not so deep (chatty)

why i bought a r*pe alarm & you should too

*trigger warning for sexual assault*

Hello my loves,

The title of today’s post is quite violent and I apologise for that, however, that is what rape is. A heinous, violent act committed by monsters. A couple of years ago I saw a Youtuber I watch do a little “what’s in my bag” haul and she showed us her keys, which had a pepper spray keychain on for whenever she may need to use it. Up until that point, I never knew such things existed and had never thought to search for whether they did either, and I remembered being a little shocked at the time, like oh shit, yes, we women have to do things like that. Attach pepper spray keychains to our car keys just in case. Always just in case.

Recently, for some reason unbeknownst to me, the idea popped back into my head and I decided to go ahead and purchase one. I don’t know what’s changed between then and now that has suddenly made me feel the need to own one, but there we are.

I initially started searching for pepper spray keychains as that’s what I’d seen in the Youtube video, but upon searching I came across rape alarms, which is exactly what it says on the tin. If someone is trying to attack you, whether it be for robbery, rape, etc. you simply pull the pin on the alarm and it sends out an ear-piercing noise to signal to everyone around you that you need help. I thought this would be a better purchase than the pepper spray because it gets the job done faster, and from the reviews I’ve seen, this alarm will scare just about anyone off because of how horrendously loud and unwavering it is. Though of course, that is not to say it provides guaranteed safety.

It’s certainly better than nothing though. Whenever I go out I’m constantly aware of the people around me, of the men that watch me and stare at me despite staring at them straight back to find they still will not avert their gaze. Going out in public is almost like going to war for me, because in my head I’m constantly thinking fuck off fuck off fuck off because maybe it’s just where I live, but the place is full of weirdos and men that deserve to have their eyes gauged out for staring at me and my body way too long. It makes me feel like they own me almost, like I’m not in control of my body and I don’t own it because it’s there for them to look at, and I cannot stop them.

I can however feel a lot safer and more powerful knowing I have a fucking horrendously loud alarm on my car keys that I can pull out at any moment to alert people that I am not okay. Whether it’s walking the dog, going to the shops or on an early morning run, just knowing I have this little device with me makes me feel so much safer and as I said, powerful. Like I do have a choice, I have a weapon that I can use to take myself and my body back. A big loud alarm to say fuck you to anyone that deserves it.

I bought one for myself, my mum and also my friends, because we all deserve to be safe. We all deserve to go outside without constantly looking over our shoulders or holding our car keys between our knuckles just in case. To be able to actually wear headphones outdoors without the fear of knowing someone could sneak up on us at any time. That’s what this alarm is for.

And so that’s why I’ve bought one, and why you should too. I’ll link the one I purchased here. I would seriously consider investing in one because they’re inexpensive and nothing is more important than your safety. This little device could save your life.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

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