bee jewellery and just everything about bees I find so sweet and I just really love them. My surname also begins with a B, so throughout my life I’ve always been known as Chloe B because Chloe isn’t exactly an uncommon name. This tattoo is basically just a tribute to bees (SAVE THE BEES) because I love them and also to myself and I guess my family name because I’ve always been Chloe Bee. I love my new little fluffy boy so much.


Mulan Comb

Age= 23
Placement = Inside right ankle
Pain = 2 / 10

This one was completely random and last minute and has absolutely no meaning. I was going through photos of the tattoos my artist had previously done and saw this one and just thought…I want one. It’s a little Mulan comb with some flowers and sparkles round it and it’s absolutely beautiful. The one in the original photo was a lot smaller than the one my artist did for me, as originally I was only planning on having it as a small piece on the side of my ankle (just a little bit bigger than my bee) but the stencil my artist used was a lot bigger and basically wrapped around the side of my ankle instead and when they put it on my leg…I really liked the look of it, so I stuck with the size and I’m so glad I did! This one again is just absolutely gorgeous and has no meaning – I’ve never even seen Mulan (shock horror, I know) but I understand the premise and what this comb represents which is perfectly fitting because it’s also what I stand for. It was funny because as my artist was tattooing it they started talking to me about the Mulan film and I was like yeah funny story…never actually seen it. They were like what?! Why am I tattooing this comb on you then?! It was funny.


Leafy Wraparound

Age= 23
Placement = Right wrist
Pain = 2 / 10

Again…absolutely obsessed. This tattoo is just so beautiful and I love it so much, I cannot stop looking at it. I think it complements my wrist / hand beautifully and it’s just so elegant and perfect. I’d had this idea for a long time as I needed something to go on this wrist and I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than this – again, one of my new favourites because I think it’s just so perfectly placed and as I said, complements the area perfectly. I was torn between having the leaves extended further onto my hand but didn’t in the end, so they do extend on to it but not as far as I could have done, which I’m planning to do in future when I’m ready. I’ve received so many compliments on this tattoo!



Age= 23
Placement = Top of right arm
Pain = 2 / 10

First of all, apologies for the awful photo of this – really hard to get a good picture of this part of my arm (by myself) and in it looks warped because of the way I’m twisting my arm (we move). I had a gap on the top of my arm that needed filling and I’d been seeing these vases everywhere and had fallen in love with them, so I asked my artist to design one and what can I say…they again did an absolutely perfect job. I’ve received so many compliments on this tattoo – the detailing is insane, especially considering how small and intricate it is. Cannot believe this art is on my body still. I asked for a little crescent moon to be put inside the vase as of course, I love the moon and I wanted the design to be a little more personal to me so I thought having the moon in there as a finishing touch would be perfect. I love this one so much !!



Age= 23
Placement = Left ankle
Pain = 4 / 10
Price = £90

(This photo was taken straight after it had been done so it’s still quite inky and still has some stencil on there).

This is the fifth tattoo I got recently but this one was done by a different artist, they’re just some roses on the side of my leg – I’ve been wanting to start properly on my legs for a while now and when I saw this artist doing these types of designs I thought it’d fit really well. With my legs I always go for stronger and less daintier designs because I feel like my legs require stronger tattoos if that makes any sense, as opposed to my arms which can be smaller and daintier. I wouldn’t get a design like this on the rest of my body for example but on my legs I would. Again, this tattoo has no meaning, I just wanted to start on my legs and I think the design / placement complements the area really well – it looks so cute with shoes! I also got another tattoo done by this artist on the same day which was my Red tattoo which I posted about a couple of months ago here.

And there we have it loves, I’ll see you in my next post!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

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14 thoughts on “i got 5 new tattoos!

  1. OH MY GOD AAAH!! I did not know you had so many tattoos and learning this fact is bringing me so much joy!!! I absolutely love all your tattoos, Chloe, they fit in so perfectly with who I think you are just from reading your posts. They’re so beautiful!

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  2. CHLOE! These are all so pretty!! I love the leaves and the Mulan comb the most I think haha, Mulan is in my top 5 Disney movies so I knew what it was as soon as I saw it!! These tats suit you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. They’re all gorgeous! I LOVE that little bee! Oh my gosh so cute. And that wraparound is stunning. If I could get tattooed, I think that’s the kind I would get! And last, WATCH MULAN! Not that I’m a Disney freak (except that of course I am), but it’s a really good one and I think you’d enjoy it. Plus, you have her comb tattooed on you now, so you’re kind of obligated. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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