Music of the Month – October

Hello my loves, Here's October's music! 🎃 positions (the album) - ariana grande What can I say. What can I say other than SHE KILLED IT. I'm so glad she's back !! Unpopular opinion here but this definitely didn't give me the same wow-factor that her previous albums did however, as I'm listening to it more… Continue reading Music of the Month – October

not so deep (chatty)

things that are making me happy right now

HELLO, I'm really giddy happy right now and I thought y'know what? I'm gonna write a blog post about it. Let's document this moment. So, I'm currently sat in my room, it's a Sunday and the sun is kind of doing that thing where it makes everything all hazy and pretty in the light -… Continue reading things that are making me happy right now