Kpop Pin Collection 2020 💫

Hello my loves, Welcome to my Kpop pin collection 2020! As you may have seen, I did one of these at the end of 2019 and of course...the pin collecting didn't stop there. I decided that as a "collector" I wanted to do yearly roundup posts of everything I collect each year and we… Continue reading Kpop Pin Collection 2020 💫

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Hello my loves, Welcome to the 6th instalment of the signed Kpop series! It's been nearly a year since I've done one of these - I used to try and space them out so that I wasn't constantly bombarding everyone with Kpop content but uh...I think we're a little overdue. Part 1 – BTS, GOT7,… Continue reading KPOP SIGNED ALBUM HAUL #6 – BTS, SEVENTEEN, TAEMIN



Last night I stumbled across this piece of paper crumpled in the bottom of a clothing drawer and thought I'd share. I was 17. ✨ 02/04/15 I need to accept myself. I need to stop comparing myself to everyone else. Quit that. I need to stop second guessing everything I do, I end up just… Continue reading 2:37am