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new piercings & comforting art

Hello my loves,

I figured I’d start doing these new kind of camera roll dump posts, like a miscellaneous Youtube vlog or an Instagram camera roll dump, but in blog format instead. This week I got some of the jewellery changed in my ears as well as a new piercing, and saw some art I really loved, as well as a few other things I wanted to post. Here it is, welcome to the photo dump.


got the jewellery changed in my tragus & rook
got my daith pierced & got a lil snake in it!


as soon as the rush is over i’m going to have a nervous breakdown. i’ve worked for it. i owe it to myself. and nobody is going to deprive me of it.
oh how good it would feel to take out all my bones, give them a good wash, tear my lungs and liver and squeeze out all the bad stuff, rip out my eyeballs and let them soak in ice cold water, peel off the layers of skin and have fresh, smooth skin
i am not dead. yet i am a corpse that rots. asleep in my bed for days. digging my own grave amongst the sheets
i’m what the kids call insecure
alone in a comforting way
there was something here once
anxiety cradles my bones like the mother with her new-born baby and somehow it feels like comfort


got whatever stamped on my nails ’cause that’s how i’m feeling


All my love,

Chloe .xx

10 thoughts on “new piercings & comforting art

  1. 👌 curated ears


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