Kpop Pin Collection 2020 💫

Hello my loves, Welcome to my Kpop pin collection 2020! As you may have seen, I did one of these at the end of 2019 and of course...the pin collecting didn't stop there. I decided that as a "collector" I wanted to do yearly roundup posts of everything I collect each year and we… Continue reading Kpop Pin Collection 2020 💫

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Let’s Talk Kpop – A BTS Guide for Dummies

Hi loves, As I'm trying to expand the content on this blog, I thought I'd write about the things that I love more and so, as this is one of them - I thought why not share it with you guys, I feel like it needs more recognition (yes, even more) and so... Yes, you heard… Continue reading Let’s Talk Kpop – A BTS Guide for Dummies