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TV shows I’ve been loving lately

Hi angels, What's this I hear you ask ?? Chloe watching TV shows ?? The same Chloe that never watches TV shows 'cause she doesn't find them all that interesting?? Well finally I've watched enough recently that I can actually make a post out of. Hallelujah. I don't know what it is about TV and… Continue reading TV shows I’ve been loving lately


Lush Christmas Haul ðŸŽ…🏼🎄✨

Hi lovelies, So the incredibly wonderfully amazingly and lovely ANGEL that is Chloe sent me some Christmas Lush things because she's just the sweetest person ever, and I've never been happier. Please go over and check out Chloe's blog (and give her a follow) because she always puts so much effort into her posts and I… Continue reading Lush Christmas Haul ðŸŽ…🏼🎄✨