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what i got for christmas 2021 🎄

Hello my loves, Didn’t really feel like making one of these posts this year but as I was tidying my Christmas things away earlier I thought I might as well because I haven’t posted any Christmas content so far, and the things I do have to post are all depressing because it’s just me crying… Continue reading what i got for christmas 2021 🎄

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the text message diaries – perception (#5)

Hi my loves, Welcome to the 5th instalment of the text message diaries! There are some of you who are new here and won't have seen me post one of these yet, but it's basically a little series I created on my blog back in 2018 where I post text message conversations I've had with… Continue reading the text message diaries – perception (#5)

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my (updated) jewellery collection

Hi loves, Back in 2017 I made a post about my every day jewellery collection (kudos if you've been around since then) and over the last 3 years I've added a lot more to said collection and therefore thought I'd do an updated version. I'm calling this post my jewellery collection in general rather than my every… Continue reading my (updated) jewellery collection