coming into your own

I'm really starting to focus on the things that make me feel like myself these days. Not what makes me look the best physically, or what makes me look cool to other people, but myself. Through growth and time, that has become my main priority and the most important thing to me, and I'm embracing… Continue reading coming into your own

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10 people who will make you body confident

Guys. I've done it again. I have a confession. There aren't 10 people featured in this post, there's 9, but 9 PEOPLE WHO WILL MAKE YOU BODY CONFIDENT JUST DIDN'T SOUND RIGHT OKAY. anyway... Hello my little angels, A while ago I did a post about people that will inspire you to be yourself and I… Continue reading 10 people who will make you body confident

not so deep (chatty)

my top 10 favourite youtubers

Okay. I have confession. I lied. There aren't 10 Youtubers featured in this post...there's 9. MY TOP 9 FAVOURITE YOUTUBERS DIDN'T SOUND RIGHT OKAY Anyway... Hi loves, I've been meaning to do this post for a while now. Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite Youtubers! You'll probably have hard of… Continue reading my top 10 favourite youtubers

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why long hair doesn’t equal beauty

Throughout my whole life I’ve been raised in a society with the idea that having long hair makes you beautiful. It’s seen as feminine, and therefore overall makes you prettier and more attractive as a woman. Long hair is for girls, short hair is for boys - you know what I’m talking about. Obviously, it’s… Continue reading why long hair doesn’t equal beauty