harry’s house 🏠

You knew it was coming. Queue first impressions.

20.05.22 – 12:00am


music for a sushi restaurant

omg how funky . he’s yelling . ok he just yelled . or screamed. whatever. lots of synth . WHAT IS THIS VOICE ???? i can’t understand a thing but i love it . he’s talking about food . what’s with this voice i’m obsessed . everything is soft. CAUSE I LOVE YOU BABE IN EVERY KIND OF WAY ????? help . alright now he’s harmonising with himself and it sounds like heaven . the angels have arrived. i love this choir . still can’t understand a thing . ok he’s saying music for a sushi restaurant . makes sense. you know i love you babe again . help . whatever he’s saying at the beginning of this chorus is great . i’m thinking about beauty school dropout from grease . i’ve never had sushi . or been in a sushi restaurant . if this is the vibe tho i’m there . he just screamed again . now another weird synth . LOVE .

late night talking

why does he sound so different i love it . WHO IS THIS ??? if ur feeling down i just wanna make u happier baby 😦 i love u . the chorus !!!! THE SOUND OF THIS CHORUS I LOVE WHATEVER TONE THIS IS YIKES . everything sounds so 80s and retro i’m obsessed !!!!! help . someone send help . the chorus is coming again i’m going to scream . help . i jus wanna make u happier baby (!!!) THE SOUND OF THE CHORUS HNNNG HELP. i love him . snip the chorus and play it on repeat for the rest of my life please and thank you . everything is so funky i love it.


1 2 3….who was THAT. why does this instrument sound a bit like a duck . not that i know what the instrument is …long intro. ok he’s singing in whispers please help . flowers for you ??? flowers for YOU more like . i understand nothing else . this is so lazy and chill and great . the whole thing sounds like it’s behind a screen and i’m not mad about it . it’s giving me rex orange county vibes and someone else i can’t think of . grape juice blues ???? help


some more synthy weirdness again i love it . something about nose bleeds and horoscopes . relatable . cocaine ??? not relatable but we’ll go for it . if i was a bluebird i would fly to you 😦 the sweetness . okay NOW we’re talking . the bass just kicked in . and cymbals ??? we’re on bicycles saying there’s life out there . sigh . sigh . you be the spoon dip you in honey so i could be sticking to ya . oh wow. this is so catchy i love . 

little freak

i literally have no idea what this is going to involve . jezebel ??? you bring blue lights to dreams . oh wow . somehow you’ve become some paranoia … yes. ok i think these are my favourite lyrics ever . definitely so far . this is poetry . the beauty !!! just thinking about you . (me @ harry at all times) did you dress up for halloween . why are these my favourite lyrics EVER i’m obsessed . reminds me of glass animals . think this might be my favourite song so far, how beautiful . 


before this has even started knowing what i know about it already i think it’s going to fuck me up . ok it’s started . i feel like i don’t want to type . you don’t have to be sorry for leaving and growing up … sigh . matilda you talk of the pain like it’s all alright, but i know that you feel like a piece of you’s dead inside … shit. you framed all your posters and dyed your clothes . i feel like i don’t want to type which is why there’s nothing written here . i don’t believe that time will change your mind . 


can we have something that’s not going to make me cry please . ok NOW we’re talking . YOU GOT THE CINEMA ??? pure funk . it’s you and i’m not getting over it (me @ harry forever). i just think you’re cool, i dig your cinema . do you think i’m cool too or am i too into ya ? HELP !!! this is so funky i’m obsessed . second favourite sound after little freak ?? i love this chorus so much yikes . oh he’s so cool . it’s unreal . now he’s yelling cinema . i want to be him . this is literally just pure funk i’m obsessed . he is the best . okay he just fucking screeched cinema i’m going to lose it . or scream . probably both . he is so fucking cool . 


FAVOURITE INTRO OF ANYTHING SO FAR HOLY SHIT . getting 5sos vibes from if these walls could talk . this intro is literally fucking GREAT . she said love me like you pay me holy FUCK. so give me all of your love give me something to dream about jeeeeez . this little intro they’ve got repeatedly playing slaps . SLAPS. this is going to be in my head forever . this music is so fucking good god help us if he ever stops . god help us all . i think this is new new second favourite after little freak . cinema is falling to third for now i’m sorry . this is so GOOD . this is disco hypnotic . HELP !! he just screeched again . play this song at my funeral goodnight

keep driving

this sounds like when you’ve been underwater in a swimming pool and you come up back into the world and everything is cold and close . or like an indie movie when they’re driving in the rain. like teotfw. ok he literally just said the word swimming pool so there’s that . hash brown egg yolk i will always love you 😦 go away harry literally get away from me you can’t write shit like this and expect everything to be alright some of us are trying to live around here . i don’t want to think about anything . cocaine side boob is that an actual thing i just heard . i hope so. should we just keep driving? yes, yes we should. the end.


these song titles are underwhelming that the songs themselves are even more surprising. that rhymed. do you wanna talk? yes, i’d love to. the chorus has kicked in it’s funkkkkky . everything here is funky . this whole album is funky i love it. if anyone could see me rn my head is bopping so much it might fall off. completely irrelevant to what’s happening right now but i just remembered i took a tablet about an hour ago and i’m not tired yet . anyway . OK THE BRIDGE . help. did i see this coming i think not . he’s screeching again when will it end i love this so much i can’t cope


did i hear this at coachella and say fuck you to my boyfriend who didn’t appreciate it in the slightest yes i did. to boyfriends everywhere, fuck you. i actually think i would’ve preferred to hear this for the first time as the studio version because i think the lyrics would’ve surprised me. a lot. in a good away. you’re no closer to him now you’re halfway home . fuck off harry . ok the lyrics are too much if i was a stronger person i’d skip this but we all know i won’t do that because who am i but a slave to this man . ok that’s enough next. i’m in pain . 

love of my life

me @ harry for the last 12 years of my life. 2010 was the beginning of the end. do we really have to start this with baby you’re the love of my life haven’t i already suffered enough. i thought this was about england i’d rather he sang about the chippy (cos we all love them). do we love england ?? yeah it’s alright i guess, there’s worse places for us to be. he’s not even singing about that . is he saying ARE the love of my life or were ??? i think were. i don’t know you half as well as all my friends jeeeez. i can see why this is the last song. thank god it is ‘cause i need a break. play this as we run down the aisle away from our to-be husbands because there’s a scandalous murder about to happen. or has it already happened? who knows


1) little freak
2) daydreaming
3) daylight


All my love,

Chloe .xx

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