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Tavistock, Devon – Photo Diary πŸŒΎ

Hello my loves,

My boyfriend and I went on holiday to Devon last week and had a really lovely time – here’s some photos of it! The first day we went to a place called Adrenalin Quarry and did the aqua park (basically like a total wipeout water obstacle course thing) which was so much fun, then afterwards we went to Polperro which is one of my favourite places down there and one I have fond memories of, especially with my grandparents as it was one of my Grandad’s favourite places, so it was nice to go back there at 24 with my boyfriend and see that everything and nothing had changed all at the same time. The following day we went to Plymouth, and I hadn’t been back there since I was 18 and my best friend was going to uni there so we went to the opening day, and I sat on a bench at the waterfront with her feeling like my life was falling apart because she was leaving and so was everyone else and I was the only one staying, and I was 18 and lost and didn’t know what I was doing or where my life was headed. Again, strange going back with my boyfriend and 24 and sitting in the same place, feeling like everything and nothing had changed all at once.

The final day we hired electric bikes and went biking which was super fun, I can’t remember the last time I rode a bike. Probably when I was about 13 but even that seems insane because getting back on a bike felt like I’d rode one just yesterday. Anyway, here’s the photos of our time in Devon. Enjoy ✨


the place we stayed

We stayed in a beautiful little converted barn that was super cosy and probably my favourite place we’ve stayed so far!

(please ignore the creased duvet my boyfriend had already thrown himself on it at this point)


day one – adrenalin quarry (no pictures because we were in the water) & polperro

& of course a cornish pasty to finish the day off


day two – plymouth


day 3 – biking


And there we have it loves! You can see all of my past photo diaries here.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

10 thoughts on “Tavistock, Devon – Photo Diary πŸŒΎ

  1. Oh man that looks like it was an amazing trip. Such lovely pictures. I’m so envious of your talent for taking amazing images. I’m glad you had a great time ☺️

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