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what i got for christmas 2021 🎄

Hello my loves,

Didn’t really feel like making one of these posts this year but as I was tidying my Christmas things away earlier I thought I might as well because I haven’t posted any Christmas content so far, and the things I do have to post are all depressing because it’s just me crying about how anxiety is ruining my life.

So! Here’s a few of the things I got for Christmas this year, these are just the ones that were easiest to photograph, basically, because I’m lazy and currently going through a midlife crisis. Enjoy!


first thing I got was a book cart! I basically wanted somewhere to store all of my unread books so I could have them all in one place and I like how it turned out!
one of the gifts from my best friend was this beautiful picture which basically made me cry because let’s be honest, I’m always sad and having a breakdown and she knows this and so the quote was just perfect, especially coming from her. I love this gift so much
I got these Vivienne Westwood sliders, it’s a collaboration with Melissa (no idea who Melissa is) but I love Vivienne Westwood and so really wanted these
I got…more Jellycat. Yes I’m turning 24 in less than a month, yes I ask for Jellycat every year (if you saw last year’s what I got for Christmas post it’s basically a repeat) but I’ll always love soft baby toys that cure my depression thank you and goodnight
my brother got me this lovely Pandora charm which was super sweet
naturally I love everything Chloe (my Chloe boots are my favourite things ever) and so of course I was super happy to get more Chloe perfume, I can never have enough!
I got these lovely “dance to the music of the stars” themed gifts, a little jewellery box and mug – super cute!
I got the Penguin Classic editions of Virginia Woolf’s work, I love her and have most of these books already but I wanted the classic editions because they’re so beautiful and look great together on my shelf
I also got a dash cam! This one is for the front and back of your car and I figured because of the car I drive and how many dash cam compilations I’ve seen on Youtube lately, I should probably get one


And there we have it loves! Just a few pictures to basically make up for the lack of Christmas content this year and the fact that most of what a I’ve been posting lately is probably quite depressing and sad (but that’s because, I am). I hope you all had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate xxx

All my love,

Chloe .xx


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14 thoughts on “what i got for christmas 2021 🎄

  1. Vivvy West is a doll, I love her entire brand! I have no idea who Melissa is tho lmao
    The book cart is so freaking cute! I want one but I don’t read enough to put it to good use :’)
    I hope this year is a good one for you! x
    minae ♡

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  2. Sending best wishes and I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I love the book cart, I am sooo tempted to get one especially as I have to shove books all over the place now that I’ve ran out of room on my bookshelf 😅 and I absolutely love the art print your best friend gave you 😍😍

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  3. lol fr though who the heck is melissa?
    the book cart is supa cute and im wondering what your chloe boots look like. i got some sneakers that i absolutely love! i want more items from them but gosh they are expensive.
    the dash cam looks really good i got one for free and i love it but i think it’s better to have a seperate cam for the back and not just one that records the inside and your face cuz idk why u need to see me face if i get in a crash? will probably be embarrassing but whatever
    have a nice day!

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    1. They’re the Chloe Betty Rain-boots in black !! I wanna try and get them in different colours 🥺 Yes Chloe is so expensive, 90% of it is so overpriced for what it is !! My dash cam is for the front and back but omg that made me laugh so much “why will you need to see my face if I’m in a crash” 😭😭 HAHAHA I love this comment it made me smile hope you had a great Christmas if you celebrate lovely !! Xx


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